HEAR THE CHEERS Volume 1 Issue 12
Cheers from Deb and Darren

Hi Everyone!

Happy Winter Season! We hope you all are enjoying the winter season so far! We have a lot of exciting news to share in this newsletter, including our Club Season kick off, our Indoor Team selections, our Player, Coach, and Alum Spotlights, and our Upcoming Events! Thank you to everyone for such positive feedback on our last newsletter and we look forward to sharing all the awesome things happening in our Club!

As the Holiday Season approaches, we want to wish our HTC family all the CHEER of the season! Here's to a fantastic 2020 and we cannot wait to celebrate all of our accomplishments as a club, on the court/field, and off with everyone!

Thank you for being a part of our HTC family, you all make us proud everyday!

Deb & Darren

Looking Back
Shooting Stars Thanksgiving Tournament

The day after Thanksgiving a group of HTC players from the Northeast as well as California ranging from U14 to U19 traveled to Richmond, Virginia to participate in the annual Shooting Stars Thanksgiving Tournament. Although the weather was cold and rainy, our players had a great time and competed hard on the field! All three of our Teams played very well, learned a ton, and were able to be seen by tons of College Coaches! Thank you to all of our players, families, and coaches for making this Showcase a success!

Indoor Court Tryouts

Our indoor tryouts were conducted this month. We had one refresher session and 5 tryout dates. We had a great turnout of players wanting to make one of our travel indoor teams. It was a very difficult selection process for our indoor coaches, but the 3-U19, 2-U16, and 1-U14 Travel Teams were announce last week. All teams are now busy preparing for their NIQ and NIT Tournaments. Stay tuned for more updates on their progress!

Club Practices

Our Club practices have started and we have had some great practices so far! We are looking forward to a fun season with tons of learning and competition! Spread the word to your friends and teammates that they can still join us!

HTC Academy

Our HTC Academy program has started! We will have a North Academy program and a South Academy program! This program will consist of practices on turf and practices on the hard court. Our Academy teams will practice together as a team and attend tournaments together as a team as well! There is still time to sign up for both sites!

Clinics Have Begun

Our Clinics for our players in K-5th Grades have begun! We are super excited to work with our young players this winter! Check out those faces. Looks like they are having a blast at our North Branford site!
HTC had 3 Team Competing at the Shooting Star Tourney!
HTC Proud!
Thanks to everyone who attended the tryouts! Good luck to our travel teams!
Thumbs Up for HTC!
We love our Goalies!
Our Clinics have begun! Calling all K-5th Graders!!
Looking Forward

Here comes the FUN!!

Check out our upcoming Tournaments for our players to compete and show off their new skills. All Club and Clinic players are welcome to sign up for these tournaments! All the tournaments and registration can be found on the HTC website. Please sign up asap so we can figure out how many HTC teams we will bring to each tournament!

HTC Hard Court Tournament I

Our first winter Indoor Hard Court Tournament is Saturday, December 21 at the Star Hill Family Athletic Center in Tolland, CT. We will have the following divisions: U19, U16, U14, and U12. HTC players can register here to be placed on a team. The cost is $50 to play. The deadline to register is Wednesday, December 18th, so register now.

Winter Escape Showcase

The weekend of January 17 - 19, HTC will be taking 2 Teams to the Winter Escape Showcase in Sanford, Florida. Each team will have a roster of 18, so sign up soon if you are interested in attending. This is one of the largest recruiting opportunities for our players and it's in SUNNY Florida! We have a few spots available, so sign up today! Click Here for more information and to register!

HTC MLK Turf Tournament

We will offer a turf tournament on MLK Day, January 20, 2020. This will be on turf, playing outdoor rules. We will offer the following divisions; Adult, U19, U16, U14, U12, U10, and U8. This will be super fun, so register today! Click here for more information.

