May 2021
In this issue of HUE News:
  • DON'T MISS the launch of our first HUE course, HUE Conversations, and upcoming virtual courses
  • ToP Courses being held in-person this summer in 3 different cities
  • DOWNLOAD a free conversation template around structural and organizational change
  • Community Peace Celebration partner event spotlight

We look forward to seeing you in the virtual space and in-person!

-The HueLife Team
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**One week left to register for our HUE Conversations virtual course**
The HUE (Human Understanding and Engagement) Conversation offers a process to ensure safe space, to encourage different perspectives to be shared, and to inform a group when making collective decisions. In this one-day workshop, participants will learn core facilitation principles and values to facilitate impactful conversations with confidence and grace.

  • Date: Tuesday, May 25 – 9:00-4:00 PM
  • Cost: Introductory offer price of $395 (regular price $550)
  • Location: Zoom Online Meeting

  • Fundamentals of human decision-making process and group dynamics
  • Foundational values of authentic engagement  
  • HUE™ Conversation Method
  • Tips and techniques to deal with various human dynamics 
  • How to lead a meaningful conversation that accomplishes the desired outcomes  
  • How to ask thoughtful questions 
Summer 2021 In-Person Courses
We are so excited to have you back in the training room for our ToP courses! We have seen first hand how ToP courses have empowered leaders, teams, and organizations with the methods and tools to facilitate meaningful collaboration, collective decision-making, and innovative action. We use these tools all the time within own team! Expand your skills, develop your leadership, enjoy building a new learning community, and earn continuing education credits too. Click below for additional information and registration links.
  • June 15-16 | Minneapolis, MN
  • June 22-23 | Georgetown, TX
  • June 30- July 1 | Jefferson City, MO
  • June 22 | Minneapolis, MN
  • June 23-24 | Minneapolis, MN
  • July 28 launch | Minneapolis, MN
Conversation about preparing for organizational change
At our May 3rd Community of Practice, we helped a participant design a focused conversation. They were preparing for internal restructure and change in roles and the conversation was designed to help with that shift. This conversation can help guide your team through moments of stress caused by organizational or role change.

You can too can connect with us for facilitation support and tips at our monthly Community of Practice on June 7th at 2:30 PM (CT).
Upcoming virtual courses
So, you’ve brainstormed, now what? In this workshop you will learn how to take a list of brainstormed ideas and generate a collective agreement virtually. 
Learning objectives/outcomes:  
  • Learn how to use a virtual white board (Mural) to effectively brainstorm and share ideas as a group 
  • Learn how to take a diverse group of ideas and come to a consensus-based agreement 
Use what you learn when you need to…  
  • Identify obstacles to team goals and develop solutions  
  • Engage team members in “out-of-the box” thinking  
  • Effectively generate creative ideas  
  • Create strategies to reach a team’s mission, vision, or values 

WHEN: June 10 @ 10:30AM - 12:00PM (CT)
COST: $75

Have you been asked to conduct a retrospective and are unsure of where to start? Or are you a new Scrum Master and unsure of what goes into facilitating sprint retrospectives? If you answered yes, this 2-hour online workshop is for you. This interactive workshop will provide you with a proven approach to preparing productive retrospectives. It is brought to you jointly by HueLife, experts in facilitation training and Collaborative Leadership Team, experts in the Scrum framework.

This live, interactive session is intended for anyone who wants to:
  • Build an understanding of best practices around groups meeting virtually
  • Share experiences on what makes retrospective events successful
  • Gain a deeper understanding of retrospective tools and how to use them
  • Build confidence in using retrospective tools and how to use them

WHEN: June 16 @ 1:00 - 3:00 PM (CT)
COST: $79
The Community Peace Celebration (CPC) partnered with HueLife to to plan a series of engagements to activate investments in peace, culminating in the 25th Annual Community Peace Celebration. This powerful convening seeks to disrupt cycles of oppression, violence, and poverty through art, community health, education, youth empowerment, and reconciliation discussions. If you are in Minnesota on June 18th, this is an opportunity to support local community groups that are looking to make a positive impact.

"The Peace Celebration is a movement to cultivate healthy community and cultural values, promote Peace Poles and a message of Peace, and create a shared vision of cooperative relationships within Community - locally and globally. We are Peaceful Justice Warriors, moving forward for social justice using a platform of Peace to dismantle systemic racism and other forms of oppression."
- CPC Website

The CPC has evolved into a diverse network of neighbors, community organizations, local businesses, artists, and youth utilizing their superpowers for peace in one space.

CLICK HERE to learn more and be a part of this event!
HueLife is here for your professional facilitation needs. Need a master facilitator or don't have time to train one? We offers a variety of professional facilitation services and specializes in working with organizations and communities to engage, collaborate, innovate and change for the greater good. We are experienced in designing sessions that engage all participants and accommodate multiple learning and engagement styles to ensure a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Professional Facilitation Services include strategic planning and strategy resets, team building and leadership retreats, conflict resolution workshops, strategic initiatives workshops, and more. 
CLICK HERE to learn more.

Virtual Engagement Services include the collaborative development and facilitation of listening sessions, task forces, and solutions workshops. 
CLICK HERE to learn more.

Contact us today by replying to this email or emailing to customize your experience. We look forward to collaborating soon!
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ToP Facilitation Methods and ToP Strategic Planning are eligible for 14 CEHs from the following boards: BOSA, PMI, APA, AICP, CHES-MCHES, NAICS
CEUs are also offered from Normandale Community College for any ToP course offered at their university.
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