HSLM Happy Tails & Hopeful Friends
May 25, 2021
Happy Tails
HSLM receives wonderful, heartwarming updates from the individuals and families who adopt the shelter pets. We wish to share with you a couple of the recent happy tails:
"Brogan (now named Cardi B) has really come out of her shell the last couple of months and has become one of the pack. She runs to the door to greet us whenever we come home and watches out the window most days at the birds, squirrels and people. She is also so goofy and flops over to show off her belly all of the time. If she’s not adventuring around the house then she’s lounging on a cat tree. She loves her cat brothers and sister and has been getting used to the dog as well. She was truly the missing piece we needed."
- Melanie and Joseph, Brogan/Cardi B's adopters
"Mattie (now Maddie) is so cute, sweet, and such a character. She LOVES to drink from the sink, or any water source really. She gets sink drinks twice a day, on-top of her regular water consumption, otherwise we get yelled at haha. She still jumps up for hugs, or wraps her little paws around your legs and stands up, and you had better pick her up, because those little back legs are coming off of the ground, like it or not."
- Alyssa and Megan, Mattie/Maddie's adopters
Hopeful Friends
We are proud of the fact that many HSLM shelter pets are
adopted within a short timeframe, however there are sometimes pets who take a little bit longer to find their perfect match.
Below are some of the pets who are patiently awaiting adoption:
Pepper is a VERY sweet senior gal looking for a quiet, 13+ home to spend her golden years in. She has have lived with other cats and was friendly, so would likely do well in a home with another feline friend.

Pepper enjoys curling up in a comfy bed and getting her beauty rest. She is very social and loves to be pet!
Feta is an independent 4-year -old guy looking for a 13+ family that will be respectful of his boundaries. He has come a long way in his time at HSLM and is becoming more comfortable with being handled every day!

If you have the patience and love to give Feta he is sure to become your loyal and loving companion!
Robyn is a shy, 5 year old female Guinea Pig who is looking for a family that will continue to socialize her as she learns to come out of her shell. She loves to snack on hay and leafy green treats. With a little love and patience we are sure Robyn will be your new best buddy!
If you are interested in learning more about these adoptable
pets, please click on their photo or the "learn more" button to
be directed to our website where you can submit an online
adoption application.
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