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news & updates Dec. 31, 2020
Please note: everything you need for Sunday worship and fellowship, including bulletins and links, will be available by 7:00am each Sunday morning just by clicking on the Sunday morning update in your inbox, or you can find it 24/7 on the HTv page of the Holy Trinity website.
Twelve Days of Christmas Carols
Beginning Christmas Day, we will be posting a video each day of a favorite Christmas carol, with a brief reflection and prayer. This is a Christmas gift to the parish from our Holy Trinity Choir and clergy. These videos will be posted each morning on our Facebook page. We will also send out an email each morning with the link to the video on YouTube.
Canterbury Meals
Please sign up to provide Spring semester Canterbury dinners using the link below.

Thoughts at Christmas
My friend Katherine recently reminded me, "Don't forget that the first Christmas was small and a little lonely too." As we prepare to greet the Holy Family, we know that our smaller and closer-to-home celebrations have good company in those who marveled at the first Christmas, and indeed in plenty of other Christians down through the ages. Perhaps you could try praying with Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds, whose experience of that night was no doubt filled with as much anxiety and discomfort as it was with wonder. This year as we celebrate the coming of the Savior of the nations, it's important that we try to stay connected to one another in the ways that we still can. Take the time to make a phone call or send an email or text message to the parishioners you haven't seen in a while, or to other friends and family further afield, as we join the angels in spreading the greeting of the coming King. --Noah
Compline: Bedtime Prayers for Us All
Nightly prayer time on our Facebook page began in mid-March as a way to connect and provide a sense of closure to each day during the lock-down, when our days seemed to melt together into a timeless goo. As the weeks went by, a small and faithful group of worshipers began to form into a community of prayer. People from around the diocese and around the country join us each night to ask for prayers and to settle their hearts for the night. We gather each night at 8:25 pm to prepare for this brief service of prayer, honoring the saints as they are appointed in Lesser Feasts and Fasts, with Compline beginning at about 8:30. Compline lasts about 15 minutes, including time to read our parish prayer list and other names and needs that are requested. 
Love Your Neighbor
Now more than ever, it is an act of Christian love to wear a face covering when you are away from your home. Please love your neighbor by wearing a mask, including whenever you come to our church buildings! We have masks available in the church office and at our outside worship services, just in case you get out the door without one. Please take care of yourselves and those you love by staying home if you feel unwell or have been exposed to Covid 19. Quarantine 14 days or obtain a negative test result before resuming contact.
Eucharistic Visits
We are all one Body, because we share the same Bread of Life. Noah and I are available to bring Holy Communion from the altar at Holy Trinity to those who are unable to join us in church at this time. We are arranging garage and driveway visits or window visits to bring Holy Communion to you. We can also arrange for visits by phone or FaceTime, if you prefer. We will bring the Sacrament and call you for the prayers, and we will consume the wafers together from a distance. Please contact one of us if you would like to arrange a visit. We would love to bring the Sacrament to you before Christmas, if possible. Much love, Suz+

We would love to bring the Sacrament to you in the New Year.
Parish Prayer List
For Dot and Bill, Violet, Jude, Roy and Charlotte, John Gautsch, Frieda Wald, Luther and Dorothy, Michele Stefanyak, Sue Dolinar, Jim Spencer, James Paisley, Carolyn Foster, Davy Hammatt, and all who have COVID, especially those at Clemson Downs, and in thanksgiving for all who are recovering and have recovered from COVID-19 and for all essential workers: truck drivers, food service people, and all who keep America going and for the birthdays of Mary Bridges, Sally Matthiasen, Mary Ann Taylor, Marjorie Campbell, Beth Carney, Chesley Rowe, Rachel Rowe, and the anniversary of Chesley and Rachel Rowe.
For all who are suffering from wildfires, hurricanes, and floods.
For our brothers and sisters in Cange and Bois Joli.
For those who grieve, those who have lost jobs. 
For healing for our nation.
For justice and peace.
For the President and all who are in authority.
For health care workers and all first responders.
For hospice care workers.
For all students, faculty and staff of schools and universities.
For the repose of the souls of Bill Hare, and all who have died from the coronavirus this week.

