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Principal's Corner:

Dear Parent/Guardian:
We have gotten to know so many wonderful and supportive parents and families throughout our many schools.  We know that your involvement in your child's life is a strong predictor of academic success.  As we travel throughout the states we hear and read so many powerful stories from families just like yours; stories of the opportunities afforded their children because of a Concept classroom, event, or program.
And we want to hear your stories and let you know how much YOUR VOICE MATTERS!
We will be visiting schools in October and working with your Community Outreach Coordinator Ms. Saeed to schedule a time to meet with you and encourage you to write the story of how your child is more successful because of the Concept experience.
Together we can share the stories of our success and build an even stronger Concept Parent Family Network.
If you have any questions, you can contact Andy Flaherty directly at

With Regards, 
Andy Flaherty  M.Ed.
Director of English Education
Concept Schools 

Science Class
This week Mr. Ak and his 6th grade science class worked on characterizing living and non-living things. They were provided either pictures of living and non-living organisms or jars of preserved life forms and were asked to study them closely. Students were able to use the knowledge gained in the classroom to write down their observation. They were then asked to discuss their findings with their team members and see if they came to the same conclusion. Students had an amazing time learning with this hands on activity and were able to work together with their classmates and see the importance of keen observation and discussion in science first hand. Each week students are able to go to the lab and experience something new and exciting. What will the science department think of next?   

Thank you Mr. Ak for helping your students explore new things in science with hands on learning!  

Jeans for a Dollar Fundraiser
This past Wednesday we had our first  Jeans for a cause  fundraiser. Jeans for a Cause is a service that our school does to support those within our community near or far and encourages our students to do the same. Students and staff had a chance to pay $1 (or more) to wear  jeans and a uniform shirt for the day. This month students raised money  to support those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Thanks to the generosity of HSA students and staff together we raised $464.01 for the Red Cross in support of those affected by the recent hurricanes. The homeroom who donated the most money, 8Yale, won a dress down day, ice cream treat and a battle ball challenge on Friday. The homeroom who came in second, 8Cornell, played the winning team in Battle Ball.

Thank you all for your generous donations. We are excited to have so many charitable individuals thinking of others in their time of need.   

Clubs Start Next Week!
So far it has been an exciting start to the school year. Our first state test are out of the way, students have settled into their classes, and classrooms are abuzz with continues learning and discussion. We are so proud of our students and their accomplishments thus far and we encourage them to expand their interest outside of the classrooms. Next week marks the start of our after school clubs. From Anime Club to Multicultural Club there is something for everyone. We have over a dozen clubs for those who love to read to those who are interested in sports. This year we will also be launching our string orchestra program headed by Mr. Spottswood (club has certain requirements). For more information and list of clubs,  please refer to the bulletin board across from the conference room in the main hall.    

Note: Each club will meet once a week after school from 2:45pm to 3:45pm. Students must have arranged a ride home before they stay after school for clubs.

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