July 2018
2018 HUPO Council Elections
The Nominations and Elections Committee of the Human Proteome Organization is pleased to announce the official slate of candidates for the 2018 HUPO Council election. HUPO wishes to express thanks to those candidates who are willing to stand for council election for a three-year term beginning in 2019 (2019-2021). The election period for HUPO Council is (September 4-September 30, 2018). The vote is conducted online and in September all active HUPO members will receive an email containing a secure election ID code. Electors will simply click on the link provided to cast their anonymous votes. Keep an eye out for the voting email which will be sent out at the beginning of September. Click here to see the slate of candidates...
Call for Executive Committee Nominations
The Executive Committee of the Human Proteome Organization consists of seven officers as follows: President, Immediate Past President or President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary General, Treasurer and two Members-at-Large. All positions, except the Secretary General which is appointed by the President then ratified by Council, are to be elected by HUPO Council vote. Executive Committee nominees must be active HUPO members and scientists from the public or private sector with professional experience in the educational, research, or commercial activities related to the purposes of HUPO.
The following three Executive Committee positions will be elected for a two year term, commencing in January 2019:
  • Treasurer (2019-2020)
  • Member-at-Large (2019-2020)
  • Member-at-Large (2019-2020)
HUPO 2017 Interview Series: Perspectives in Proteomics
In 2017, eleven experts were interviewed in a series of videos titled Perspectives in Proteomics. Click on the videos below to watch the interviews released this month with Prof. Paola Picotti and Prof. Mathias Uhlén. To watch more interview videos visit the HUPO website here...
Prof. Paola Picotti
Prof. Mathias Uhlén
HUPO 2018: September 30 - October 04
PhD Poster Competition Deadline Extended!
The PhD Poster Competition has been extended to July 15. Don't miss your chance to share your work at HUPO 2018, three finalists receive a USD $1,000 prize. Click here to apply...
Late Breaking Poster Submission Deadline
HUPO 2018 late breaking poster submission deadline is July 31, 2018. Participants will need the following to complete the online abstract submission form:
  • Abstract Title (20 word limit),
  • Authors, affiliations of authors (institute, City, State or Country). You will designate one of the authors as presenter.
  • Abstract body (300 word limit).
HPP Investigators Meeting and HPP Post-Congress Day
The HPP Investigators Meeting, a full day of workshops, will kick off HUPO 2018 on Sunday, September 30. Executive reports on the activity of the chromosome-based teams, biology and disease-based teams, and the resource pillars will be delivered. Open debates on strategic issues including challenges and applications of affinity reagents, knowledge bases and data analysis resources, and new opportunities and challenges to explore the uncovered proteome from a functional perspective will be heldThis meeting is open to all congress delegates; all are welcomed. Workshop fee is USD $60.

The post-congress HPP Day will be on Thursday, October 4. Participants will share views of the relevant highlights of the Congress, including the Mon-Wed HPP Track and the Bioinformatics Hub serving all registrants, then conduct deep dives into the plans and progress of the member initiatives. This workshop will also provide feature presentations and discussions about new direction of HPP and road-map plans for next few years. This meeting is open to all congress delegates; all are welcomed. Workshop fee is USD $100. See agenda here...
The Human Proteome Project (HPP)
19th C-HPP Symposium in Santiago de Compostela, Spain
The 19th C-HPP Symposium/workshop organized by Fernando J. Corrales, Concha Gil and Young-Ki Paik was held in conjunction with the EuPA 2018 Congress with a scientific theme, 'Translating Genome into Biological functions'. During this meeting, 13 Chromosome teams (Chr 2, 5, 6, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, X and Mt.) presented their progress on missing protein identification and uPE1 (PE1 proteins of unknown function) characterization. The workshop program started with an update of the Human Proteome Project (HPP Chair and Chr 17 PI, Gilbert Omenn), on neXt-CP50 initiative, (C-HPP Chair and Chr 13 PI, Young-Ki-Paik) and progress reports on each team according to neXt-MP50 teams, Bioinformatics teams, neXt-CP50 teams and Young Investigators. The final session was devoted to discussion on the C-HPP organization long-term plans. Read full article...
This Summer, be HIPP in Madrid...to learn about the Human Immuno-Peptidome Project (HIPP), of course! Etienne Caron explains what it is, and why it is important. Read the full article here...
Photo: Participants in the 1st Human Immuno-Peptidome Project workshop.
Cancer Human Proteome Project (Cancer-HPP) Mailing List
Are you involved in Cancer Research? Interested in the latest initiatives of the Cancer-HPP? If so, subscribe to the Cancer-HPP mailing list to receive initiative updates, news and meeting details. If you are coming to HUPO, perhaps you would be interested in participating in the HPP Post-Congress Day on Thursday, October 4. Some of the The HPP Post-Congress Day goals are to stimulate interactions among Cancer Researchers and coordinate the efforts of Cancer-HPP.
Affiliated proteomic societies and HUPO members are encouraged to share their events and news for inclusion on the HUPO website, in the monthly HUPOST and via social media channels.

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