HUE NEWS | September 2022
In this issue of HUE News:

  • Pro Tip- Elements of Storytelling
  • We Want Your Feedback
  • Partner Spotlight- Kathleen Osta
  • Method Spotlight- Technology of Participation
  • MToP® Program- Congratulations Graduates
  • Mission Update-Survival Kits for Civilians
  • Upcoming Courses

We look forward to seeing you in the virtual space and in-person!

-The HueLife Team
Pro Tip
Elements of Storytelling
Relatability + Novelty + Tension + Fluency = Great Story
Research shows that communicating via stories helps build relationships by encouraging connection and empathy for the characters and making their challenges relatable to the audience.
Novelty in the story helps spark curiosity and create a sense of anticipation for the storyline.
As the tension in the story builds, the relationship with the character strengthens. A Chemical called oxytocin is increased in our brain, which signals empathy and thus makes us care.
But there is more to the storytelling than it appears on the surface. Storytelling can be used to evaluate the impact we are having. Sharing data can be overwhelming, but it is more likely to connect and be remembered when shared in a simple story. Download this tool to help you write your story.

We Want Your Feedback
We value your feedback and reviews! This will help our future students to feel confident about the course. It will also help us improve or continue what you think we're doing right.
If you can spare us a few minutes, we would love to know how you feel about your learning experience. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback and appreciate you taking the time to help us learn and grow. Thank you!
Partner Spotlight
Kathleen Osta
As President of Vital Clarity, Kathleen designs and facilitates participatory meetings that help organizations fulfill their purpose. Kathleen’s mastery of Technology of Participation® and other facilitation methods allows groups to honor all perspectives, build consensus, and take aligned action. With 30+ years of experience applying these methods in a wide range of settings and fields, her intent is always to draw out the best thinking and creativity from all participants. She specializes in participatory strategic planning, mission statement development and change initiatives. 
“Vital Clarity's approach is based on the belief that each group has sufficient wisdom, experience and good intent to determine its path forward, given a solid process.” ~Kathleen Osta  

Kathleen's Journey with HueLife 
Kathleen grew up professionally in the nonprofit sector, working in programs for children and adults with disabilities and senior adult day care. She began consulting and facilitating in 1989. Kathleen got “hooked” on ToP Methods in 1990. She learned other facilitation approaches that she found valuable to clients, e.g., Open Space Technology. Still, She kept returning to ToP methods because they are so inclusive and capture a great combination of visionary and practical ideas for aligned implementation. HueLife was pleased to partner with Vital Clarity to deliver virtual strategic plans. In 2022 began partnering with Kathleen to deliver the increasingly popular ToP Facilitation Methods trainings in North Carolina, including the year-long cohort program: Mastering Technology of Participation. Vital Clarity and HueLife are grateful for this partnership's mutually beneficial experience. 
Visit Kathleen and HueLife in Asheville, NC
ToP® Facilitation Methods

Master three proven facilitation methods that have stood the test of time.

October 18th & 19th
Approaches to Environmental Scanning

Learn 10 participatory tools for assessment or evaluation stage of your planning cycle.

November 14th

ToP® Strategic Planning

Learn a reliable, cohesive planning construct using ToP methods that you can facilitate with confidence.

December 7th & 8th
Where Are They Now?
Asheville, NC
Minneapolis, MN
Kyiv, Ukraine
ToP® Methods are being used across various sectors, in thousands of organizations around the world. HueLife has been offering ToP® courses in multiples states and in Ukraine for the last 10+ years. Now it is time to look back and reflect on the impact these “novel” methods have made on the world. 

We noticed, that those who used their passion for participation and facilitation skills gained during Mastering the Technology of Participation program are the ones that truly able to change the organizational culture and implement new practices that resulted in what we know today as best practices for community and employee engagement.

In 2023 we would like to spotlight organizations that have integrated facilitation practice and participatory methods in the way they do business, engage employees and communities, develop strategies and plans, ultimately changing the organizational culture to be more inclusive, collaborative, and democratic. Please contact us, if you would like to share your story.
Mastering ToP® Program
Congratulations 2020-2022 Graduates
Congrats 2020-2022 MToP grads, you've made it and we are all better off as a result of you taking the time to improve your facilitation and leadership skills!
The goal of MToP is to deepen knowledge of ToP Methods, learn new facilitation methods and processes, strengthen your facilitation practice, and build a learning community of change agents!

We are confident that we have another new highly-skilled and competent facilitator and a leader in each and everyone of you!

Thank you for taking your energy and desire to stay connected and launching MToP Alumni! We are excited to see this project shape and continue to gain momentum.
Global Synergy Group
Mission Update
In 2022, we hosted in Minnesota and trained a group of youth and adult chaperons from Ukraine in multiple tools, including ToP. They have developed an Action Plan for continuing the YouLEAD program to allow future cohorts of young leaders in Ukraine and the USA opportunities for self-discovery, leadership learning, and building connections and friendships.
They are back in Ukraine, putting the learned tools into practice. Some apply these methods at the volunteer center established during the war to support their community, the army, and the internally displaced people. Others are utilizing the tools in counseling and coaching peers and teens. But, most importantly, all participants are eager to join the volunteer efforts we are already supporting or launch their own based on what they've learned and the connections they've made. We will continue to update you on the progress and needs.


Winter is coming! Most people in recently liberated areas of Eastern Ukraine are in need of food, clothing, water filters, and heating.

Rotary International Disaster Relief grants are available until Dec 31 to Rotary Districts around the world to apply for specific humanitarian needs related to Ukraine.

We have successfully executed on two such grants. Join us in an effort to secure additional funding to provide personalized survival kits: "rotary boxes" that will include food, clothing, etc.
Since the beginning of the war, GSG has sent over $140,000 in donated funds to provide immediate support to its trusted partners, including NGOs, volunteer groups, business leaders, students, and local governments. You can help by making a tax-deductible contribution to support the work of Global Synergy Group. Contact Irina Fursman at if you are interested to learn more about our proposal.
Upcoming Courses
HUE Conversations

October 10 - Virtual

October 20 - Madison, WI

October 21 -Liberty, NY

November 10 - Virtual

ToP® Facilitation Methods
October 12 & 13 - Las Vegas, NV

October 18 & 19 - Asheville, NC - COURSE FULL

October 26 & 27 - Saint Louis Park MN - COURSE FULL

November 14 & 15 - Rochester, MN

December 6 & 7- Saint Louis Park, MN
ToP® Strategic Planning

November 8 & 9 - Minneapolis, MN

December 7 & 8 - Asheville, NC - COURSE FULL
Approaches To Environmental Scanning

November 14 - Asheville, NC
Mastering Technology of Participation® (MToP)
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN MToP Cohort starts in October of 2022:
  • Intensive I October 26-28
  • Intensive II January 26-28
  • Intensive III April 27-29
  • Intensive IV July 26-28

Asheville, NC MToP Cohort starts in March 2023:

  • Intensive I March 8-10, 2023
  • Intensive II June 7 -9, 2023
  • Intensive III Sept. 13-15, 2023
  • Intensive IV Dec. 6-8, 2023

Virtual Engagement Workshop
HUE 90-minute virtual workshops are hands-on learning experiences for facilitators, project managers, consultants, and leaders designed to sharpen their skills and make virtual engagement as impactful and meaningful as possible.
Virtual Community of Practice
Join our monthly community of practice virtually. Zoom link is provided at the time of registration:

October 7, 2022 | 12:00 - 1:00 PM CT
November 7, 2022 | 12:00 - 1:00 PM CT
December 5, 2022 | 12:00 - 1:00 PM CT

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