HUE NEWS | June 2022
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  • Pro Tip- 7 Tips for Inclusive Engagement in a Virtual Meeting
  • Meet Jessica
  • Partner Spotlight-Kentucky Department of Behavioral Health
  • New Peer Learning Opportunity- Womanhood in Leadership Learning
  • Virtual Engagement Workshops: Summer Discount
  • Upcoming Courses

We look forward to seeing you in the virtual space and in-person!

-The HueLife Team
Pro Tip
7 Tips for Inclusive Engagement in a Virtual Meeting

Being inclusive to all voices can be challenging when meeting virtually. Shawn Sorrell, a Diversity Equity and Inclusion Manager at Hennepin County, offers some tips to invite all voices into the conversation. We use these techniques often and can certainly attest to it's effectiveness!

Welcome Jessica Woodcock
Meet our New Administrative Assistant
The Hue Life team would like to introduce you to Jessica Woodcock!
We were blessed with over 1,000 applicants for the position of Administrative Assistant this spring and are delighted to welcome Jessica to our team. Jessica, who is brilliant and known for her quirky humor, lives in Elk River, MN. She will be handling many of the operational aspects of the company. She has 10 years of successful IT systems implementation and training experience with Graco. Jessica is passionate about change management, process improvement, training, and troubleshooting.

Jessica’s personality, bright outlook, and creative nature make her a great fit for our team. When not busy with HueLife, you will find Jessica spending time with her family, at the gym (getting pumped up!), or sweating at hot yoga.
Client Spotlight
Yellow Ribbon Resilience Program
Military families experience unique challenges that likely increase their risk for substance misuse and behavioral health issues. Between 2010 and 2019, the rate of military suicides increased by 18% and between 2010 and 2015, the rate of military fatal overdoses nearly doubled. Additionally, military-connected youth may be impacted negatively by their family member’s service. In a survey of over 100,000 10th graders with one or more military connections, youth reported higher rates of bullying, past 30-day use of alcohol, opioid use, suicide, and other psychological distress compared to their non-military connected peers.
In 2015, the Kentucky Department of Behavioral Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities (The Kentucky Agency) received a Strategic Prevention Framework Partnerships for Success Program grant. One of the objectives of the grant was to strengthen substance misuse and suicide prevention and behavioral health promotion efforts through needs assessments, capacity building, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Two behavioral and mental health coordinators, Steve Cambron and Sara Jamison, came together to collaborate on this project. 
HueLife has been working with The Kentucky Agency since 2021 to provide skill building, training, and facilitation services to assist the agency with their goals and objectives. As a recent graduate of Prevention Leaders Cohort, Sarah Jemison was able to utilize her newly developed skills to create a shared vision and collectively develop long and short-term goals and plans for the program. As a result of the PFS 2015 grant and HueLife’s training and technical assistance, The Kentucky Agency implemented several strategies to address the needs of military-connected youth. To view the programs in place and the outcomes they produced, click the download below.
New Peer Learning Opportunity
Womanhood In Leadership Learning (WILL)
This is a virtual community intentionally designed for leadership development where everyday female leaders can freely express their emotions, challenges, and dreams to solve problems around culture change and social innovation.

You will experience:
  • Group learning where session topics are informed by each participants' lived experiences.
  • Mindbody techniques that surface insights to guide you beyond emotional blocks.
  • Sharing of stories, leadership practices, and solutions to face challenges as more resilient women in leadership.
Virtual Engagement Workshops
$50 Discount Code
Virtual Engagement Workshops are HueLife signature quick learns (90 min sessions) that are designed for facilitators, project managers, consultants, and team leaders to sharpen their engagement skills and make virtual meetings productive, impactful, and meaningful. Use code SUMMER22 at registration.
Upcoming Courses
HUE Conversations

June 30 - Greenwood, IN

August 23 - Columbus, OH

August 24 - Liberty, NY

September 8 - Portland, ME

September 27 - Minneapolis, MN

September 30 - Nashville, TN
ToP® Facilitation Methods

June 28 & 29 - Madison, WI

July 11 & 12 - Minneapolis, MN

August 9 & 10- St Cloud, MN

August 10 & 11 - Kansas City, KS

August 30 & 31- Rochester, MN

August 30 & 31 - Minneapolis, MN
ToP® Strategic Planning
August 16 & 17 - Duluth, MN
Virtual Community of Practice
First Monday of The Month
Noon - 1PM CST
Mastering Technology of Participation® (MToP)
New in-person MToP Cohort starts in October of 2002 (must be present at all intensives to participate in the program):
  • Intensive I October 26-28
  • Intensive II January 26-28
  • Intensive III April 27-29
  • Intensive IV July 26-28
Virtual Engagement Workshop
HUE Quick Learns are hands-on workshops for facilitators, project managers, consultants, and leaders to sharpen their skills and make virtual experiences as impactful and meaningful as possible. Use code SUMMER22 at registration.
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