REAC Flash News Report
April 28, 2021

HUD resuming REAC Inspections

REAC will be conducting UPCS physical and NSPIRE inspections again full time beginning June 1. The notice can be accessed by clicking here. REAC has abandoned its heat map. Instead COVID transmission risk but will be based largely on local conditions. It's unclear how this will be accomplished.
Importantly, the 14-day notice to properties of an inspection will be expanded to 28-days.
HUD will NOT require inspectors to be vaccinated, but has required other draconian measures for those inspectors opting out of vaccinations, like quarantines and before and after inspection testing.
Other protocols and safety measures, include:
  • Residents will be allowed to opt-out of unit inspections
  • Inspections will start with high risk properties

A formal notice from HUD that was to be posted April 23, 2021 on the HUD website is not there as of today.
REAC Released Version 2.1 of the NSPIRE Standards
These revised standards will be used in the NSPIRE demonstration program inspections and are open to public comment. The new version 2.1 can be accessed by clicking here
To learn more about NSPIRE, REAC offers workshops. The workshops can be accessed by clicking here.
The REAC Inspection Handbook 2020 Edition
You may have been a big proponent of having a REAC consultant come in and inspect the property, but not all properties can afford that luxury.

Having this up-to-date 198 page book as a resource guide, you will know what the inspector knows, or should know. And you can self-inspect your properties, thus saving you a lot of money!

This book makes your job easier and is easy to use. It has over 200 pictures, charts and diagrams. For most, pictures tell the story.

More importantly, It's current! The rules and guidelines are fully cross-referenced to every reg, rule, policy including many that have not been published. It includes a massively detailed table of contents for very fast lookup. 

This is a great book! It will make your Pre-REAC preparation a no brainer!

Buy either the Kindle and/or the paperback versions. The buy button below goes to the buy page at the REAC Property Consultants web site.
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