June 19, 2020
Father's Day Tribute Donation
Kind, generous, and caring - the perfect gift to honor Dad this Father's Day.

Make a donation to Humane Society London & Middlesex in his name to help provide care and shelter to animals in your community.

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Heat Warning Pet Tips

As the weather warms up, HSLM reminds pets owners of the dangers of leaving pets unattended in vehicles.

Parked cars can quickly reach deadly temperatures, even on relatively mild days with the car parked in the shade and the windows slightly open. Pets have a limited ability to sweat, so even a short time in a hot environment can be life-threatening. Signs of distress can include: vomiting, excessive drooling, convulsions, exaggerated panting (or completely stopped panting).

Pet owners should also ensure that their animals always have access to fresh water and opt to take pets for shorter, more frequent walks while avoiding asphalt due to potential burns to the pads of their paws.

If you see an animal left in a hot vehicle, call 911. 
Movie Animal Trainer, Melissa Millett, Now Teaching In Dogs We Trust Classes
Canine training is essential in helping your dog learn to be a calm, confident and well-behaved member of your family. During the COVID-19 pandemic, dog trainers were required to temporarily close their services. This was not only financially difficult on local trainers, but also to the clients who require their expertise in properly training and socializing their pets.

HSLM has turned to Melissa Millett, Founder and Head Trainer of In Dogs We Trust and The Ultimutts, for assistance with training shelter dogs, primarily those who exhibit behavioural issues, for many years. Melissa also commits to donating her time on a frequent basis by hosting training sessions for HSLM staff and volunteers. Her support of HSLM does not stop there; she and her incredible Ultimutts perform live every year at the HSLM Bark in the Park Festival. HSLM’s signature event was cancelled due to COVID-19. 

Melissa has taught thousands of family pets. In fact, 80% of the professional trainers working in London have taken lessons with Melissa!

As an animal expert in obedience, Melissa has been featured on every major Canadian TV network. She is also well known and respected internationally as an advanced trick trainer and performer with Ultimutts.

After being 'discovered' by a 30 veteran animal coordinator, Melissa collaborated to create Ontario Animal Actors. Since then she has been working with major movie and commercial production houses across Canada. Most notably the team co-trained cats for Stephen Kings 2019 Pet Sematary, animals in the 2019 Super Bowl commercial, Krypto the Superdog in Titans (Netflix) and commercials for Duracell, Yoplait and Gund.
Her transition into the movie and commercial industry is what inspired Melissa to open the private Ultimutts training facility in Sparta.  Only 30 minutes from London, this facility is where Melissa is now personally teaching small outdoor classes and private lessons. Since production of the Warner Brothers TV Series she was working on shut down due to the pandemic, Melissa has been building her training services and is even offering online training lessons for those unable to travel or are self-isolating. With group restrictions lifting, Melissa is excited to begin welcoming clients at her new facility. 
If you have recently brought a new puppy into your family, are struggling with ongoing behavioural issues, need assistance helping your dog adjust to your return to work or simply wish to have some fun teaching your dog new tricks, we encourage you to consider reaching out to Melissa at In Dogs We Trust. After all, if she can teach a dog to walk a tightrope or ride a skateboard, then teaching your dog to come, stay and walk nicely on a leash is a piece of cake!
June is Pride Month

Pride Month is a great time to remind ourselves that a humane society is one where each individual, animal or person deserves to feel welcome,
accepted and safe. 

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