HSLM Happy Tails & Hopeful Friends
March 27, 2021
Happy Tails
HSLM receives wonderful, heartwarming updates from the individuals and families who adopt the shelter pets. We wish to share with you a couple of the recent happy tails:
"Finnegan (previously known as Chuzzlewhit) made himself at home almost immediately and was very social from the start. He was puzzled by carpeting and played 'Floor is Lava' in those areas for a bit, but he's fine with it now. He's a very smart and curious fellow and loves to play fetch, or chase, with his favourite blue wand. His favourite place to sleep is in the bathroom sink, and he only wants to eat his dry food from a puzzle ball."
- Patrick, Finnegan's adopter
"Blue has really come out of her shell, she loves to cuddle with Eleonor and even me! She is doing amazing, and has turned into quite the social butterfly, even asking for head scratches! The feline ladies get along great and play all the time. I'm still so thankful HSLM allowed me to bring her home!"
- Ali, Blue's adopter
Hopeful Friends
We are proud of the fact that many HSLM shelter pets are
adopted within a short timeframe, however there are sometimes pets who take a little bit longer to find their perfect match.
Below are some of the pets who are patiently awaiting adoption:
Samuel is a wonderful and energetic 1.5-year-old Australian Shepherd /Border Collie mix dog who enjoys the freedom and independence of country life.

He prefers to spend his time exploring his surroundings outdoors and playing fetch rather than being a couch potato. Samuel knows his basic commands, however, he has high reactivity towards other animals.
Sammy & Scooby
Sammy and Scooby are an adorable pair of 10-month-old gerbil brothers who are looking for a loving home that will welcome the both of them. They are both very social and enjoy being handled.

Did you know that Gerbils have a quiet and calm nature? They are typically very inquisitive, curious, and not easily startled.
Clover & Willow
At only 1.5 months of age, sisters Clover and Willow have a very close bond and must be adopted together. They have been handled by humans for most of their lives and as such are very friendly and social.

Did you know that rats are very intelligent? In fact, they can even be taught tricks!
If you are interested in learning more about these adoptable
pets, please click on their photo or the "learn more" button to
be directed to our website where you can submit an online
adoption application.
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