Baby's Sleep Cycles
Types of Infant Sleep
Babies exhibit both Light and Deep Sleep
  • Light Sleep: baby wiggles, makes sounds, opens eyes, breathes more irregularly
  • Deep Sleep: No eye movement, few sounds, body is still
  • Infants enter Light Sleep before Deep Sleep.
Responding to Sleep
  • When baby enters Light Sleep, WAIT. Can she move on own to Deep Sleep?
  • Consider putting baby down BEFORE Deep Sleep. Baby can practice getting self to Deep Sleep.
  • Both you and baby may get a better's night sleep.
Breastfeeding Tips
  • Breastfeeding is well established if baby gains 1/2-1 oz. per day & has 3-6 stools.
  • The composition of your breast milk now changes, causing fewer infant stools
  • As supply and demand balances out, your breasts may not feel as "full" and "empty" as before.