HTC Hard Court Tournament II

We are offering our second indoor hockey tournament on February 1, 2020. We will offer the following divisions; Adult, U19, U16, U14, U12, U10, and U8. Click here for more information.

Stanford University Hockey 6's

This tournament will be held at Stanford University in Palo Alto CA. We will be taking a U16 team to this tournament. Registration will be up shortly on the HTC website.

4Goals Challenge

This tournament will be held in Chula Vista CA. We will be entering U19, U16, and U14 teams. Registration for our HTC players will be up on the HTC website shortly!

All HTC Club players and Clinic players can register for our tournaments. You can compete in the tournaments wearing your HTC pinney if you have not purchased your HTC uniform yet!

For more information and to register for the tournaments, visit the HTC website!

HTC Hard Court Tournament I
December 21, 2019
Winter Escape Showcase
January 17-19, 2020
HTC MLK Turf Tournament
January 20, 2020
HTC Hard Court Tournament II
February 1, 2020
Stanford Hockey 6's Tournament
February 1, 2020
4Goals Challenge
February 9, 2020
HTC San Diego

HTC San Diego began our Winter 2019-2020 training on Saturday December 7! We are excited to have a great group of returning and new athletes, families and coaches to lead us into our second year. We will be offering many training and competitive play opportunities on our schedule throughout the entire season and year. 

Recent Highlights:

Shooting Star Thanksgiving Showcase 2019 in Richmond, Virginia
We brought our first U16 team to the Shooting Star Showcase and had a successful trip! The team came out with a win vs. the WC Eagles and played as a unit throughout the entire tournament. 


Winter Escape National Showcase in Sanford, FL 
We have some roster spots open! Please reach out to Mika for details if you are interested! 
HTC Hingham

Winter clinics and club practices will begin in January 2020 for our HTC Hingham site.

Spread the word to your Friends and Teammates to join us this January!

We are looking forward to another great season in Hingham!

Contact  Emily Matthews,  our HTC MA South Shore Regional Director for more information.
HTC Westfield

Anika Goodhue, Western MA Regional Director, says this about the MA site as we begin our winter club practices and clinics:

"We have a great group of athletes who are eager to learn and take advantage of the new opportunity in the area. I am thankful for and excited by the interest level and the amazing coaches who want to continue to develop field hockey in our area at a top notch facility. We are looking forward to expanding the opportunities we can create and adding even more wonderful families to the HTC core."

We are looking forward to a great winter season at the HTC Westfield site!

HTC Youth! Inc. was founded by Darren and Deb in 2017. The idea behind the organization is to provide high-quality coaching for beginning players in areas throughout Connecticut and surrounding states. The program seeks to establish youth programs in various towns for players in grades kindergarten through eighth grade, in order to prepare them for high school and college level playing. 

Upcoming Youth Events

Calling all U14, U12, U10, and U8 players for our Winter HTC tournaments! Sign up to play in our January 20, 2020 MLK Tournament! It will be a blast! You can Register here

If you are interested in learning more about the program please click on the link below which takes you straight to our HTC Youth website.

Player Spotlight

Megan Gilbey

  • Avon High School
  • HTC Member since 2016

What was your favorite HTC moment so far?

My favorite HTC moment was qualifying for U16 Nationals (NCCs) this past summer. Just being able to see all of our hard work paying off and the incredible teamwork that went into qualifying. It was exhilarating when we all ran together on the field to celebrate the accomplishment. 

What has been your favorite high school FH moment so far?

My favorite high school field hockey moment so far has been the bus rides to and from games. Everyone is always so excited and focused for the game. Being able to cheer, give pep talks and bond with my teammates is so much more special than any win or single moment. 

What are you looking for in a collegiate FH program?

I am looking for a competitive program and conference, a positive and encouraging atmosphere, and supportive coaching staff and teammates. A program in which I can continue to grow and improve as a player, and contribute to the success of the program.

What do you plan to major in at college and what do you see as a future career?

