June 3, 2019
PhD Poster Competition
Attention PhD students: Interested in sharing your work at the 2019 HUPO World Congress in Adelaide, Australia this September? Enter your abstract for the chance to be one of e ight poster abstracts selected to give a short oral poster presentation . Deadline is June 14, 2019. Click here for more details...
HPP Clinical Scientist Travel Grants
Are you a clinical scientist or clinician using proteomics in your research? The HPP is offering five (5) clinical scientist travel grants to attend HUPO 21019 in Adelaide. Travel grant recipients will receive USD $1,000 to offset travel costs in addition to complimentary congress registration.
HUPO 2019: September 15 -19, 2019
HUPO 2019 Travel Awards
Did you know there are travel awards available to support student and early career researcher travel to the HUPO 2019 World Congress? There are two types of awards: 1. Co-funded awards with regional and national HUPO / Proteomics Societies and 2. HUPO 2019 bursaries provided by the Organizing Committee. Find out more here...
The Human Proteome Project (HPP)
HPP Pathology Pillar connects with ‘Power of Personalized Pathology’ conference 
The connection between pathology and proteomics is a crucial step when it comes to incorporation of proteomics into routine pathology testing. In this article Ed Nice and Mark Baker summarize the recent activity undertaken by the HUPO Pathology Pillar in ensuring that proteomics and pathology build a strong partnership on the road towards clinical proteomics. Click here to read the full article...
Highlights from the 21st C-HPP symposium 'Illuminating the Dark proteome' - Saint Malo, France, May 11-14, 2019
The C-HPP held their annual workshop in France, at the historic port town of St Malo this May. With over 45 registrants, the meeting was highly successful, due mostly to the excellent science presented by invited keynote speakers and the C-HPP teams, but also by the gastronomy selected by local convenor, Dr Charles Pineau. The central theme of the 21st C-HPP symposium was “Illuminating the Dark proteome”, which took place in May 11 – 14.  The dark proteome is defined accordingly to C-HPP as “a colloquial term that includes missing proteins (PE2 – PE4), uncertain/dubious predicted proteins (PE5), uPE1 proteins, smORFs (small potentially-translated open reading frames), and any proteins translated by long non-coding RNAs or uncharacterized transcripts including those arising from non-coding regions of DNA and/or novel alternative splicing.”  Read on here...
Highlights From Recent Meetings
Interview with Dr. Matthias Mann
In 2018 Dr. Matthias Mann was interviewed in a video titled Perspective in Proteomics Part-II at HUPO 2018 in Orlando, Florida. The interview was directed and organized by Prof. Sanjeeva Srivastava. Click here to watch the interview...
Job Board Spotlight
NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship - Maryland, USA
NIH is recruiting a highly motivated Postdoctoral Research Fellow to study the protein signaling mechanisms in the cellular networks regulating inflammation and innate immunity.
Their research focuses on understanding the changes that occur in the cell proteome in response to exogenous factors such as pathogen-derived molecules, cytokines, and chemokines, which alter the differentiation state of cells in the immune system or whose production characterizes specific disease states.  Click here to read the full job posting...
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