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CYSP Winter Camp
 Earlier this month a group of our CYSP students had the chance to spend the weekend at Camp Wilson in Bellefontiane, Ohio. Students experienced archery, rock climbing, and many team building activities. With a mess hall like dinning setting they also had a chance to chat with their friends and mentors over delicious food. During "Horse Sense" students learned about the camp's resident horses and ponies and were able to groom them during the hour long class.

Students had an amazing time participating in the camp's scheduled activities and were able to enjoy nature as they walked the beautiful camp grounds. We are so excited to plan for our CYSP Spring Camp to create many more fun memories with our mentees.

Special thanks to Mr. Nuri for organizing the event and all of the mentors for making this experience a safe and fun opportunity for our students
School Science Fair
On Wednesday, December 13th our 6 through 8th grade students participated in our annual school science fair. Dozens of our scientists to be took center stage and wowed spectators with experiments and presentations. Students spent weeks studying a topic of choice, and writing hypotheses and conducting experiments. Once the students gathered all of their information they created fascinating displays to present their work to the judges.  
Working professionals in the STEM field joined us as guest judges and were able to share their expertise on many of the projects. The students did an amazing job during the judging and the event was followed by an award ceremony, to reward our students for a job well done.   
Special thanks to Mr. Nuri, Mrs. Sam, Mrs. Hinckley and Mr. Ak for organizing this event and giving our students a platform to do great things. Furthermore, congrats to all the students for their efforts and hard work!! 

Horizon Hawks Basketball Success 
For the past two months our boys and girls basketball teams have worked tirelessly in order to prepare for basketball games. So far they have done an amazing job competing and showing extreme sportsmanship. The team has suffered some losses and experienced the glory of a few wins. With the support of our teachers, students and parents we hope they continue to do their best.  
This week our Horizon Hawks have already defeated Northside Christian 40-19 and 40-20 for jv and varsity, respectively. They then showed their skills against Marburn Academy in a 36-16 win.
Their next game will be against Harvest Prep this Saturday @ 2:30pm.  
We'd like to continue to encourage our students and parents to come out and support our school and show some team spirit. Our students appreciate and value your presence. Please click here for this seasons schedule 
Keep it up Hawks we appreciate your team spirit! Special thanks to our coaches: Head Coach Mr. Turner and Assistant Coach Brown for their dedication to the students and the team.  

Principal's Corner:


It seems that winter has arrived! There are several things we would like to remind parents and students about as the weather has changed.  
First, students are expected to wear uniforms as required by the school handbook.  This means hoodies, coats, and other outerwear must be left in lockers during the school day. Students may wear boots from December 1, 2017 to March 1, 2018.
Second, students should be prepared for illnesses associated with the winter months.  We suggest students minimize physical contact with their peers and regularly wash their hands to prevent the spread of germs.  

Finally, if school should be cancelled, please check for official confirmation from local media and school-sponsored social media.  In the event of an early release due to weather, parents can expect an all call to be sent, as well as notification.  We have busing aligned to Columbus City Schools, so if they are closed or release early, we will be doing the same.
Continued wishes for a successful school year,
HSA Administration

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As you know Concept Schools launched a new app on IOS and Android in August. The app gives parents easy access to their student grades as well as important school news. If you have not downloaded the app you can download it at any time by searching "Conceptsis" in the appropriate app.
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