July 2019
2019 HUPO Council Elections
The Nominations and Elections Committee of the Human Proteome Organization is pleased to announce the official slate of candidates for the 2019 HUPO Council election. HUPO wishes to express thanks to those candidates who are willing to stand for council election for a three-year term beginning in 2020 (2020-2022). The election period for HUPO Council is (August 21-September 15, 2019). The vote is conducted online, in August all active HUPO members will receive an email containing a secure election ID code. Electors will simply click on the link provided to cast their anonymous votes. Keep an eye out for the voting email which will be sent out before August 21.
Call for Executive Committee Nominations
The Executive Committee of the Human Proteome Organization consists of seven officers as follows: President, Immediate Past President or President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary General, Treasurer and two Members-at-Large. Executive Committee nominees must be active HUPO members and scientists from the public or private sector with professional experience in the educational, research, or commercial activities related to the purposes of HUPO.
The following two Executive Committee positions will be elected by Council vote at the HUPO 2019 World Congress in Adelaide, Australia for a three-year and two-year term, commencing in January 2020:
  • President-Elect(2020), President(2021-2022)
  • Vice President(2020-2021)
2019 HUPO Award Recipients
It is with great enthusiasm that we present the 2019 HUPO award recipients! Please join us in congratulating these outstanding scientists on their accomplishments and contributions. The awards will be presented at HUPO 2019 in Adelaide, Australia during the congress award session.
Distinguished Achievement in Proteomics Sciences Award
Award sponsored by the Journal of Proteome Research – ACS Publications 
Jennifer Van Eyk, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, USA
Clinical and Translational Proteomics Award
Award sponsored by Clinical Proteomics - BioMed Central 
Marius Ueffing, University of Tübingen, Germany
Discovery in Proteomic Sciences Award - Shared by two recipients
Award sponsored by Journal of Proteomics - ELSEVIER BV 
Anne-Claude Gingras, Mount Sinai Hospital, Canada
John R. Yates, Scripps Research Institute, USA
Distinguished Service Award (Every two years) 
Award sponsored by HUPO 
Robert Moritz, Institute for Systems Biology, USA
Science and Technology Award 
Award sponsored by the HUPO Industrial Advisory Board
Scott Tanner, Vladimir Baranov, Olga Ornatsky and Dmitry Bandura (Fluidigm,USA)
2019 Early Career Researcher Finalists
The three finalists of the Early Career Researcher (ECR) Competition have been selected. Each finalist will present their work at HUPO 2019 in Adelaide, Australia which is where the winner will be determined. See who the ECR finalist are here...
HUPO 2019: September 15 -19, 2019
HUPO 2019 Childcare
HUPO 2019 is committed to ensuring that all delegates have the greatest opportunity to attend the Congress. Many of our delegates juggle career and family so we are committed to being a family friendly Congress with an onsite crèche available during the program.  Find out more here...
The Human Proteome Project (HPP)
A short report from the Affinity Proteomics meeting -Alpbach, Austria
The 9th workshop on Affinity Proteomics took place in Alpbach, Austria from March 11th -13th 2019. What started from consortia meetings from the EU projects ProteomeBinders, Affinity Proteome and Affinomics brought together more than 140 attendees to the snowy mountains in a village where the famous Austrian scientist Erwin Schrödinger found his final rest.  Read the full article here...
Submissions of Journal of Proteome HPP Special Issue 2019 
Manuscript reviewing for the 7th Annual Special Issue of the Journal of Proteome Research on the HUPO Human Proteome Project is well under way. With 28 papers submitted, this December issue promises to be yet another success and highlight of the HPP year, albeit considerable work for the Guest Editors Young‐Ki Paik, Yonsei University, Eric Deutsch, Institute for Systems Biology, Fernando Corrales, Centro Nacional de Biotecnología (CSIC), Lydie Lane, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and of course the ever hard working Gilbert S. Omenn, University of Michigan. Read on here...
Highlights From Recent Meetings
Interview with Dr. Carol Robinson
In 2018 Dr. Carol Robinson was interviewed in a video titled Perspective in Proteomics Part-II at HUPO 2018 in Orlando, Florida. The interview was directed and organized by Prof. Sanjeeva Srivastava. Click here to watch the interview...
Job Board Spotlight
NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship - Maryland, USA
NIH is recruiting a highly motivated Postdoctoral Research Fellow to study the protein signaling mechanisms in the cellular networks regulating inflammation and innate immunity.
Their research focuses on understanding the changes that occur in the cell proteome in response to exogenous factors such as pathogen-derived molecules, cytokines, and chemokines, which alter the differentiation state of cells in the immune system or whose production characterizes specific disease states.  Click here to read the full job posting...
Affiliated proteomic societies and HUPO members are encouraged to share their events and news for inclusion on the HUPO website, in the monthly HUPOST and via social media channels.

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