May 2017
By Arlin Sorensen, Founder & CEO, HTG
Legacy. A simple word. But those six letters may contain more meaning and impact than any other word in the English language. It is deep and wide and has the potential to revolutionize and transform your life and business. At HTG, we call this a keystone value - the value that ignites transformation in every area of your business and life.

What do you want the result of your life, leadership and business to be? Once we know the destination, we can begin to paint a vision, define strategies, build milestones, define tasks and create accountability so we achieve it.
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Member Spotlight: Kyle Elworthy, HTG13, Network Essentials

Listen as Kyle recounts the sudden passing of a close friend and HTG member who had not yet fully implemented the tactical aspects of his legacy plan. Kyle witnessed firsthand, the hardships a business and family face due to a lack of planning. Hard but valuable lessons learned for those who have the foresight to prepare for the future unknowns. Watch the video here (approx. 5 mins). 

By John Timko, Vice President, Marketing at ConnectWise
Threats  and actions of cyber security are at all-time, alarming levels for today's Technology Solution Providers. You need to be educated and prepared to handle these cyber threats for both your business and your clients' businesses. ConnectWise has teamed with EC-Council, the world's largest cyber security technical certification organization, to give our partners the education and insights to today's cyber security threats.  
Join us Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 2:00PM EDT for a highly informative webinar that looks at the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, how we can help address these challenges, and how you, as your client's trusted advisor, can tap into the multi-billion dollar InfoSec market. 
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Why Your Key Managers  
Should See Your P&L
Confidential - Active HTG Members Only - May 2017

There are certain insights so durable they get distilled into high-proof, short sentences which pass down through generations and which can only be so short because they are intuitively correct.

Who's Going to Do It?
The most valuable function of an owner or CEO is leading the company to what's next. As you do, who is going to run the day-to-day operations? Who is going to lead the implementation and management of what's next for you? Of course, your sales and service managers.
Timeless truths:
  • You can't manage what you can't measure.
  • You can't expect what you can't inspect.
By now, you know this to be true in your own case. To have the best shot at attaining your value creation strategy, you need to know at least the basics of how to read a P&L. Few leaders of service-centric companies who can't, exceed $5mm.

What about your direct reports, your sales manager and your service manager? How can they manage, if they don't know how to read the measurements? How can they expect their teams to produce better financial results for you, if they can't inspect that financial performance?

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HTG Q2 Dallas Highlights

Check out this quick video that sums up the week in Dallas - lots of learning and fun for everyone!


Arlin Sorensen named one of the top
Visionaries of 2017 by ChannelPro-SMB
HTG's Founder and CEO, Arlin Sorensen, joins a distinguished list along with other trailblazing thought leaders in the SMB channel.

These professionals not only serve their clients or partners with top solutions and services, but move the industry forward with innovative ideas, a commitment to continual improvement, and a willingness to share what they know to help others succeed in the market. Congratulations, Arlin!

HTG Legacy Summit
Learn unique solutions to transitioning your business to your family by creating a strong, lasting legacy plan at this special 2-day event.

Special guest speakers include Wayne Rivers, Co-founder and President of The Family Business Institute and Arlin Sorensen, Founder and CEO of HTG.

General Public: $249   |   HTG Members: $149
Registration opens June 1st.
Conference price includes lunches and dinner. For more information, contact: 

HTG's Hands
That Give 
The strength of a community is most apparent, not when times are good, but rather in how its people pull together in times of need. 
This unique fund provides small business owners within HTG the assurance that they will never go through a personal or business crisis alone.  Others in HTG will come to their aid. By standing together in support of peers, colleagues and friends, we can help them see the return of brighter days. 

Click here to find out how you can contribute to help others, request assistance yourself, or get more info. 
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MAY 22-26 / Q2 Sydney, AUS
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21-25 August / Q3 Liverpool, ENG
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