Hamilton's Labour Market Connection
Vol. 8, Issue 1 (July 14/11)
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Workforce Focus: Tourism
Workforce Check-up Survey
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HTAB Labour Market Plan 2011

planningAre you concerned about the future of Hamilton's labour market?  Where will the jobs of the future exist and how can we, as a community, ensure that all members of our society are involved in creating a thriving economy? HTAB's works as a catalyst for economic and labour market development in Hamilton.  The Labour Market Plan 2011 provides an update on our 2010 Action Plan; shares vital information on Hamilton's labour market context; profiles the Healthcare and Supply Chain sectors; describes workforce sector challenges, and shares our Action plan for 2011-12. 


Read HTAB's Labour Market Plan.

Workforce Focus: Tourism 

Facts about the tourism industry that you might not know: the industry will be facing a severe labour shortage over the next 15 years; since the second half of 2009 there has been an upward trend of tourism spending by Canadians at home; the transportation industry (as it relates to tourism) has increased by 55% from 2000 to 2009. 


For more information on the tourism industry please read the July 2011 Workforce Focus.

Monthly Workforce Check-up Survey  
check markJuly was a record breaking month for our Workforce Check-up as 126 local employers shared information about hirings and layoffs.  We thank those employers who took the time to complete the brief survey.  This important local data helps HTAB to monitor the local workforce and plan for future labour market development.  To be part of next month's survey please call Rachelle Moore at
Careerview: Accommodation and Food Services
In Hamilton over 13,000 people work in the accommodation and food services industry.  In this issue of Careerview readers find out what it takes to work in this industry, what local employers are looking for, and a list of the top 5 occupations.  Featured are an interview with a cook, and with the owner of Phyl's Family Restaurant.
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