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NEW! STX® Bolt-On Performance Shifters for TREMEC® Transmissions
Silver Sport Transmissions is proud to announce a new line of BOLT-ON Performance shifters. Our STX shifters, Street/ Track/Auto X, provide a shorter throw, tighter feel and a superior sealing system to prevent leaks. These are a simple bolt-on and do not require any modifications to your transmission. Each one is tailored to provide the best shifting experience for the TREMEC transmission they bolt to, read on to learn the benefits of the shifter you need.
The STX TKO shifter features a double trunnion design and dual biasing springs to help you nail the 2-3 shift with the positive neutral center return. The double trunnion design keeps the tower compact and the shifts short, in fact, the throw from front to back is reduced by 12% over the stock TKO and the cross car throw is reduced by 7%. The shifter tower is then double sealed to prevent the leaks that seem to saturate the other aftermarket bolt-on shifters.

STX for TREMEC Magnum
Just like the stock Magnum shifter, we use a double trunnion design, but our shifter uses small Belleville spring shims to eliminate any backlash for a tight, crisp shift feel. The STX's front to back throw is 23% shorter than stock and 39% shorter from side to side resulting in a narrowed "tight" shift pattern. It also comes with a bronze shift bushing to replace the stock nylon bushing that could deteriorate or wear down over time. The more robust bronze bushing cuts out the slack found in the nylon bushing.

STX for T5 and T45
The TREMEC T5 and T45 shifters throws are shortened by 29% front to back and 26% left to right. This drastic difference along with our dual spring biasing will make your transmission feel better than it ever did, even when it was brand new since these shifters were made with mass production and low cost as the primary objective. Our shifters are made with performance, durability, and quality as main objectives.

STX for 4th Gen F-body T56
We saved the most dramatic for last. Another OEM unit, this shifter was also made to be easily mass produced and to keep costs down, but our engineering team was able to "take up the slack," literally. The T56 throw is shortened by 33% front to back and 30% side to side from the stock shifter. That's the difference between rowing a boat and playing PacMan at the arcade! OK, maybe not that much, but you'll definitely be pleased with the performance of our STX Shifter!

STX Testimonial - Jimmy Matthews
Riding with "Tater" and a TH350
We took a ride in Jimmy's '72 Nova with the old automatic TH350, which just wasn't cutting it anymore. We asked Jimmy how he thought the TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed would improve the performance of his Chevy Nova.
"Tater" Reviews the Magnum
"Tater" took his car out on the track, had his friends shift the new STX™ short throw shifter and compare it to their TREMEC Magnum aftermarket shifters and then he drove back to SST to tell us what he and his friends thought of the new 6-Speed. Check out his enthusiastic review on the right.
Ryan Buck was one of those friends who tried out Jimmy's new STX Shifter; he called us the next business day. His Magnum already had an aftermarket shifter, but the throw and feel was not nearly as good. He needed the STX for his TREMEC Magnum. He was so impressed, he filmed his own review.
"Tater" Drives the Magnum
In the interview above, Jimmy says the Magnum can help you go from "Grocery Getter" to "NASCAR", but after riding with him, we found out Jimmy only has one speed, FAST. Excuse the shaky video, he took Misty on a wild ride.
Come See Our New Vansteel Equipped Corvette at Carlisle This Weekend!
Jack Silver's Corvette Upgrades
We already told you some of the lessons Jack learned on the long haul during this year's Hot Rod Power Tour, but that wasn't the half of it. As he limped over the Appalachian Mountains and almost made it home, the Corvette's rear wheel bearing went out and he had to be hauled the rest of the way. When we set out to repair Jack's car for the next trip, we learned the suspension was completely worn out. That's when we discovered Vansteel, Inc. Not only do they have everything we need to repair Jack's car, but if we had a numbers matching car and wanted to keep all the same parts, they would refurbish those parts and return them to us! Jack runs down all the components they provided and we show them installed in the video.
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