December 2015
A Note from the Dean of Students
~Mr. Moro~

We were happy to have a dance during Spirit Week this year to reward the students who are being academically and behaviorally successful in our school.

As second quarter comes to a close, let's continue to focus on coming to school prepared with a positive attitude, in dress code, and ready to support the learning environment.  

Remember Hammerheads, we need to S.W.I.M.!

S--Successful Attitude
W--Win respect
I--Integrity Always
M--Mature Choices

A Note from our
Test Coordinator
~Mr. Aitken~

 We had our first annual Storywalk on December 15th and had over 70 people in attendance! This was a great success and students heard some amazing holiday stories being read by teachers! We want to thank everyone who attended to make this event successful!

In testing news, students will prepare for the new Ohio State Standardized testing that will occur this Spring. This year, the PARCC was replaced for Math and English Language Arts by the new AIR testing system. 

Our students are familiar with the AIR system as they used this last year for Science and Social Studies. This is crucial testing for both our students and schools as our scores are used to report the progress being made by our students to the state. We ask that when testing time occurs, students are rested, eat breakfast and arrive promptly on time each day during testing. 

Upcoming Events

January Events:

4th--  School Resumes
15th--2nd Quarter Ends
18th-- MLK Jr. Day--No School
25th-29th--School Choice Week
25th--7th/8th Grade trip to Ohio              Supreme Court 

February Events:

12th--No School Teacher PD
15th--No School President's Day
18th--Parent/Teacher Conferences
24th--Early Dismissal 

Snow Days and Calamity Days


We've been lucky so far, but snow days are sure to come in Ohio.  To find out if we have cancellations, please watch Fox 8 news or check their school closings at, check our school website, or check our Facebook page.  

Please remember that our building does not open to students until 7:30 AM during the winter months. Students who will be outside waiting need to come in layers, bundled up, to avoid the chilly weather.

Finally, if school is cancelled, please encourage students to use that time to read and write independently and practice their skills for other classes.  Check with your child's teacher for worksheets or websites that students can use to keep busy and learning during weather days.
Introducing Our New Instructional Coordinator
~Mrs. Lewis~
As we approach the halfway mark of the school year,  we want to take a moment to thank the students and the teachers for all their hard work thus far in the year. 

We had 81 students receive an award for honor roll and merit roll for the first quarter.  We want to give a special shout out to Johnathan Gillispie and Rodricka Nicholson for earning the highest GPA in the school for first quarter. 

We are hoping that as second quarter ends we are able to give out even more awards for our hardworking students. 

On a final note, please let us know if you have moved, change phone numbers, or need to add/delete someone from your contact list.  It is urgent that the school has updated information for you in case of an emergency.

Meet our New Staff 

Ms. Garcia
K-8 Music

Ms. Garcia studied Music Education at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Her principle instrument was saxophone, while her secondary was bassoon. While attending OU, Ms. Garcia was a very active member in a variety of musical ensembles, including Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Woodwind Quintet, Saxophone Quartet, Varsity Band, and the internationally renowned Ohio University Marching 110.
Upon graduation, Ms. Garcia began her teaching career as a middle school and high school band director in Ohio, then she moved to Illinois, where she taught PreK-8th grade general music in inner city Chicago. In addition to teaching more than 500 students every week, Ms. Garcia was a program leader and summer camp inclusion companion for the Maine-Niles Association for Special Recreation.

After the birth of her daughter, Ms. Garcia took a break from teaching full time, and she started a small, private music studio, where she taught early childhood music education classes, as well as individual piano and wind instrument lessons. Recently, Ms. Garcia moved back to Ohio, where she is glad to be near her family again, and has enjoyed attending craft fairs as a vendor with her mother and daughter. The craft which Ms. Garcia believes allows her to be the most creative is her woven ribbon headbands. Her daughter is the lucky recipient of all of her first-run designs, and has more than 30 headbands in her personal collection!

Mr. Strick
Social Studies 6-8th 

I am an Ohio University graduate.  I served in the Army Reserve/National Guard.  I enjoy participating in multi-sport endurance events and thrill-seeking, but on a budget.

I enjoy being a Browns fan, even during these tough years!  I am a conservationist/nature lover/tree hugger.  I enjoy eating healthy, but I also love burgers and burritos!

I love teaching, and I can't see myself doing any other job!

Ms. Emery 
2nd Grade

I did my undergraduate work at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH, where I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Early Childhood Development and Education, as well as a minor in Music. I then went on to earn a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education from Cleveland State University. I am licensed in Pre-K through 3 rd  grade, and I hold a K-12 reading endorsement.

In my free time I love reading a wide variety of books. I also enjoy singing and playing music and watching movies. I recently moved and now I have a puppy and a kitten! In my immediate family, I have my parents, myself, and my younger sister. Both of my parents came from seven kids, so I have a ton of aunts, uncles, and cousins. I love big family events!

Ever since I was young, I have known that I wanted to teach. I have always loved learning, and I want to share that love of learning with children and instill in them a strong foundation for their future. I hope to be able to instill that love of learning in our students here at Horizon Science Academy Denison Middle School!

Mr. Hunt
Intervention Specialist 6-8th 

I attended Ashland University.  I love hockey, and I used to drive a  race car!

I have a wife, Julia, a fourteen year old daughter, a ten year old son, and a twenty year old stepson.

I like teaching because it helps to shape the future. 

Ms. Cox
ESL/ELL Teacher

I graduated from Cleveland State University with a master's
in Literacy Development-TESOL. 

My time away from school  is spent with my family.  
They are my priority. I have a  daughter who is 11 years old
and a son who is 8 years old.     

We go on many adventures involving scouting.  Our favorite is 
camping, but we participate in monthly community service projects 
to make our community a better place.  

I enjoy reading, listening to music, and watching movies.  
The thing I enjoy most about teaching is watching students learn new skills and apply that knowledge to new experiences.  


K-3 Story Walk:  On December 15th, 2015 over seventy students and parents participated in our first ever story walk. Students went from classroom to classroom hearing stories and participating in activities designed to nurture their love of reading. 

6th-8th Student of the Month Bowling Trip
Also on December 15th,  students of the month for November and 
December  had a blast challenging each other durin g a fierce bowling game.   Horizon Science Academy Denison Middle School would like to thank those students for showing outstanding
behavior and we hope they keep up the great work!

SPED Luncheon: 
On Monday December 14th the Hudson-Wise Foundation came and offered a pizza luncheon to all of our SPED students.  There were two brand new bikes that were raffled off and the winners were 1st grader Catherine Figueroa and 6th grader Joshua Fontanez.  Our students look forward to this party every year.  They will be doing a service project in the Spring in hopes to have two $100 Visa gift cards raffled off.