December 2019
2020 Membership Renewals
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Donations Now Accepted
As essential reference knowledge bases for the HUPO Human Proteome Project (HPP), neXtprot and PeptideAtlas have been validating, annotating and integrating all the data generated. In addition, they have developed specific tools to assist HPP teams in planning experiments and analyzing results. Yet, these databases do not have dedicated funding from home granting agencies to support the HPP. Your donation earmarked for the HPP knowledge bases will help to provide partial funding for their continued participation and support for HUPO’s flagship project.  Donate here...
History of the HUPO Logo
Prof. Young-Ki Paik, the inaugural HUPO Secretary General re-tells the fascinating story behind the HUPO Logo. Read more on the history of the HUPO logo....
C elebrate the Launch of Collaborative Human Proteome Project Blueprint at the 19th Human Proteome Organization World Congress
Human 10th birthdays mark a very special tradition – from a learning-packed early childhood to wonderfully exhilarating teenage years. Similarly, at the 19th Human Proteome Organization World Congress in Stockholm, the Human Proteome Project (HPP) celebrates this milestone decadal birthday by releasing the first community-endorsed blueprint draft of the human proteome.  Continue reading here...
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The Human Proteome Project (HPP)
Second-Generation Human Kidney and Urine Proteome Project (HKUPP)
The first-generation HKUPP was established as the 11th initiative in the World HUPO Congress by gathering about 40 researchers from around the world in 2007 with the following missions: 
  • To facilitate proteome analysis and foster proteomics researchers in nephrology.
  • To understand kidney functions and pathophysiology of human kidney diseases
  • To provide kidney and urine proteome databases for discovery of biomarkers and drug targets. 
Advances on Identifying and Characterizing the Human Proteome
Journal of Proteome Research Special Issue on the HUPO Human Proteome Project (HPP) Publishing in the first week of December, the seventh annual special issue of the Journal of Proteome Research dedicated to the HPP, has 20 major contributions from the two HPP initiatives, the Chromosome-centric HPP (C-HPP) and the Biology/Disease (B/D-HPP) HPP, and four Resource Pillars in Mass Spectrometry, Antibody-Profiling, Knowledgebase, and Pathology.
Proteomics Special Issue: Cancer Omics
Now available, Proteomics special issue on ‘Cancer Omics’ with guest editor Hubert Hondermarck. Click here to access this issue....
Job Board Spotlight
Research Coordinator, University of Nebraska Medical Center, USA
The University of Nebraska Medical Center is recruiting a Research Coordinator. T his position is responsible for the management of proteomics projects that span a variety of biological contexts, including stem cell differentiation, heart disease, and cancer.  Find out more about this position here...
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