June 26, 2020
HSLM Happy Tails Updates

"So far he has been absolutely amazing! He walks without pulling or getting goofy and loves to go on runs. He’s come across other dogs on our outings and hasn’t barked once. Loves his cuddles and treats. We are obsessed with him. Thank you so much to the whole HSLM team for helping us get Spot!"
- Spot's adopters


"Bella was just weighed and is down to 86.4 lbs. She's now actually chasing critters in the backyard, and seems to have benefited from having us home with her during the lockdown."
- Bella's adopters
When Bella was surrendered to HSLM she weighed 130.2 lbs. She has since lost nearly 44 lbs which, especially for an 11-year-old dog, is remarkable!
June is Pride Month

HSLM is proud to celebrate the spirit of Pride  and continue to advocate for the  equality, understanding and kindness  for
all members of our society
Join PAW Today

Choose whatever monetary amount (big or small) works for you. The amount will then be deducted safely from your credit card or bank account, at the frequency you selected.

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Fireworks Can Scare Your Pets
Fireworks can be terrifying for many pets, and can cause them to run and potentially get lost. When fireworks displays are planned, leave your pet at home and play music or the television to help disguise the noise. Closing windows and blinds or curtains can also help.

Learn more HERE.
Thanks for Supporting Sit. Stay. Bid! Presented by The Benefit Solution Inc.
Thanks to the incredible support of bidders and local businesses, HSLM was successful in raising over $9,000 through the first annual Sit. Stay. Bid! Online Auction presented by The Benefit Solution Inc.

These funds will be used to provide ongoing shelter and medical care to at-risk animals in our community.
Darren Powers, who recently performed live on Facebook in support of HSLM Presents: Paws for a Cause benefit concert, has released his first album titled "False Bravado."

Support Darren and enjoy the music of this local artist who captures the gritty spirit of classic Americana – grounded in truth and realism HERE.
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