HUE NEWS | July 2022
In this issue of HUE News:

  • Pro Tip- Best Practices Communicating, Convening, and Coordinating the Efforts During the Uncertain Times
  • HueLife's New Podcast- Just HUE It
  • Partner Spotlight-Samantha Nelson
  • Client Spotlight- City of Otsego
  • ToP Facilitation Methods Course Promo
  • Mission Update- YouLEAD2022
  • Upcoming Courses

We look forward to seeing you in the virtual space and in-person!

-The HueLife Team
Pro Tip
Best Practices for Communicating, Convening, and Coordinating the Efforts During the Uncertain Times
A few weeks ago, PEN hosted a webinar that featured two speakers: the co-founder of HueLife, Dr. Irina Fursman and a learning & organization development professional from Ukraine, Oleg Shapovalov. In their talk, “From Chaos to Systems of Support,” both shared lessons from their efforts to mobilize a response to the war, focusing on insights that can translate to more normal, everyday situations – insights on communication, project management and logistics coordination, managing change, navigating complex systems, setting strategy.
"There aren’t many of us (thankfully) who will be forced to mobilize a civilian response to war. But in hearing the stories and exploring the insights of those who have, not only do we have an opportunity to recalibrate a bit (my challenges today certainly pale in comparison), but we also have an opportunity to see how the tools, techniques, and best practices that we all use in our normal daily lives (including our business initiatives) also work in the most extreme circumstances. They export, they translate because – quite simply – they work"

 - Brain Lassiter, President, Performance Excellence Network
New Podcast
Launching Soon
HueLife is launching a podcast built around tips, hints, and stories that will help you advance your facilitation journey.
I would Like To Recieve Updates About Just Hue It.
Meet The Host
Dave Ahles
Dave Ahles is passionate about connecting people and organizations to the HueLife experience and is excited to meet you.
Partner Spotlight
Samantha Louise
From a farm in rural Minnesota, Samantha is a small-town girl with a world-wide vision to transform leadership development and personal empowerment for next generation female leaders from every corner of the globe.

Samantha Louise is a leadership cultivator guiding girls and young women to become natural born leaders. She is a best-selling author, a Minnesota Teacher of the Year, and holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Her approach to leadership and learning offers hands-on experiences to develop selfhood for self-leadership, sisterhood for healthy relationships, and leaderhood to inspire change in the world around us.

In partnership with HueLife, Samantha co-facilitates a cohort of female leaders who join the journey of deeper self-reflection, discovery of shared experiences, and development of personal leadership practice. Together, we bring our unique strengths as facilitators to guide a group of women through 6 online sessions of peer learning based on the most common obstacles and challenges that hinder the personal and professional growth of women.
"Each iteration of our group is more powerful, applicable, meaningful, and transformational. I look forward to meeting new members in the upcoming sessions!"
Where Are They Now?
Otsego's Strategic Plan to Scale Long-Term Growth Amid Population Rise
Facing 47% population growth over the last 10 years, Otsego wanted to develop a plan that would grow with it. The city council and staff collaborated to create a strategic plan that outlined specific goals and steps crucial to reaching them.

Starting from scratch, Otsego developed its first strategic plan in 2018. City of Otsego staff participated in a day and a half retreat, facilitated by HueLife, holding conversations between staff and council members to gather feedback that helped develop its strategic direction.
ToP Facilitation Methods Course
ToP Facilitation Methods is one of our signature courses! There is so much packed in this course. Take a look at our new promo video, share with your friends and colleagues. We want as many people as possible to have these important life skills.

If you've attended this course before and would like to sign up for a refresher, please contact us for a code to use during the registration. Remember that refresher registration is only $150 for life. New day, new people, new experience!
Global Synergy Group
Mission Update
Our mission in Ukraine continues through a non-profit partner Global Synergy Group, which is slowly transitioning back to its core mission of "creating better communities through community development, leadership, and engagement".  
As the first step in that direction, we are planning on bringing 18 teens (ages 13-17) to MN yet this summer to engage in learning, healing, and exploring leadership. The program has began already virtually! Teens from three different regions of Ukraine are meeting online to build relationships, develop trust, share their hopes and expectations as well as develop shared agreements. 

Contact Irina Fursman if you would like to get involved, volunteer, participate in the fundraising challenge or host a student in your home!

We are grateful for all the support and contributions from our HueLife community. Total funds raised to date amounts to $160K, including a $25,000 Rotary International Disaster Response grant that was received just recently by the White Bear Lake Rotary and will be used to purchase water filters. Partners like Rotary are essential to the success of our engagement abroad and here at home.
Upcoming Courses
HUE Conversations
August 24 - Liberty, NY

September 27 - Minneapolis, MN

October 10 - Virtual

October 11 - Tampa, FL

October 14 - Las Vegas, NV

October 18 - Dallas, TX

ToP® Facilitation Methods
August 10 & 11 - Kansas City, KS

August 30 & 31- Rochester, MN

August 30 & 31 - Minneapolis, MN

September 7 & 8 - Pearland, TX

September 26 & 27 - Madison, WI

October 12 & 13 - Las Vegas, NV

ToP® Strategic Planning
August 16 & 17 - Duluth, MN

September 13 & 14 - Madison, WI

November 8 & 9 - Minneapolis, MN

December 7 & 8 - Asheville, NC
Approaches To Environmental Scanning
September 1 - Twin Cities, MN

September 15 - Madison, WI
Mastering Technology of Participation® (MToP)
New in-person MToP Cohort starts in October of 2002 (must be present at all intensives to participate in the program):
  • Intensive I October 26-28
  • Intensive II January 26-28
  • Intensive III April 27-29
  • Intensive IV July 26-28
Virtual Engagement Workshop
HUE 90-minute virtual workshops are hands-on learning experiences for facilitators, project managers, consultants, and leaders designed to sharpen their skills and make virtual engagement as impactful and meaningful as possible. Use code SUMMER22 at registration.
Virtual Community of Practice
First Monday of The Month
Noon - 1PM CST
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