TO:                Owners/Management Agents 
FROM:          Asset Management, Management & Development Division
SUBJECT:    HUD created model forms for VAWA now available
DATE:           December 16, 2016
HUD has created Microsoft Word versions of the four model forms that are included in the   Violence Against Woman Act (VAWA) final rule.

Effective today, December 16, 2016, owners/agents must give the Notice of Occupancy Rights and the Certification form to each rejected household and each household at move in. Owner/agents have the next 12 months (through December 15, 2017) to distribute the Notice and Certification to all current households.
The model forms can be found here:

Although HUD has not issued a requirement to have residents sign an acknowledgement of receipt of Appendix A and Appendix C, New Hampshire Housing strongly encourages the use of an acknowledgement of receipt which is signed and dated by the household and retained in the file in order to show your compliance with the HUD requirement of giving the notice to all in place households and all move in households.

The Notice has the following "[insert name of program or rental assistance]" throughout. VAWA protections apply to all of the Section 8 assistance programs, the Section 515 Rural Rental Housing Program, the HOME Investment Partnerships Program and The Housing Trust Fund Program. If the assistance at your particular property is Section 8 based, please insert "the Section 8 Assistance Program". If the assistance is HOME, insert "the HOME Investment Partnerships Program. You need not break down the assistance by property type-Section 8 new construction, Section 202, etc.

In HUD original Notice, the date by which owners/agents had to implement an emergency transfer plan was Mary 15, 2016; however, HUD has issued a correction of that date. The actual deadline for implementing an emergency transfer plan for HUD program covered properties is June 14, 2017.
Please feel free to contact the Asset Manager who is assigned to your property or Marie for questions related to multifamily Section 8 project based properties or Ginny for questions related to the HOME Investment Partnership Program.