After selling out half our inventory in just 2 days, we closed the merchandise page to restock for the LAST TIME realizing that only 600 of our now nearing 1600 passengers got the chance to order before inventory was depleted. Seems many veteran HSR passengers bought 2 or more of the same item thinking this could be the last HSR cruise which was smart. These items can only be bought by registered passengers not outside buyers and will only be sold on our website as there will be  NO merchandise sold at the host hotel or on the ship this year . They are exclusive to our passengers. Take advantage and be proud that only 2000 bikers in the entire world can attend AND you were 1 of the lucky ones! You’ll need your username and password that was mailed to you to order…forgot it, call us ASAP. 
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ALL Ladies Tshirts will be in a "Woman's Cut" which will be more of a True Fit!!!
Booked Your Hotel Yet???

If you haven’t booked a room…get moovin! The fun begins 2 days before the ship sails at the hotels. Embassy Suites is sold out but Marriott still has a few left. These special discounted rates are not guaranteed after June 1 when the professional Hockey League schedule and pro football schedule is announced. The Hockey rink is just 200 yards away from our hotels. Should a game be announced the week we are there…rates will skyrocket if you don’t get a room prior. Click on the link below to check out the hotels.

We still have some great Ocean View & Inside cabins available for this year's cruise. Make it a trip filled with memories that you'll never forget...GET YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY ONBOARD WITH YOU!!!
$2000 Virgin Bounty Drawing

There is still time for you for get a ticket into one of our best odds drawing that we have! Winner drawn the 1st night of the cruise. All you need to do is get one of your friends or family to book a cabin and have them give us your name as their referral, and you will get a ticket into this great drawing! There is no limit on the # of tickets that you can earn to try to win this cash. So get your biker friends onboard with us this year. They'll have a blast on the "World's Only Biker Rally On A Cruise Ship!"

We are looking for a few good people that would like to volunteer a few hours of their time during the cruise to help with some of the fundraising events for the Debbie's Dialysis Fund. If you are interested, please email Sunny at:  sunnyhester@hotmail.com
Debbie's Dialysis Fund Applications

May will be the last month that we will be accepting applications for the 10 spots for this years cruise. We always prefer to take patients that our passengers know and recommend. They must be on kidney dialysis a minimum of 2 years to be considered. It always helps if they mention your name and of course they must be comfortable being surrounded by 2,000 bikers for 7 days. Click on the Debbie's Dialysis Fund link below to get the details. 
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