Concept Young Scholars Program

At Horizon Science Academy Denison Middle School, we will be introducing a new mentoring program called "Concept Young Scholars Program."  Teachers will select students to participate at a bronze, silver, or gold level.  Students will focus on four key areas: personal development, public service, physical fitness, and exploration.

Encourage your child to participate in this unique and challenging program.  We will be sending home information about the challenges and rewards of the CYSP group, and we hope that we have many participants.  This program prepares our students for the rigor and challenge of high school and college and sets them up for success!
Meet our New Staff 

We have some wonderful new staff members, and each quarter, we will be introducing you to a few!

Mrs. Rice
Physical Education K-8

My name is Miss Debra Rice, the new Physical Education Instructor 
at HSA Denison Middle School.  I am a graduate of John Adams High School in Cleveland, Ohio, graduate of Ashland University with a Bachelor of Science in Education degree and a graduate of Walden University with a Master of Science of Education degree.  
I have a sister who is a retired Principal from the Cleveland Municipal School District.  I enjoy traveling, spending time with my family, baking, line dancing and attending the Cleveland Browns home games.  I have taught Physical Education for over twenty years and looking forward to a wonderful school year!

Mr. Kurt
Science 7th and 8th grades

I graduated from Middle East Technical University at Capital of Turkey. I have a Master degree in Physics Education. We moved to Cleveland just beginning of the school year from Columbus OH,  where I used to teach Physics at HSA Columbus High School for 3 years.

Upcoming Events

October Events:

12th--No School Columbus Day
22nd--1st Quarter Ends/Pumpkin Raffle
27th--Real Eyes (K and 2nd)
28th--Early Dismissal 1:30 pm
29th--Real Eyes (1st/3rd) 
  Mapleside Field Trip K-3

November Events:

6th--1st Quarter Awards Ceremonies
23rd & 24th--Teacher in Service--No School for Students
25th-29th--No School Thanksgiving Break

December Events:

3rd--Parent Teacher Conferences 3:30-6:00 pm
12th--Concept Spelling Bee in Chicago, IL
16th--Early Dismissal 1:30 pm
21st-3rd--No School Winter Break

Welcome Back from the Director 
Welcome to a new school year and the beginning of a new chapter at HSA Denison Middle School.

All teachers are required to run at least one club at HSA Denison. All clubs will be in operation no later than Friday, September 25, 2015. Please encourage your children to participate in at least one club activity. Studies show that club activities increase student success.

Also, all teachers are required to tutor at least two days a week after school from 2:45 p.m. till 3:30 p.m. All students are encouraged to take advantage of the tutoring sessions, especially in Core classes. In the event we feel it is necessary, we will assign mandatory tutoring for those students we feel need additional support at HSA Denison.

I am very aware that the majority of our parents/guardians are very satisfied with the education your child is receiving at HSA Denison Middle school. I would appreciate hearing from you in your own words. Please send me a letter with your thoughts, feelings, observations, etc. about HSA Denison Middle School and your child's education so that we may publish it in our e- newsletter.

What an exciting time to be involved in the growth and development of HSA Denison Middle School. I look forward to seeing our goals and vision unfold this year and in the years to come.

As always, my door is always open to your suggestions, comments, concerns,etc.   Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions.

Bulent Akben
School Director

Meet our New Staff 
Ms. Sidoti
Title I Reading K-8

 I am married, with no kids, though we have fur babies; our black lab named Loki and our kitty cat! We have been married for 4 years, and my husband is actually a paramedic for the city of Cleveland.

I graduated from Ashland University, where I receive my bachelors degree for 4-9th grade language arts and social studies.

I enjoy backpacking and the outdoors; just as of a few years ago, my husband and I completed 50 miles of the Appalachian trail stretching over Tennessee and North Carolina.

I am also trying to publish a series of children's books called, "Adventures with Grandma" that hopefully will be sold at our next book fair.... and yes, I am a bit of a optimist as well!

Mr. Kelley
Math 4th, 5th, and 6th

I graduated from Cleveland State University in 2015.  This is my first year teaching in a classroom, but I love to learn, so I've been practicing my whole life.

I am a proud military veteran, and I have a wife and three wonderful children.  Our family also has a pet hamster, Speddy.

Ms. Aerni
Title I Math K-8

I love all things scaly, slimy, slithery. I love fishing and catching
snakes and swimming in rivers. Spiders are my friends.

I received my 
bachelors degree from Miami University in Environmental Science. I got my teaching certificate from Cleveland State University in 4-9 Math and Science.

I have a two year old named Zoe and a fiance named 
Mitch. I will be 30 years old in March! I love teaching because building student's self-esteem and building students' confidence makes me super happy.

Clubs and Tutoring
The after school clubs and tutoring started on Monday, September 21st, 2015.  Please encourage your child to join an after school club. Research shows that students who are involved in after school programs tend to do better academically.

Also, please allow your student to attend tutoring if requested. Teachers are inviting students who they see are struggling or need extra help to meet their academic goals.  If your child is not invited to tutoring and you would like him or her to be part of the program, contact their grade chair for more information.