Please send us your prayers of thanksgiving as well as prayer requests. All names will be listed for three weeks unless a longer time is requested. To add a name to the list, send an email to Serena DuBose at Please consider if you need to speak to someone before adding a name to the list to prevent misunderstandings.
Attention Ministry Leaders!
It is time to start preparing ministry reports to be included in the Annual Report, which will be published just prior to our Parish Annual Meeting in late January. This year presents the opportunity to report on how your ministry area has responded to the challenges of the pandemic. There should be some very interesting stories to tell. Please submit your reports to Sheryl Shankles at by Monday, January 11 in a Word document.
Helpful Tip From the Finance Committee
As we begin the new year and you contemplate your charitable giving, keep in mind that if you are taking distributions from an IRA or 401K plan, you can donate part (or all) of your distribution to a qualified charitable organization such as Holy Trinity on a tax-free basis. Importantly, you do not need to itemize your taxes to take advantage of this benefit. If you are taking distributions but haven't made a Qualified Charitable Distribution before, consult with your tax advisor or financial institution to find out how to do so.  Many institutions allow you to do this easily online.
Health Bits by Kathy Hunter
TBT: (I posted this health tip exactly 5 years ago...)

The "Don'ts", as in Don't do this, don't do that, don't eat this, don't eat that, don't listen to this, don't listen to that, etc... 

Today: The "Dos", as in Do this, do that, do eat this, do eat that, do listen to this, do listen to that, etc. 

Focusing on the positive Dos and letting go of the negative Don'ts will make whatever you are trying to accomplish much better, easier and more fulfilling. To quote Jim Carrey from the movie "Bruce Almighty": "I B Positive!" 

Happy (Throw Back) Thursday, y'all #grateful #bekind #love
Adult Formation in January/February
Adult Formation continues online in 2021, beginning with a fabulous book study led by members of Holy Trinity's Education for Ministry (EfM) group: Chesley Rowe, Bob Green, Anna McKenna, Kathy Nixon, Jim Beddow, and Mtr. Suz.

We will be reading and discussing What Are Biblical Values?: What the Bible Says on Key Ethical Issues, by John Collins. This thought-provoking book was written by a very well-regarded biblical scholar and is one of the texts that was read by 2nd-year EfM participants. It was so intriguing to the 2nd-years that they wanted to read it again and take more time with it! You are invited to join us for this book study on Thursday nights, beginning 1/7. The first session will cover the Introduction and Chapter 1. The book is available from Amazon or can be ordered by your favorite book store. The Zoom link for participating in this class is below.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 878 6832 4458
Passcode: 426504  
Tuesday Bible Study Resumes January 5th
If you would like to take part in the online Bible study which takes place on Tuesdays at 11:00am, use the link below. We take a deep dive into the readings appointed for the following Sunday, finding ways to connect them to our lives each week.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 837 8967 8685
Passcode: 927305
Giving Thanks
for Your Giving
Your faithful and steady giving helps Holy Trinity through these difficult times. Thank you. The leadership of the parish is grateful for your hearing the Gospel call to seek and serve Christ in all people, and responding with generosity. Because of that generosity, Holy Trinity continues to be a blessing in our community. May God continue to bless you richly also.
We're Here for You Holy Trinity is working hard to stay connected and provide support through the trials of pandemic restrictions. The Vestry and Neighborhood Group Leaders continue to reach out to parishioners in their areas regularly. Please contact your Neighborhood Group Leaders or the church office if you have any need, and we will do our best to help you out. The office staff are not necessarily in the office at all times, but we are all checking email and phone messages regularly. The office number is 864-654-5071. To reach Lynne Farmer, Parish Administrator select ext. 3, or Sheryl Shankles, Parish Secretary select ext. 0. You can reach Mtr. Suz at 864-364-1952 to call or text. Noah Stansbury's cell number is 864-723-0391.
Lectionary Readings
Clemson Community Care
Clemson Community Care has a need for the following food items: juice, paper towels, toilette paper, desperate need for all assorted toiletries (shampoo, lotion, soap, tooth paste, etc.).

Donations may be dropped off to the purple bin on the Purkerson's front porch (111 Dogwood Terrace Lane, Clemson) or taken directly to CCC (105 Anderson Hwy, Clemson) around back of the building before 11:00am any morning Monday through Thursday.

