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Basketball Tournament for a Cause
  Last Tuesday Mr. Tate organized a 3-on-3 basketball tournament during elective periods. The elective teacher collected money from the students who wanted to come to the gym and watch the competition. The students were able to raise $300 which was donated to a needy family. The family was very happy to receive such a thoughtful gift just in time for the holidays. Mr. Tate and the staff that assisted in the tournament will be hosting a similar event in December. Stay tuned for details

Special thanks to Mr. Tate and all of the staff who assisted in monitoring students during this event!

Choir Performance for Peace
In the years 2013-2016, the Columbus Police killed 24 people, 20 of them Black. According to CBS Interactive, heroin is killing at least 23 Ohioans every week. Across the country and abroad many atrocities are being committed against human kind. Students at Horizon Science Academy Middle School Choir are striving to spread peace and love through song beginning with an amazing concert this past Wednesday the 29th.

The students have not stopped there! They are encouraging everyone to please support their music video project called Calling for Peace. The lyrics say, "Stop all the killing in the streets, drugs and violence must cease, we are the voice of the children calling for peace." Please support the HSAMS Choir as they continue to make a difference in their community. You can find the GoFundMe page here to donate to an amazing cause.

 Thank you Mr. Spottswood & Choir for the amazing performance and Ms. Rogers, Mrs. Reddy, and Mrs. Jama for you tremendous help. Most of all special thanks to the admin team!  

Snickerdoodles Club 
Snickerdoodles Club (previously mentioned as Dog Pals) is underway and students are having an amazing time with Snickers the dog. Not only are students able to interact and help train Snickers, but they also improve reading skills by reading to him. This past week kids taught Snickers to find things hidden under a cup. This is a type of game puppies being trained for search and rescue would play.  
If you are still interested in joining this Thursday after school club, special authorization and parental permission slips are required to join. Membership is limited due to the nature of the program. Contact Dr. Raschke for more information if you have a child that may be interested. 

  Thank you Ms. Rogers, Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Reddy and Ms. Betsko for putting together such a fun night for our girls!  

Principal's Corner:

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are almost halfway through the year and wanted to remind parents of uniform expectations.

Undershirts should be solid black, no exceptions. Pants should fit so that students can use their thumb and forefinger against the calf and are able to pinch loose material. This does not mean that students are able to pinch the fabric and pull (or stretch) it away from their skin. Jeggings are starting to pop up. These are stretchy leggings made to look like pants, due to the material and fit of these pants they are not school appropriate. We recognize that students grow a lot through the middle school years and that sometimes clothes that are acceptable become too tight through the course of the year. For this reason, make sure that you or your child are checking that their uniform meets expectations BEFORE leaving the house for school. This will eliminate any chance that students will be sent to ISS for uniform violation.

Also, starting December 1st through March 1st (dependent on weather) students will be allowed to wear winter boots. Please make sure that boots adhere to the following guidelines: No excessive ornamentation, no boots above the knee, no heels, and no pom-poms.

Students are encouraged to seek out administration if they are unsure about their uniform and are also encouraged to bring a change of clothes if there are any questions. 

Jamie Gibson
Assistant Principal
Horizon Science Academy
Columbus Middle School
614-428-6564, ext. 123

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