August 2018
Welcome Dan Saxby,
Growth Programs Manager

We have a new colleague that we want you to know about. Meet Dan Saxby, a long-time member of HTG who is ready to help you ignite transformation and take your business to the next level in 2019! 
By Kevin Gibson, Director Transformational Services - HTG Liaison
It might seem odd, even morbid, to prepare for your death. But, no matter how young and healthy you are now, the only certainty in life is a little preparation just makes sense. A few basic arrangements could make all the difference to your family and friends in the event of your death and, in the meantime, it might even change your attitude on life.

There is no way we can avoid the fact that we all die. Just like the products we buy, the expiry date concept holds true for us too. Not to sound brash, but there are some factors we can't really avoid, some are beyond our control and we're trained to put these thoughts behind us and focus on our lives and the issues we're dealing with right now.

At any given time, we are facing so many challenges. Sometimes it is a job, sometimes finding the person to love, and sometimes something simple like the breakfast we're going to have. It's easy to get caught up in these aspects of life, and rightly so because our daily life is important and amazing.

But then there are grave moments that make us think about the bigger picture or maybe a specific one - the meaning, purpose, and longevity of the things we do. It makes us a little grim and sets us into a rush, making us worry about the limited time we have. This is not just for those of you that are reading this but also for everyone around you; colleagues, associates, friends, and even family.

Life is not like sports, measured in innings, periods, and quarters. Instead, it's on a timeline we can't control, and our exit could come at any point: 18, 35, or 108. Basic planning applies to everyone, even if they are in their twenties and just starting out. If you are married and have any children, the planning burden is heavier, since you're planning for more than just yourself. Even if the plans feel morbid, it's important not to wait since we don't know if tomorrow will arrive. Continue reading...
Confidential - Active HTG Members Only - August 2018
Which MSP Sales Model - and Which Type of Rep - Produces the Best Results?
You may recall that in May we offered HTG members the opportunity to participate in a first-of-its-kind analysis of the rate at which SMB-focused MSPs are adding and terminating new Managed Services contracts.
The study was solely to uncover how quickly MSPs were adding new contacted customers, and terminating them (for any reason). It was also to uncover whether the contracts added, as compared to those terminated, were:
  • Larger or smaller in revenue,
  • Larger or smaller in user count,
  • Higher or lower in average fee per user.
We summarized those results in the group meetings we attended in Denver. In this newsletter article, we'll quickly recap those results and then go further, proceeding to the compelling questions:
  • Which MSP sales model produces the best new contract win-rate results?
  • Which type of Sales rep - pure Hunter or hybrid Hunter-Farmer - produces the best new contract win results?
This study purposefully excluded contracts added through mergers and acquisitions, as well as recurring revenue added by existing contracts that expanded or had price increases. Over 70 HTG members participated; enough to provide a valid result.
In reading this, keep in mind this is point-in-time data: we collected only Q1-18 MS contract wins and terminations data only. Nevertheless, the results are intriguing.  Continue reading...
Q3 Meetings Update

Hey HTG Community! Our Q3 meetings have culminated in all regions
and we thank you for another successful quarter!

Here is a closer look into the meetings: 
Top 5 Metrics to Manage for High Performance 
Friday, September 14th  |  12:00 - 1:00pm CST
Don't miss this exclusive webinar for HTG members delivered by Service Leadership to understand:
  • What are the Top 5 metrics and where do I find them in my Quarterly Benchmark Report Book (QBRB)?
  • What results should I be seeking for each of these Top 5 to support BIC EBITDA and highest company valuation?
  • What are the key levers I can pull to drive improvement in these Top 5 Metrics? 
  • How long will it take me to move the dial to improved results?

If you think you have seen and heard it all before,  think again! 
Product sessions are out, and industry and business content is in! Whether you're looking for ways to get your techs to enter their time, or are hoping to have SEO demystified - there is content for every role within your organization.

HTG members  receive a $100 discount  with code  HTG100. 
Checkout the latest sessions here , and start planning your IT Nation experience today.


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