November/December  2018
In January, we are kicking off Community Day's keynote with Dr. Larry Little, Identifying and Developing Your Next Level Leaders. Plan and define your next steps by attending Applying What We've Learned Workshops.  The afternoon will consist of hot topic breakout sessions around M&A, Security and Culture continued from IT Nation Connect. Find the full agenda here:
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By Arlin Sorensen, VP of Peer Groups
Mergers and acquisitions are becoming increasingly prominent in our space. In fact, based on a recent SLI survey, over 70% of MSPs are expected to explore buying, selling, or merging within the next five years. Each of us will exit our business at some point, but what's important is legacy.
I had the pleasure of speaking at IT Nation Connect in Orlando and discussing the four plans, along with the entrepreneurial journey. Both are critical considerations for executing an M&A strategy, whether you are buying or selling. Your planning should center around our plan areas-legacy, leadership, life, and business-so you understand what a good fit looks like, and how to execute to achieve your desired legacy.
You need to understand where it is you want your company to go. From there, invest in your people, and create a leadership plan to become better. Make sure to focus on life planning outside of the workplace, alongside your business plan.
Be sure to visit ConnectWise University to sign up for our Path to Success Spotlight Series, including a webinar that further explores mergers and acquisitions. Other webinar topics include security, planning for success, and as-a-service.
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Confidential - Active HTG Members Only - November/December 2018
Top-performing Solution Providers carry out a specific sequence of planning activities at the end of a given year, right about now, to best and prepare their companies for success in the upcoming year.  To prepare your company for success like they do theirs, be sure to follow these steps each year in October, November and December.

Reality Check Your Strategy
Start with Your Value Creation Strategy
At the core of each Solution Provider's success is having a clearly articulated Value Creation Strategy (VCS)...

WEBINAR: How to Provide Cybersecurity and Compliance to Larger Customers 
Larger organizations with several hundred or thousands of employees can be a lucrative source of revenue for cybersecurity and compliance services. But many MSPs struggle to sell services to these larger companies. In this informative webinar, StratoZen will discuss how to successfully sell cybersecurity and compliance services into larger customers to maximize your revenue and margins. Specifically, we'll cover: 
  • Why larger companies need Service Providers for cybersecurityand compliance
  • What solutions these customers look for and how you can offer them
  • How even small MSPs can successfully sell to large organizations
  • The best methods to position your solutions to these companies
December 13, 2018 |  1:00pm EST

For those of you who have been requesting a roadmap to walk you through the four plans from start to finish, it's here!  We have re-imagined the Planning for  Success   material to give you an interactive, online experience.  
Go to to add the degree on the ConnectWise University. We encourage you to assign this to your team, so they can work through their own plans.

We have a new website! IT Nation Evolve has now integrated into ConnectWise. Quarterly meeting agendas and registration links will all be found here. Don't forget - you can still easily access these links by clicking the icons on the Hub. 

Have you finished writing your business 
plan? As Q4 comes to a finish, make sure you have completed your business plan to set yourself up for success in 2019. Here are a few tips as you finalize your plans. 




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