February 2017

By Brad Schow, COO, HTG

As Q2 begins to sneak around the corner, we need to start thinking about our focus on legacy. Some of us may need to refresh our plans while others are just starting to build one. Learn one important question you should be considering as you make concrete plans.


Member Spotlight: Reed Wilson, Palmetto Technology Group

It's only natural to hit a plateau in business and after 6 years with HTG, Reed Wilson felt it was time to try something new. But he soon discovered that other options just don't offer the amount of sharing that goes on within the HTG peer groups. Now he's back and with the help of HTG, the right people - his peers, and the right vendors, Reed is navigating the ever-changing world of technology to move his business to the next level and build a legacy. Watch the video here (approx. 5 mins). 

By Kevin Gibson, Director Transformational Services

Last December in my yearly update, I talked about data gathering efforts that ConnectWise had begun with HTG members. As of Q3 2016, we have collect feedback about what is right, wrong, confusing and missing from nine different HTG groups. We will continue to gather and evaluate this data as the year moves along and hope to get feedback from another 4-6 groups in Dallas, Texas in May.

As we move forward with this effort, the next natural question is, "So what are you going to do with this information?" Learn more here.

Confidential - Active HTG Members Only - March 2017

First things first: you should not take anything in this article as conclusive, final, fact, or anything but an opinion. Use at your own risk.

Now we can stop channeling our attorney. Why the caution? Because no area of Solution Provider value creation is as disputable as, "What's my company worth?". Yes, we do valuations. As all those who do so professionally will tell you, what they deliver is what is called a "fairness opinion" or something similar. Note the word "opinion".
As my Dad told me long ago, "A thing is only worth what someone will pay for it." The value of that thing can only be established at that moment of transaction, for that specific buyer, and then that value is, literally, history. This is why the stock market changes, moment by moment.
All that being said, how do you maximize the value of a Solution Provider firm, if you're the seller? In today's market, you may well instead (or also) be a buyer, but for this article, we'll focus on the sell-side, as it is called.

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