If you would prefer to make a monetary donation to enable CCC to buy food or help the community in other ways you can send a check to CCC, PO Box 271, Clemson SC 29633 or make an online donation via PayPal or credit card at Donations are tax deductible and all donations are greatly appreciated! Thank you for your continued support.
There Is a Need for Gift Cards
The Coronavirus has impacted all of us and has implications for the families supported at Family Promise. At the moment JoAnn Brink, Case Manager for Family Promise, is working with a few families. JoAnn said there is a need for Gift cards to local grocery stores, gift cards for gas, and gift cards to local restaurants are needed. FYI the Easley Walmart does not have a gas station connected to the store. Gift cards can be mailed directly to Family Promise of Pickens County, c/o JoAnn Brink, 104 Stewart Drive, Easley, SC 29640. We will keep everyone informed.

We hope to count on your support for Family Promise of Pickens County. Our churches are not open for hosting families. We are also reaching out to you as there is a need for a fund for keeping vehicles that belong to families in our program on the road. Families must have a vehicle to be in our program. A car is needed to transport children to day care and afterschool care. Checks can be made payable to Family Promise of Pickens County in the memo line Car Fund.  If you have any questions please contact me Liz Halpin (864) 903-6340 or Families are our neighbors. A check made out to Family Promise of Pickens County is always acceptable and welcome. Family Promise of Pickens is a United Way Agency and a 501©3.
Thank you and stay safe.
Phone: 864-482-2040
Address: PO Box 1246
               525 East Main St.
               Seneca, SC 29679
Our Daily Rest
Our Daily Rest homeless shelter in Seneca sends their thank you's to Holy Trinity for all your generous donations. At this time during Covid, especially needed are your prayers, and donations of Men's pants sizes 32 and 34,
twin sheets, flat and fitted, fresh clothes for the folks at Our Daily Bread who come to the portable shower van, and cash donations are always good too. Many thanks again from Our Daily Rest.
There is a basket in the chapel marked "Our Daily Rest" where you can leave your donations.
And By the Way...
In the Garden
Our SAME (So All May Eat) garden continues to thrive and we have shared over 5 pounds of greens with CCC in the last month. Right now, the turnip and mustard greens are perfect for harvesting and will continue to be available through early February.  

We have 2 varieties of turnip greens—purple top white globe turnips and seven top turnips. The purple top turnips are in two of the long beds; you can see the purple tops of the turnips sticking out of the ground. This variety dates back to 1880 and is a very commonly grown turnip. The seven top turnip is in one pf the taller beds. This variety dates back over 200 years and is unique in the turnip world because it does not produce an edible root. 

The variety of mustard greens we are growing in one of the taller beds is southern giant curled. This is also an heirloom variety and is one of the most commonly grown varieties. To harvest, cut leaves from around the outside of the plant. The leaves in the center will continue to grow and produce more to harvest. To pull turnips, hold the turnip itself and pull straight up. It is best to remove the leaves soon after pulling, otherwise they continue to draw moisture from the root. I store greens in the refrigerator in a partially open plastic bag with a bit of wet paper towel so they don’t wilt. The greens should last a week or more and the turnips for a few weeks. Beets and cabbages will be next to harvest. 
--Beth Kunkel    
Want to Sign Up to Provide Flowers in 2021?
If you would like to provide altar flowers in honor/memory of a loved one during 2021, you may do so by sending me (Sheryl) an email with the date, the name of the person to be honored/remembered and any specific directions you may want (example: type or color of flowers). I will get it in the book and you will be billed directly by Tiger Lilly Florist.

Each week, these flowers are divided up and delivered to a parishioner. If you know of someone who needs some sunshine in their life, please let Mtr. Suz know.
Click here for a list of the Vestry members, their area of responsibility as well as contact information.
St. Paul's Thrift Shop hours are Mondays or Thursdays from 10am to 12:30pm or 12:30pm to 3pm. 3rd Saturday from 10am to 1pm. Other than the open hours, contact Diana Manly (722-5112).
Singing Rooster Coffee
Just text Lynne Farmer at 864.710.0011 and let her know what you want to order.
The link to HTv is provided below and is also located on the home page of the Holy Trinity website.

Our outdoor worship service is held at Trinity Place each week. Hope you can make it! Just remember to follow social distancing guidelines.
Click the link below to join the Online Coffee Hour immediately following online worship.