September  2018
Whatever your answer is, Q4 has been designed to help you reach your goals! HTG welcomes back Dr. Larry Little for another Transformational Leadership session. Catch a glimpse as to how Q4 will transform your leadership and discover the greatest asset a leader can have. 
By Kevin Gibson, Director Transformational Services - HTG Liaison
Are you looking to add new or enhanced products or services to your lineup? If you have an innovative concept to share, then IT Nation 2018 is your chance to do so. Be selected to pitch your next business expansion idea to an expert panel of judges, and you could walk away with up to $100,000.
How does it work?
Tell us which Technology Team your new offering fits in and the resources you need to make it come to life. Three finalists will be chosen to pitch their idea in person at IT Nation in Orlando. Industry-expert judges will choose a winner, who will receive funding to carry out their business plan. Winners will have the chance to share their progress along the way, keeping the rest of The IT Nation inspired to dream big!
Winners will receive:
First Place: Up to $100,000 to implement plan, 10 hours of consulting with a ConnectWise business consultant
Second Place: Up to $50,000 to implement plan, 10 hours of consulting with a ConnectWise business consultant
Third Place: Up to $25,000 to implement plan, 10 hours of consulting with a ConnectWise business consultant
Make your mark in ConnectWise history and grow your business with help from our Envision Fund. Apply now!
Confidential - Active HTG Members Only - September 2018
What Are Top-Growth HTG Members Spending 
on Sales and Marketing Cost?
In this month's article, we will look at HTG member revenue growth performance in relation to how much they spend on Sales and Marketing. This will enable you to make more informed decisions about your Sales and Marketing investments. Before we do, however, it's worth briefly recapping our August 2018 article ("Results of HTG Sales Model Analysis").  Continue reading...
Don't Risk M&A Failure.  We Can Help You Succeed.

M&A opportunity is ripe for solution providers, but being unprepared puts you at tremendous risk for failure. ConnectWise is committed to helping you grow or sell your business through a successful M&A strategy, which is why we've developed a special IT Nation spotlight on the education and tools you need to make it happen effectively.

Learn from M&A Experts in Sessions Including:
  • The Strategy of Growth and Legacy Through M&A
  • Dream or Dilemma-What Buying a Business is Really Like
  • To Sell or Not to Sell-What Are My Options?
Hats Off to London
I recently had the opportunity to serve a group of entrepreneurs in London, England. The encounter included small group meetings, one on one engagements and a keynote conference experience. I noticed almost immediately that something was different with these leaders. There was an immediate openness and willingness to grow as a leader. They were interested in growing; not just their companies but their personal relationships as well. I was impressed with the stories I heard of how they had applied the Make A Difference concepts in their homes and communities. Several men and women shared how they want to learn more and seemed truly interested in raising their leadership "Above the Line" of being task-based only. Their questions were thoughtful and their engagement was authentic. 

As I looked across the room at the conference, I realized that while there was an incredible amount of financial wealth represented, money was not the driving incentive for anyone present. To a person, these leaders were searching for something way more important than a strong financial report. They were hungry for growth.

I came away from the week of meetings with a genuine appreciation for these men and women who are leading in and around London. They provided a reminder that no matter the geographical location, the cultural differences or the occupation, leading well is a vital skill that we all need.

Hats off to the leaders of the European Evolve peer groups! Thank you for your gracious spirit and for being life-long learners. You are making a difference! 

If you think you have seen and heard it all before, think again! Product sessions are out, and industry and business content is in! Whether you're looking for ways to get your techs to enter their time, or are hoping to have SEO demystified - there is content for every role within your organization.

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Checkout the latest sessions here, and start planning your IT Nation experience today.

Whether you want to fuel growth through acquisition, or implement that exit strategy you've been planning, IT Nation presents a unique setting to meet buyers or sellers face-to-face and explore your options at our first M&A Deal Crawl. 
Applications will be accepted 
until October 1, 2018. 


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