September 2018
2018 HUPO Award Winners
It is with great enthusiasm that we present the 2018 HUPO award winners! Please join us in congratulating these outstanding scientists on their accomplishments and contributions. The awards will be presented at HUPO 2018 in Orlando, Florida, USA and the winners will be present to provide a small talk celebrating their award. See who the winners are here...
2018 Early Career Researcher Finalists
The three finalists of the Early Career Researcher (ECR) Competition have been selected. Each finalist will present their work at HUPO 2018 in Orlando, Florida which is where the winner will be determined. ECR finalist information and presentation details can be found here...
PhD Poster Competition
HUPO is pleased to announce the eight finalists of the PhD Poster Competition. The PhD Poster Competition will be held at HUPO 2018 in Orlando, Florida on Monday, October 1, from 16:30 - 17:00 during the afternoon poster break. See who the finalists are here...
HUPO 2018 Council Elections
The HUPO 2018 Council election opens on September 5. HUPO members will receive an email from Simply Voting containing a unique voting ID and password. If members do not receive an email from Simply Voting in their inbox on September 5 please check your spam/junk folder. Click here to review the slate of candidates...
HUPO 2017 Interview Series: Perspectives in Proteomics
In 2017, eleven experts were interviewed in a series of videos titled Perspectives in Proteomics. Click on the videos below to watch the interviews released this month with Prof. Pauline Rudd and Prof. Michael Snyder. To watch more interview videos visit the HUPO website here...
Prof. Pauline Rudd
Prof. Michael Snyder
HUPO 2018: September 30 - October 04
Register for HUPO 2018
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Early Career Researcher (ECR) Mentoring Day
HUPO Mentoring Day will take place on Sunday, September 30, from 09:00 - 15:30 at HUPO 2018 in Orlando, Florida. Mentoring Day offers early career attendees the opportunity to meet mentors from a diverse group of established scientists for an in-person mentoring experience. A key component of the workshop is mastering communication skills. The ECR Mentoring day mentors are: Benjamin Garcia (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, USA), Sixue Chen (University of Florida, USA), Kathryn Lilley (Cambridge Centre for Proteomics - University of Cambridge, UK), Stephen R. Pennington (UCD Conway Institute, Dublin), Robert Rivers (NIH, USA), among others. Learn more, including how to register here...
2018 Council Meeting
The 2018 HUPO Council meeting will take place on Sunday, September 30, from 15:45 - 17:45 in room Hibiscus 1+2 at the Lowes Royal Pacific Resort.
2018 HUPO General Assembly of Members
The HUPO General Assembly of members will take place at HUPO 2018 in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday, October 2, from 17:00 - 17:30 at the Lowes Royal Pacific Resort in the Innovation Stage area within the Poster-Exhibit Hall. All HUPO members are encouraged to attend.
The Human Proteome Project (HPP)
HPP Phosphopeptide Challenge
The Human Proteome Project (HPP) MS-Pillar Phosphopeptide challenge resource continues to collect new data and invites new participants to also contribute to this knowledgebase. Participants are invited to contribute to both phases of phosphopeptide identification methods development by analyzing a set of phosphopeptides by their favorite method and follow up with a method of affinity purification step using the popular ReSyn HUPO affinity kit to see improvements in their methods. Click here for full article...
C-HPP at HUPO 2018
The C-HPP has major scientific activities planned for the HUPO 2018 congress in Orlando as well with pre- and post-congress days organized on Sunday, September 30 and Thursday, October 4. On pre-congress day, the C-HPP will participate in the HPP Investigators Program, with C-HPP activity overviews and reporting, discussion of C-HPP 2.0 plans and goals, discussion of collaboration with B/D-HPP and resource pillars, presentation of the current status of public proteomics databases and exploration of the “Dark Proteome”.
Cardiovascular BD-HPP Initiative on the Leading Edge
The Cardiovascular BD-HPP Initiative welcomes a new era of precision medicine that capitalizes on future-forward proteome technologies to identify cardiovascular disease mechanisms and therapeutic targets. Here is a taste of recent outputs. See you in Orlando for the latest developments in proteomics technologies and HPP! 
New HPP Definitions Document
A new revised HPP definitions document is now available on the HUPO website. The document includes references, web links and other useful information. Check it out so we all can speak a common language of life.
Mapping of cells and proteins improved with help of gamers and AI
Gamers help to map the subcellular distribution of the human proteome. Read about the results from Project Discovery in Nature Biotechnology.
HUPO Job Board - Position Spotlight
The Earle A. Chiles Research Institute is seeking a Mass Spectrometrist to design and validate high quality mass spectrometry assays to monitor innate and adaptive immune responses. The successful candidate will collaborate with investigators regarding experimental design; data analysis and interpretation. Learn more here...
Affiliated proteomic societies and HUPO members are encouraged to share their events and news for inclusion on the HUPO website, in the monthly HUPOST and via social media channels.

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