May 27, 2022



If you can believe it, we are in our last few days of the 2021-22 school year! We're proud of the personal and academic growth the HS^2 students have demonstrated throughout this school year, and we are excited and sad to say goodbye to our graduating class this next week as they leave our school and head to new opportunities.

A couple of end of the school year reminders:

  • The last day of school for HS^2 is Thursday, June 2nd. The last chance to submit work for HS^2 courses to be graded and reflected on the June transcript is 2:35 pm on Tuesday, May 31 (grade 12) and 2:05 pm Thursday, June 2nd (grades 9-11).

  • KMHS (legacy) classes end on Wednesday, June 8th. If you are in a legacy class, you are expected to attend until June 7th (Gold) or June 8th (blue). There will likely be important assessments in the last few days, and your attendance is required.

  • Next year's schedules are currently being worked on, and will continue to be modified throughout the summer. As scheduling conflicts arise, students and/or parents will be contacted via email to make decisions about appropriate course selection to ensure academic success, while moving towards meeting the graduation requirements.

As important details about the 2022-23 school year are released, we will share information via shortened newsletter, email, and/or using our social media platforms. As always, if you have questions please reach out to Mrs. Ladsten, HS^2 Director, your student's advisor, or any of the other school educators.


CLASS SPOTLIGHT ~ Photojournalism

IMG953463 _1_.jpg

Photojournalism is a new HS^2 course that was offered to students at the beginning of the 21-22 school year. Since students typically do not have a designated class block for Photojournalism, students worked on the content in their free time. All of the newsletters and social media posts have been written and put together by students, with the help of Mrs. Basthemer. At the beginning of the school year, the students brainstormed ideas to guide what they would add to each newsletter. Every section takes about three people to write, and includes editors and photographers.

As this is will be our last scheduled newsletter for the school calendar year, please fill out this form as we welcome all positive and constructive feedback!

Written by Kaylee M., HS^2 Junior


HS^2 Math Educator

What is your favorite thing about HS^2?

I love the amount of freedom that kids have to determine their own path forward. So, if a kid is doing really well in Math they can complete it early and begin the next one. I also enjoy the amount of self-determination in the HS^2 community.

What is something people may not know about you?

I grew up in Indonesia.

What is your favorite hobby?

I enjoy hiking with my baby daughters.

What classes do you teach?

Alegebra 1, Geometry, Intermediate Algebra, and Pre-Calculus. I am excited to add AP Calculus to the my offerings next year as well!

IMG-4692 _2_.jpg

What is your favorite class that you teach?

Pre-calc, specifically trigonometry.

Where did you graduate college?

I graduated from UW Madison with a degree in Mathematics. I also attended Alverno College for my Masters Graduate Program.

How long have you been teaching at HS^2?

I have been teaching at HS^2 for 2 years

Written by Kaylee M., HS^2 Junior



One of the personalized outreach experiences that some of our HS^2 students are involved in is working at Walgreens as Pharmacy Technicians. Between them, they work at 2 different Walgreens locations: Delafield and Wales. Some of the students who are involved are Julie S., Lexi O., Owen E., and Ari K. Some of their assigned tasks include filling prescriptions for patients, preparing and administering COVID-19 tests, and checking in patients for vaccines. While working, these students are also earning outreach credit for their HS^2 graduation requirements!

IMG-4723 _1_.jpg

Written by Owen E., HS^2 Junior


2017 HS^2 Graduate

image _3_.png

What have you been up to since High School?

I graduated from UW-Madison in the Spring of 2021 with a degree in Neurobiology and a certificate in Global Health (which is now offered as a major at UW-Madison for future students interested!). I have spent many years as a student researcher, now Lab Technician, at the UW hospital in the Department of Pediatrics, specializing in infectious disease with the Mohr lab. We study congenital zika syndrome and the spectrum of disease outcomes associated with infection in a translational macaque model. I've furthered my technical skills with the wet lab work, but I've also learned valuable skills that I didn't picture myself fulfilling in High School such as organizing large data sets, coding, and optimizing my own molecular bioassays. These felt like big accomplishments for me as a post-undergrad.

I am now employed as a Research Intern in Dr Ausderau's lab at the Waisman Center, where I'll investigate neurodevelopmental outcomes in macaques exposed to Zika virus. I'll be moving more towards clinical research as I get involved in projects that work with adults with intellectual disability and children with Autism.

Other than research, I’ve worked as a CNA in nursing homes, I’ve volunteered weekly at the Madison Ronald McDonald House consistently over the past year, been inspired to start relearning Spanish because of my involvement at the house, and I’m deciding on whether I’m ready to apply to medical school again or if another career path suits me better.

How did HS^2 prepare you for your future?

I believe that HS^2 helped the most to increase my exposure to different areas of medicine with the organized shadowing opportunities, and the access to healthcare-oriented certifications like EMT, EMR, and CNA. This job exposure was most helpful because it translated to real life job experience which I think matters a lot more than class content. You’ll realize that when you no longer have to go to class anymore and you are mostly asked about your job experience.

Is there anything specific you enjoyed about HS^2?

When I look back on my experience at HS^2, I feel most grateful for the connections I had with my teachers and peers. They helped me through most of my vulnerable experiences as a teenager as I struggled with anxiety and developing realistic expectations of myself. I know that any relationship is what you choose to make of it, that's true for friendships, family, and whether or not you choose to talk to a teacher you have trust in about why you’re not turning in assignments. I promise you'll grow a lot more if you allow your teachers and friends a front row seat to your goals, struggles, and ideas you have about yourself and personality. I enjoyed growing closer to my community of students and teachers, while watching the school evolve into a greater resource for students with each passing year.

What advice would you give to current and future HS^2 students?

For the longest time, I perceived that I was only able to contact certain people that were expecting a message from me. This is not true. Most people have an email and a phone number, and you're entitled to annoy, repeat email, and be as up front about your goals as you want to be--of course within the bounds of respecting people's time and boundaries. If there is a person with an interesting job that you know nothing about, email them, describe who you are and why you're interested in them. You'll maybe get a zoom call or office tour scheduled, or even better, the feeling that you've found a person to be a resource that supports you. You might get nothing out of it, but you have everything to gain by advocating for yourself and your curiosity. Imagine what it would look like to a senior scientist if a middle schooler reached out to them. This is called mentoring up!

Interviewer: Kaylee M., HS^2 Junior



The Senior celebrations for the Class of 2022 are coming up soon! As the Seniors move closer to their graduation date, there are several key events that they should know about and look forward to.

  • June 1st (6 pm): HS^2 Graduation in the KMHS auditorium.
  • June 2nd (6 pm): All Seniors and their parents are invited to attend Scholarship Award night in the KMHS auditorium.
  • June 3rd (8 pm - 11:30 pm): KMHS Senior Night - a night filled with fun activities, games, and food for the seniors to enjoy. This event will be taking place on the KMHS campus.
  • June 5th (2 pm): KM Campus Graduation on the Football Field

In this issue of HS^2 Counseling News, you will find information about:

  • Seniors - Final Transcript
  • ACT Test Prep Opportunities
  • Summer Opportunities
  • ... and more
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5/16 - 6/2: HS^2 Spring Workshops

5/30: No School

6/1: HS^2 Graduation @ 6 pm

6/2: Last day of HS^2 Classes

6/5: KMHS Campus Graduation @ 2 pm

6/8: Last day of KMHS Classes

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