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November 8

November 21-24

Huge News!

Down to Earth is moving again!  

As of November 1, all treatments will be at 31 Harvard St. in Worcester.

After 9 years in my Stafford St location, and almost 5 years on James St before that, I certainly didn't intend to move twice within less than a year. What spurred my decision to move is the desire to have more time in my schedule to offer Hypnosis and Somatic mobility sessions.  

I became a certified Somatics teacher last year, and a certified hypnotist this year, and I am enamored with the potential of both modalities. However, they require significant hands-on time and can't be fit within a community acupuncture session, which means that I had very limited availability in my schedule to offer these sessions.

Which brings me to the next big news: Starting in November, I will not be offering community acupuncture. All acupuncture treatments will be private. In an attempt to keep my prices reasonable, I will be offering both 30 and 45-minute sessions. The full menu of services and prices is listed below.

This means that all in-person appointments will be available for the entirety of each shift, allowing for many more options for Hypnosis, Somatics, Herbal Consults, and Facial Gua Sha appointments.

There are other benefits as well. I will be able to spend more time getting to know each patient, and we won't have to whisper!

The building is lovely, and it is dedicated to wellness! Named The Worcester Center for Mindful Living, the tenants include a massage therapist, kid's yoga instructor, and light therapy provider. As the building grows, so will the resources available.

The building is easy to access, and my room is on the first floor and is just a short walk from the entrance. There is also a dedicated waiting area, as well as a "quiet room" for your use (I'll post pictures soon on Facebook).

Best of all, there is lots of easy parking close to the building! There is a large free lot to the left of the building. In the (very rare) case that the lot is full, there is plenty of street parking on both sides of the street (pay for street parking via the Passport app).

I'm very excited about this new chapter, and I hope you are, too! I'm sure that with all these changes, some things may need to be adjusted as we go along. Please bear with me and send me good energy for a smooth transition.

A couple of other notes:

  • All sessions will be BYOBM... Bring Your Own Blanket and Music. There has been a trend of folks wanting to listen to their own music/meditation/podcasts during treatment, so I will be offering a white noise machine with nature sounds, and you can bring your own tunes if you want them. Of course, you are also welcome to bring in extra pillows, an eye mask, teddy bear, etc. to make yourself comfortable during the treatment.
  • If you already had an appointment scheduled for November, I will be in touch about your options.
  • If you have a prepaid card, the balance can be used at the new office rates.

In-person appointment offerings and prices

Scheduling is live for appointments at the new office! Use the same scheduler as always.

In-person appointments offerings and prices:

Acupuncture: Initial Visit $85

Acupuncture: 45-minute Session $75

Acupuncture 30-minute Session $50

Facial Rejuvenation Gua Sha: $50 (price reduction!)

Herbal Consultation: $50

Hypnosis Initial Visit: $150

Hypnosis Session: $75

Somatic Mobility Lesson: $75

I understand that for some people, these prices will be out of reach. If you continue to need community acupuncture sessions, please see Clovis at Quality Community Acupuncture (the Grove St office). There are also community acupuncture practices in NorthboroughMilford, and Providence.

Online offerings and prices

On-line offerings and prices:

Herbal Consultation: $50

Hypnosis Initial Visit: $150

Hypnosis Session: $75

Somatic Mobility Lesson: $75

I will also continue to offer group hypnosis and Somatics classes at affordable rates. All upcoming classes will be published in this newsletter.

New Schedule

Monday: 9am-2pm in office (all services)

Tuesday: online sessions, 10am Somatics at Worcester Senior Center

Wednesday: 9am-2pm in office (all services)

Thursday: 1pm-6pm in office (all services)

Friday: online sessions

Please note, this schedule may be adjusted as I continue to try to balance my in-person, online, and off-site offerings. 

Somatics Mobility In-Person Class

October 14 at Historic Yoga, 58 Main St., Sturbridge MA


Cost: $50

Sign up:

Turn Back Time With Somatic Movements

“We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” ― George Bernard Shaw

As children, most of us incorporated a wide variety of movements into our day-- running, climbing, dancing, and more. As adults, our movements become more and more limited, until we are essentially specialists in one thing-- sitting. Add into the equation the many physical and mental stressors, accidents, and injuries in our lives which create layer upon layer of compensatory movement patterns. Is it any wonder that the movements of children seem much more free and fluid than those of adults?

"Getting older" is blamed for many of our ills. But truly it is the way we have used (or not used) our bodies, rather than our age, that determines our function. And as our body becomes more sedentary, our brain also begins to forget the important movements of our youth, as the connections in the brain that control these muscles begin to weaken.

How, then, can we restore our body's functional movement patterns and learn to move freely once again?

Somatic movements are very gentle movements united by a cohesive method that help to restore these lost movement patterns and regain function. Join Emily Konstan, Certified Essential Somatics Movement Teacher, in exploring Somatic movements from the tradition of Thomas Hanna.

In this class you will learn: 

The three essential components you should add to your movement routine every day.

Why inhibited movement in the trunk can impact the entire body.

How to get out of fight or flight mode.

How to use mindfulness to uncover movement patterns that don't serve you.

How to re-write your brain's "code" for muscular movement.

You will need: the ability lie on the floor comfortably, a yoga mat, a pillow or folded blanket.