October  2018
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By Laurie Sorensen, Content Architect
The four plans have been part of HTG's DNA since the beginning. They have come a long way from the early days when we used to hand members a blank form and say, "Good luck!"

What we've always heard from members is that planning is the right thing to do for your business and your legacy, but you're stuck. You don't want to go through the motions and just check a box.

Writing  Planning for Success was the first step toward providing additional support. The workbook helped a lot of people work through the plans.

In 2017, we worked hard to give the plans a facelift with new forms and a second edition of
Planning for Success. Business Builder modules were also added online to provide a next step.

Yet, there was still room for improvement. You said, "This is great, but we need a roadmap. How do we work through this in order with our teams?"

We've listened, and becoming part of ConnectWise has provided us with additional knowledge and resources to deliver a better online experience to you and your teams.

We are excited to announce that at IT Nation, we are rolling out our brand new online training for the four plans through the ConnectWise University.

You will be able to enroll in a  Planning for Success degree containing 22 lessons. As you have requested, the degree has a clear roadmap that takes you and your team through the four plans in an interactive, easy-to-navigate format.

We are thankful for the opportunity to create this degree for you and remove one roadblock from your path. 

You know planning is the right thing to do, and this new interactive training is designed to help you get unstuck. Be watching in the November issue of The Voice for a link to enroll.
Confidential - Active HTG Members Only - October 2018
The year 2018 has so far been an eventful one in terms of SMB MSP mergers and acquisitions. There has also been some M&A activity with mid-market MSP, that is, those focusing on approximately the 100 to perhaps 1,000 user space.

As we start the last quarter of the year, and look towards 2019 and beyond, we thought an update from our vantage point might be of value to members. Hopefully, you are all participating in one or more of Arlin's M&A track sessions at IT Nation. They look to be unique and compelling.

What's Up with Valuation Multiples?
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Don't Risk M&A Failure. 
We Can Help You Succeed.

M&A opportunity is ripe for solution providers, but being unprepared puts you at tremendous risk for failure. ConnectWise is committed to helping you grow or sell your business through a successful M&A strategy, which is why we've developed a special IT Nation spotlight on the education and tools you need to make it happen effectively. 
Learn from M&A Experts in Sessions Including:
  • The Strategy of Growth and Legacy Through M&A
  • Dream or Dilemma - What Buying a Business is Really Like
  • To Sell or Not to Sell - What are My Options?


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