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Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather today--we can't wait to see your newest training videos as you continue to practice your skills AND social distancing. It's so important that we all do our part to Stay Safe and Stay Home so that the heroes in our healthcare field can continue to provide care to those who truly need it.

A huge shout-out to the many HTC parents/friends/family who are on the various front lines helping us through this tough time.

While the spread of Coronavirus continues to bring sad news, we are excited to share some really good news from within our HTC Community!

Coach Grace McGee and her husband welcomed their beautiful baby girl into the world on 3/28! And not long after, Coach Erika Ponciano/Malito and her husband welcomed their beautiful baby girl on 3/31! Everyone is doing well and all are safely back home. Congratulation to both families!

Coach Darren is missing hockey as always, but is happy to be safe and healthy and spending lots of time with his wife at home coaching Baby Smallhorn in preparation for his/her arrival at the end of June!

Players, keep in mind that your ability to train is an awesome privilege. There are many who are less fortunate, or whose health is compromised in ways that keeps them home-bound. Be grateful for each opportunity you get, and keep thinking of ways to improve yourself mentally and physically!
Deb, Chris, Anika, Mika and I have been working hard to put together many upcoming events and activities to keep our community engaged.

Our first major opportunity begins this week with our virtual small group and individual training sessions! Sign-ups have been coming in quickly and space is filling up, so check out the available sessions to work with on of our Awesome HTC Coaches!

We are also working on Town Hall meetings, recruiting webinars, and opportunities to work with international coaches virtually! Stay tuned for the many other opportunities that will be unveiled over the next few weeks.

We are pushing back our Spring season based on recommendations by the CDC, and hope to be up and running in May. Therefore, all scheduled spring season payments that would have been debited in April have been delayed to May and June. Please contact Darren if there are any issues with payments.

HTC Training Program - Week 4 will be sent out later tonite! Everyone has been doing a great job training and working hard! If you have any questions about the training program, contact us! Continue to share all your awesome videos with us so we can share with everyone.

Last week we announced a contest for the BEST Training Video! The prize will be a HTC item! We are excited to say we received several awesome videos and it was really hard to choose, but here is the winning video! Submitted by Andie G in San Diego! Congrats Andie!

Well Done! We will email Andie a few HTC items to choose from and get it shipped out to San Diego! Congrats to Andie and thank you to everyone who submitted a video! We will post all the videos on our social media for you all to enjoy!

We will be sending out Week 4 of our Training Program shortly, so be on the look out for that! We will also be announcing another contest! Can't wait to see who wins a prize this week! Good Luck!

That is all for now! Stay safe and enjoy this time with your family! We all miss you and cannot wait until we can be together again soon!


Darren & Deb
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