Winter 2020
President's Message

I hope everyone is well and surviving the pandemic. HTCIA has been moving forward and handling our International approach to the pandemic. That approach has been, through our staff and the volunteer officers using the available technology, to keep giving members a quality training program. Each chapter has stepped up to go virtual with the local events and adopt the concepts of distance learning and meetings.

2021 Call for Proposals
The 2021 Call for Proposals for HTCIA's 2021 education offerings is open!

New this year - speakers can submit a single proposal form for a wide range of speaking opportunities. Each submission will be considered for:
  • 2021 HTCIA Canada Cyber Summit
  • 2021 HTCIA International Conference
  • Chapter Meetings and Conferences
  • Pre-recorded content for Training Portal

Those interested in presenting to the HTCIA membership and stakeholders should indicate their preferences on the form. Additional information about the 2021 call for proposals can be found online here.
Partnership with the United States Secret Service
Submitted by: Marc Milstein, HTCIA Washington State Chapter

What immediately comes to mind when you think of the United States Secret Service?

  • Protection detail? Check. 
  • Investigating counterfeit US currency? Check. 

And in fact, this was the impetus behind creating the agency back in 1865 following the Civil War. The agency’s mission and presence has increased dramatically from just a few operatives in 1865 to almost 7,000 employees in field offices spread across five continents. The responsibilities of the USSS have evolved over the course of time to also include access device fraud, network intrusions, illicit financing operations and money laundering, cryptocurrency illicit activity, POS system compromises, business email compromises, ransomware, identify theft and other 21st century cyber-enabled financial crimes. Continue Reading...
HTCIA members are eligible for a 15% discount! If you are interested, please select a course you need at and use coupon BELK-YURI-15 to get your discount. Please also specify your HTCIA chapter name.
New Postings on HTCIA Jobs Bulletin!

Have you checked out the HTCIA Jobs Bulletin lately? Several new positions have recently been updated. If you are seeking qualified candidates, submit your posting to the page here.

The HTCIA member community also hosts a Jobs and Employment Circle, for those seeking new opportunities or promote openings in their organization. Check out the circle in the member portal!
Memory Day with NY Metro
Make 2020 a Memory With Memory Day!

Speakers: Alissa Torres, Aaron Sparling and
Jamie Levy

Date: Today! December 10, 2020
Timing: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST

  • Register now to receive the Zoom link!
  • All chapters welcome!
Ottawa Chapter 1/2 Day Training
Join HTCIA Ottawa for a 1/2 day training with Diana Whitney.

This event is open to ALL HTCIA Members.

Data: February 11, 2021
Time: 9:00 am-12:00 pm

Diana Whitney is a cybersecurity specialist at EWA-Canada’s Payment Assurance lab where she specializes in PCI compliance testing, ensuring the security of point of sales equipment and PIN encryption devices.

The 1/2 day training event will include:

  • Introduction to pentesting/ethical hacking concepts
  • Exploiting "Blue" - a HacktheBox machine vulnerable to Eternal Blue attack.
  • Discussion of Privilege Escalation on Windows machine with demonstration and "Kerberoasting".
  • Time for questions and answers.