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January 8th-12th, 2018

Principal's Corner:

Dear Parents/Guardians
Teach Your Teen to Socialize Safely Online
It isn't easy to compete with your kid's computer or phone. Your child may consider using Facebook or Snapchat a vital part of their day. Try these tips guide your teen's online activity.
  • Set (and enforce) reasonable rules and restrictions on your child's use of online technology.
  • Monitor your child's online activity.
  • Connect with your child on Facebook, Snapchat, or other social media outlets.
  • Be proactive. Educate your child about the risks of social networking and how to avoid them.
  • Coach your child to use caution and common sense online.
  • Encourage your child to balance their online social activity with their face-to-face social activity.


Battle Ball and Fundraising Event

Just before the break our students participated and the very popular Battle Ball Tournament. The top two teams determined during normal gym classes competed against each other and a game that requires quick wit and agility. Students always enjoy having this opportunity to spend their energy. All other students were able to be spectators for just $1. The funds of $307 that were collected were given to charity.
We would like to thank all of the teachers and staff who helped to make this event possible and Mr.Tate for keeping our students mentally and physically fit!

Basketball Success and Acknowledgements 

To truly be successful in a sport you must be dedicated on AND off the field. When participating in any extra-curricular activity we make sure that the students know that their education always comes first. After a winning game this Tuesday a few of our cheerleaders and basketball players asked if they could complete their homework while they waited for their parents. These students took initiative and for that we are proud. Our team has done a great job this year playing hard and studying even harder.

Congrats to our dedicated students on an undefeated season so far. With four games remaining we ask for your continued support during future games. See schedule here!

Poetry Museum

Earlier this week Mrs. Hostetler and her seventh grade reading students "visited" a Poetry Museum in which they wrote their favorite lines from several poems and created their own poem. They were able to share their ensembles with their peers in an exhibit like manner. With this lesson students were encouraged to appreciate the arts and the leaders within such a vast category.
Special thanks to Mrs. Hostetler for allowing our students to express themselves through words and nurturing them to value the art of others! 

  Concept SIS:Student & Parent Portal!!

As you know Concept Schools launched a new app on IOS and Android in August. The app gives parents easy access to their student grades as well as important school news. If you have not downloaded the app you can download it at any time by searching "Conceptsis" in the appropriate app.

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