I plan on majoring in Business and minoring in Psychology with hopes of becoming an accountant or financial analyst.

Who is one of your heroes and why?

One of my heroes is Coco Gauff, the 15-year-old tennis player that shocked everyone with her unexpected win over Venus Williams at Wimbledon. She is one of my heroes because she demonstrates that dedication and hard work can lead to success and achieving the goals that you set for yourself. She is an inspiration to a lot of young athletes, as she shows no matter your age, you can achieve great things.

What advice do you have for our younger HTC players?

My advice for younger HTC players is to be as involved as you can. Keep playing field hockey because you love it and take advantage of any opportunities that comes along. As long as you work hard and are passionate about it, you can do anything. Most importantly though, have fun!

What has HTC meant to you?

HTC has been such an important part of my life. It introduced me to the sport that I love. I have been able to make life long friends, and I am so grateful that I get to play with these amazing girls throughout the year. My time and training with the coaches at HTC have allowed me to grow tremendously as a player and play at a highly competitive level. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had while playing with HTC.
Coaches Spotlight

Anika Goodhue

  • HTC Western MA Director
  • HTC Member since 2014
  • Alumna of Smith College

What is your HTC moment? 

There are so many HTC moments to choose from. I think some of my favorite memories come from NIT weekend with my U14 team a couple years ago. We performed the best any HTC team has at NITs and had some thrilling games in the process. The team was so much fun, made up of wonderful young women and their amazing families. 

What do you do now in addition to your role at HTC? 

I am the Head Field Hockey Coach at Elms College and I own a photography business.

Fun fact about yourself?

I have two huskies, Kaia and Storm. I am currently training the younger one, Storm, in bikejoring (like dryland mushing) and hopefully as a therapy dog.

What advice would you give to our current HTC players?

Advice - soak it all up. Every second of it. It will be gone before you know it.

How did club field hockey help you realize your dream of playing at the next level? 

I actually did not have the opportunity to play club when I was in high school. The nearest club wouldn't take me on because I couldn't make all the practices. I guess you can credit that as a motivation to play harder, stronger, and more technical than those athletes who were getting that extra work when I wasn't. It also later inspired me to want to coach and create opportunities so that athletes like myself would get the chances I did not .

What was your major in college?

I studied Behavioral Psychology at Smith College and minored in Exercise and Sport Sciences.
What is your favorite memory from your college playing days? 

Oh man, that's tough! I think the chart toppers are those moments where a teammate and I would just lock eyes in the middle of a game, create this unspoken contract essentially that we were going to lock in and grit it out, and just battle together. 

What do you love about HTC and how do you want to grow our HTC Westfield site? 

I love that HTC is committed to creating opportunities for athletes of all ages and abilities while having an incredible staff to work with and learn from, as well. I often feel I have learned just as much as the athletes we coach from them and my coworkers.
Alumni Spotlight

Misha Strage

  • Staples High School
  • Colby College
  • HTC Member since 2011

What is your HTC Moment?

My HTC moment is playing for the first time in an HTC jersey. Being one of their first HTC players, it was pretty amazing to be one of the first members to wear the blue and white jersey. Understanding all the hard work and dedication Deb and Darren had put in to making their dream a reality, it was really special to be a part of that at the beginning. And even more incredible to see how much it has grown! I am honored to say I was one of the originals and an alumnae of HTC Field Hockey!

What is your Best College Field Hockey memory?

One of my best Colby College field hockey moments is my sophomore year (fall 2013) when we beat Trinity at home 5-0. Trinity was ranked that year and nobody thought Colby could beat them. It was a game where we really came and played together as a team, we fought hard, and enjoyed every second of those 60 minutes.

What is a Fun Fact about you?

I have a plate and 6 screws in my right hand which was the result of getting hit with a field hockey ball the first game of season my junior year in high school.

What are you doing now?

