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Principal's Corner:

Dear Parent/Guardian:
We are almost finished with our second month of the 2017-18 school year. I am glad we are moving forward. As always, your dedication and contribution to your kid's education is vital. Please follow your kid's education using our school database and contact the teachers. In the meantime, please be informed that we will have a parent teacher conferences on Thursday, September 28, 2017 from 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm. You will find an opportunity to talk to your child's teachers.

As a school we offer a lot of after school clubs. Students can stay after school and participate in the clubs that interest them. We have just started our new Orchestra Club, which is held Wednesdays and Thursdays after school. We also offer free tutoring to students who choose to attend. If you think your child needs extra help please contact the teacher directly to inquire about tutoring or other ways your child may receive help. Please be advised that we do not provide transportation after clubs. Parents must be prompt in picking up their child for their safety as we do not have any staff member to supervise after 4.00 pm.

Discipline is a key factor in student's educational life. We as school really care about school rules and discipline and we believe disciple is part of our school success. Please talk to your kids to follow school rules and teachers' directions in class and out of class.

Our school report card is released and we have an A in overall growth measure. That means that a student gained more than 1-year growth (1.7 year). We are proud of with our students and teachers success.

Thank you and have great weekend
Mr. Akkaya 
School Principal

8th Grade Science Class
This week Mrs. Sam and her 8th grade students had a stupendous time making air balloon cars. This activity shows that there are many ways to power a car, one being the power of air pressure. With a balloon, glue, cardboard,bottle caps, and straws students became engineers of their own four wheeled vehicles. With the right tools, they had to construct air balloon cars that would speed off with ease, correcting their errors as they tested their new inventions.After testing their cars, groups were then allowed to race their cars against their fellow classmates with great enjoyment. Once again our science department has shown us that science is fun and engaging. We encourage activities that will allow our students to use critical thinking to create things that only they can dream of.

Thank you Mrs. Sam for  encouraging our students to build and create in the wonderful world of science!  

Horizon Science Academy on Social Media

Did you know that Horizon Science Academy Columbus Middle School has a presence on social media. It's a new way of getting information daily from our school and seeing some of the cool things your child is doing in his/her classes. Here are some of the other ways you can interact and receive news about our school and our managing partner, Concept Schools.
Twitter: @HSAColumbusMS
Twitter: @ConceptSchools  
Concept Science Dept.: @ConceptScience
Concept English Dept.: @ConceptEnglish
  YouTube Channel:

Please use the hashtag: #WEARECONCEPT if you would like to share pictures or stories about the success of your child at Horizon Science Academy Middle School.   

Sixth Grade Parent Breakfast
This Friday we invited parents of our sixth grade class to join us during our first parent breakfast of the year. Parents had a chance to sit with their children while enjoying light breakfast items and pleasantries. Teachers also joined in and were able to interact with the students and their parent in a much more casual setting than provided during a parent teacher conference. The event was accompanied by a presentation and a short introduction by Mrs. Seeley, our assistant principal. Entertainment came in the form of a raffle and prizes. We wish all of our students a joyful and successful year and we hope that this breakfast is just the beginning to many collaborations with our student's parents.       
Thank you to all of the parents who were able to attend the event!

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