April 2017

By Brad Schow, COO, HTG
The industry and technology are always changing, which means you should be, too.   Business growth is not always linear and we see plateaus all the time. Find out what the key is to long term, consistent growth.

Member Spotlight: Rimon & Lisa Moses, RMM Solutions

Rimon and Lisa Moses talk about their experience with StratOp - and how it transformed their company by filling the gaps in their business structure to get results and drive success. 

StratOp is a guided process that gives you perspective on the strategic, financial and operational parts of your business. With StratOp, your entire team will be focused on the same mission and vision, and have a clear plan to execute.  
Watch the video here (approx. 5 mins).
  Learn more about StratOp here.

By Kathy Smith, Senior VP

The Services and Education team has reorganized to build upon our existing strengths and position ourselves and our partners for success. Discover the milestones we have made and what you can expect from the two teams!
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Confidential - Active HTG Members Only - April 2017

In our recently released report, "The Future of Best-in-Class MSPs", one of many aspects we investigated was what threats to their business were perceived by Managed Service Providers (MSPs).
In that section of the report, we examined 16 risks that MSPs often talk about, and evaluated how MSPs in the top quartile of profitability, and those who are at high Operational Maturity Level © (OML © ), view those risks as opposed to those who are less profitable and at lower OML.
One risk cited by many lower-performing MSPs was the potential of Line-of-Business (LOB) Cloud application providers taking over the Managed Service needs of the customer, stealing that responsibility - and that revenue stream - from the customer's MSP. This risk potentially increases as you - the MSP - become less a generalist and more focused on the verticals of your choice, as most high profit and high OML MSPs do.
In this newsletter, we'll examine the extent to which this perceived risk is likely to be true, and to the extent of what a well-run MSP can do about it.

There is a Wolf at the Door
The wolf at the door is the LOB Cloud application provider...

LAUNCH DATES for the Member Performance Dashboard (MPD)
Be prepared for the upcoming Q2 meetings - launch dates are customized by geography.
Emails will be going out to group members with instructions to access the MPD.

Q2 MPD opened
Friday, April 14
Target completion date for posting and group review is Friday, April 28
The two external scorecards must be completed between April 14 - 28 
(before final MPD is posted). 
Q2 MPD opens 
Friday, April 28 
Target completion date for
posting and group review is
Friday, May 12 
The two external scorecards must be completed between April 28 - May 12 (before final MPD is posted).
Q2 MPD opens  
Monday, May 1 
Target completion date for posting and group review is
Friday, May 19  
The two external scorecards must be completed between May 1 - 19 (before final MPD is posted).

HTG Community Day, Wednesday May 3

Be sure to visit the Tools for the Journey exhibit hall on Wednesday, May 3 from noon to 3pm. Stop by the HTG booth and shoot to win a Business Health Assessment (valued at $5000)!

Learn to Think
Like a Leader
Don't miss special guest speaker Chris Fuller, a top trainer and keynote speaker for The John Maxwell Company and the world's leading facilitator for John C. Maxwell content, as he explores
The 5 Levels of Leadership, based on the top-selling book. From 9am to noon on Wednesday, May 3.

Vendor Communities
on the HUB
Get all the latest vendor news and updates with access to their discussion boards, libraries and events. Subscribe to any vendor community on the HUB - you don't have to be a current partner to get the benefits!

Learn More About StratOp
Join us for a hot breakfast on Wednesday, May 3 from 7-8:30am.  Learn how our members are using StratOp to transform their business using a management system that is igniting the growth they desire.

"StratOp forces our management team to be better and we are always looking for ways to be better. It gives us a structure to push us to the next level." -Jack Safrit, Axxys Technologies.

Registration required - email Elizabeth Lisk to reserve your spot. 
APRIL 19-21 
Ingram Micro Cloud Summit / Phoenix
HTG members get $100 discount off $699 reg fee (use code CS17HTG when registering)
Connect with HTG's Scott Scrogin while there - HTG and Ingram Micro will be hosting a special session for HTG members to meet, learn, and share with their peers! For info and registration, click here 
APRIL 20 / Pittsburgh, PA 6:00-10:00pm
Veterans Foundation Gala 2017 - Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall
Because of the great sacrifice of our U.S. military, the Continuum Veterans Foundation is dedicated to helping returning troops find jobs in the IT industry. As part of our commitment to the cause, Continuum Veterans Foundation is hosting a Gala to benefit Hire Heroes USA. Be sure to check it out! Even if you are not attending the Gala in Pittsburgh, you can still show your support and donation here. All proceeds go to Hire Heroes USA.  To order tickets and more info, click here

MAY 1-5  /  Q2 Dallas  For info and registration 
Managed Security Services Workshop - sponsored by HTG and Sonic Wall 

For members interested in building or expanding their managed security services or SECaaS.
Tuesday, May 2 and Friday, May 5 from 1:30 - 3:00pm (same content/time both days) 

JUNE 19 - 20
HTG emerge Fly-In / Chicago, IL  |  Register here
MAY 22-26 / Q2 Sydney, AUS
- Register by May 1
HTG empower 
For info and registration, click here 

MAY 15-16 - HTG empower: service (SEPG11)  
MAY 29-30 - HTG empower: service (SEPG12)
MAY 31-JUN 1 - HTG empower: service (SEPG13) 

APRIL 25-27 
IT Nation Europe/ London, UK 
Don't forget to stop by the HTG booth and chat with Brad Schow, HTG's COO. See ya there! This event is open to ConnectWise® partners, prospective partners, sponsors, and industry pioneers.
For more info, click here  

MAY 15-19 / Q2 Brighton, ENG
For info and registration, click here
New and prospective members for HTG empower and HTG engage groups are now listed on the HTG HUB. As outlined in our Membership Agreement, HTG members at large have 48 hours following this email to communicate concerns to Connie Arentson.  

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