November 2019
HUPO 2020 Membership Renewals
Is your HUPO membership up for renewal next year? New memberships or renewals submitted from now until the end of this year are carried over to the following calendar year. You can also join or renew with a 3-year membership term and receive the third year for free. Already a 1-year member and want to extend your membership to a 3-year term? Just click on ‘Change membership level’ in your membership profile. Check the status of your HUPO membership here...
HUPO 2020 Website Now LIVE
Don’t miss out on the 19th Human Proteome Organization World Congress in Stockholm, Sweden on October 18 – 22, 2020. The Official Congress Website is now live. Bookmark and visit often for updated information including, registration, abstract submissions, destination, and much more. For immediate alerts, please sign up for our mailing list
The Human Proteome Project (HPP)
The Human Plasma Proteome Project (HPPP): progress with expanding collaboration at its heart
Blood plasma is a highly accessible sample for monitoring the health status of a donor and is, as such, one of the most frequently analyzed specimens for clinical testing. Plasma is therefore a sample type that is also very frequently used in translational research. However, it is a challenging sample for proteomics analysis because a small number of proteins are extremely abundant, making it difficult to assay the very many lower abundance proteins. Read more...
23 rd C-HPP Workshop in Russia, May 15-18, 2020
The 23rd C-HPP workshop will be held aboard river-class cruise ship traveling from Saint Petersburg to Valaam Island and back to Saint Petersburg from Friday May 15 to Monday May 18, 2020. The focus on of the workshop will be “From chromosome-centric project to the human proteome” and will also celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the C-HPP Initiative. The workshop is organized by Prof. Alexander Archakov, also celebrating in 2020 his 80th birthday and the 75th Anniversary of the Institute of Biomedical Chemistry (Moscow, Russia). Thus, many Russian Colleagues in Proteomics and Bioinformatics will be in attendance making for a rich program. Read the full article here...
Early Career Researcher Initiative (ECR)
Early Career Researcher on the HUPO Executive Committee  
The HUPO Early Career Researcher (ECR) Initiative is proud to announce that Dr. Justyna Fert-Bober has been nominated as the ECR representative on the HUPO Executive Committee. Dr. Fert-Bober is a co-founder of the HUPO ECR Initiative, a trailblazer and leader in ECR involvement in the proteomics community and a strong advocate of highlighting early career researcher talents. Among other things, she is a co-organizer of the HUPO ECR Manuscript Competition and of the HUPO World Congress Trainee Workshop. Continue on here...
Upcoming Events
The II Clinical Proteomics Course - A Coruña, Spain from December 9-13, 2019
The II Clinical Proteomics Course will be held in the University Hospital of A Coruña December 9-13, and is directed to clinical residents and clinical proteomics students. The main aims are to provide an updated perspective of the clinical applications based on state of the art proteomics technologies as well as a real life view of the analytical routine in the hospital. To this end lessons by experts in proteomics and its applications will be combined with practical sessions in different hospital departments. We hope to provide a glimpse of the role that proteomics has in the cutting edge molecular medicine initiatives that are currently evolving for the benefit of patients. See more details here...
30th HUPO Human Brain Proteome Project Workshop - São Sebastião, São Paulo, Brazil from May 13-15, 2020  
This workshop will provide a forum for researchers to meet and discuss the latest developments in proteomic initiatives to better understand brain disorders. Review the save the date flyer here...
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