We are so excited to announce that a virtual graduation will take place for all of these amazing kids. Look at how this great class banded together during the quarantine. For more students - follow them on instagram @hsas2020collegedecisons
The Senior Tribute PSAL Video!
June 11th @ 9:00PM
The much anticipated 2020 PSAL Senior Tribute Video will Premiere on YouTube   Thursday June 11th at 9:00PM - Set your calendars, set your reminders! We are hoping to have a watch party with as many HSAS Seniors, teammates, friends and of course families all watching together. There will be a live chat during the film which all the Coaches will be taking part in and hopefully many of the students also! A special thank you to Max Temerian for all his hard work on this video. It would not be possible without his tireless effort on making it happen!

We will promote this all week long. You are going to get tired of hearing about it!
Final HSAS PTA Meeting on Tuesday, 6/16/20
The Final PTA Meeting for 2020
will take place via Zoom on
Tuesday, June 16, 2020,
at 6:00 p.m.

Please watch for PTA emails to follow with Zoom link information.

• Vote on Proposed PTA 2020-2021 Budget.
Click here to review proposed budget.

• PTA Board Election procedures for next year.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: hsaspta.board@gmail.com

Auction Sponsor Offer
HSAS PTA Auction Sponsor Academic Approach
has an special offer for HSAS Students.

Due to the intense circumstances, they are offering HSAS families a
heavily discounted online summer SAT course. This will be $325 per family,
for a full 24-hour course.

Please contact Dan Josephson at dan.josephson@academicapproach.com for further information.
"What's Outside My Window" by HSAS Students
HSAS students are now hunkered down inside their homes this spring, and are doing a lot of gazing out the window these days.
Their Art Teacher, Ms. DeBethune, requested that students capture what they see as they look out at a world that is both familiar and altered in these strange times. As this gallery reveals, the outside world is often being viewed through imaginative eyes!

Visit HSAS Website for access to student images.
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