I am currently a 2LT in the U.S. Army and I am getting my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences in Bethesda, MD. After finishing my degree, I will be an Army Psychologist.

What does HTC mean to you?

I remember Deb first explaining HTC – Hear the Cheers – when she stepped out onto the field as a member of team USA and hearing the cheers. I had my moment like that in college, with my mum cheering for me. She was not able to make most of my high school games, but she was at almost every one of my college games, and I always heard her cheering for me. It was incredibly special to have her there and for me to be playing college field hockey. I would not have made it to a college field without Deb and Darren and the rest of the club supporting me and getting me there. I am so grateful for everything they did for me and I am so proud of the club HTC has become.

What advice do you have for our current HTC players?

Wear gloves! Haha but seriously - enjoy every minute of it – even the early morning practices and the 300 shuttle runs for testing. High school and college seasons go by WAY too quickly so enjoy spending time with your teammates, learning from your coaches, all of the good, the bad, and the ugly, but most importantly, enjoy the game - because it’s amazing! 


HTC is Giving Back

Our club will choose one cause per year and work together to create awareness and raise money to help! This year I would like to announce that we will choose the Closer to Free Ride organization.

"I am thrilled that HTC will be participating to fight cancer! The sense of community, purpose, and pride that this organization brings to us as participants is like being on a team. To come together, make memories and have fun is what HTC is all about and so is Closer to Free!
I am honored to lead HTC's commitment to our community, to people that we personally know that have been affected by this disease, and spread our caring beyond the playing field."

Sarah Rahn
HTC Community Director

We will be asking for player volunteers who will serve as Community Ambassadors at each of our sites. These Ambassadors will help communicate with their site and help lead this fight! If you are interested in becoming one of our Community Ambassadors, click on the button to the the right.

We would also love to hear about how our players, coaches, and families are helping their communities!  We want to help you communicate your cause and share your commitment to improve lives. Share your news by clinking on the button to the right! Thank you for your dedication to giving back to our communities.
General Information
We will use this section of the newsletter to share common questions that we receive from players and their families . This will be the place to update you on general club information!

How do we know if an event is canceled?

If we have to cancel an event due to bad weather, we will make that decision 2 hours prior to the start time of the event. We will send out an email/text, post on social media, post in the announcement section on the HTC website, and post on the actual event page on the HTC website.

*Please note, we try not to cancel an event unless it is unsafe to travel. If we have to cancel an event, we will not be able to make up that particular practice due to the facility scheduling. Players can attend another site to make up a missed practice.

How do I purchase my HTC practice Pinney and HTC Uniform?

Players can purchase their HTC practice pinney and HTC Uniform on the HTC website, under the Store tab, upper right hand corner of the website. There are two choices; Shop Uniforms Online and Shop Spiritwear Online. The practice pinney and uniforms can be found in the Uniform shop and you can find some fun HTC gear in the Spirit Shop!

I have a Half Season Membership, Can I choose any 6 of the 12 practices listed to attend? Do I have to let you know what practices I will attend?

Players who have a half season membership can attend ANY 6 of the 12 practices that are listed! You do not have to let us know which ones you will attend! We will take attendance at all of our events so we can track the number of practices you attend.

Also remember that our HTC players can attend any site to make up a missed practice. So for example if you attend the Glastonbury site, and you are sick for one of your scheduled practices, you can make up that practice at the Harwinton site or any site that fits your schedule. Again you DO NOT have to let us know, we will take attendance and will know what practices you attend!

Feel free to email me with any questions you might have about our club, we are here to help! My email is dbrickey@HTCfieldhockey.com .

Cheers! Thank you for the questions!

Let's Hear from you!

We would love to hear from you and have your share your "HEAR THE CHEERS" moments. We wanted to create this forum so you can share your thoughts, your HTC moments, and any special news that we can share with our club! Let's cheer for each other and celebrate our awesome club! Click below to share!

T hank you again and we will see you on the field/court soon!