To: Owners & Management Agents
From: Asset Management, Management & Development
Date: March 1, 2019
Subject: Standardization of HUD REAC Inspection Notification


New Hampshire Housing would like to inform those properties that receive HUD REAC inspections. Please read the attached Housing Notice which implements the standardization of REAC inspection notification timelines.
In summary, HUD has moved to a two-week (14 calendar days) inspection notice to schedule a REAC inspection. Apparently this is intended to discourage band-aid fixes made prior to the inspection to receive a passing score. HUD believes those scores are not reflective of the true condition of a property. 
HUD states that if an owner cancels the inspection, the property score will be zero. There will be an opportunity for one additional reinspection within 7 calendar days, otherwise the score will be held at zero. It is unclear if properties undergoing major renovation/rehab will have an opportunity to reschedule. 
If you are uncertain whether or not your property receives a HUD REAC inspection, please feel free to contact your Asset Manager.
Asset Management Staff
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