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July 2021
In Loving Memory of Prof. Pengyuan Yang
Remembering a pioneering scientist, distinguished leader and our good friend on the journey to advance mass spectrometry-based proteomics.

We are deeply saddened by the loss of a distinguished colleague and friend in the HUPO community, Prof. Pengyuan Yang, Executive Vice Director of the BioMedical Sciences and Principal Researcher of the Biological Mass Spectrometry Group, Fudan University, in May 31, 2021. Read more...
HUPO Proteomics Knowledge Resource

We're excited to share that the HUPO Proteomics Knowledge Resource is now available. Members have the opportunity to view posters and recordings from the annual congresses and proteomic specific webinars. The content will be available year-round and can be accessed on-demand, for free, by all HUPO members. We will continuously be adding new content. HUPO Connect 2020 recordings are now available:

  • 40 recordings from the main program
  • 6 pre-congress webinars
  • 45 pre-congress training courses
  • 220 posters
  • 16 industry seminars

The content will be available year-round and can be accessed on-demand, for free, by all HUPO members. We will continuously be adding new content. 
HUPO ReConnect 2021
HUPO ReConnect 2021: Program at a Glance 

Have you checked out the latest HUPO ReCONNECT 2021 program? The Pre-Congress program features a series of activities for education/training on fundamental principles and advanced experimental design in proteomics, webinars of hot topics, and promotion of human proteome projects. The Main Program is the perfect blend of scientific sessions, breakout discussions, networking opportunities, and more. Check out the latest program at a glance now...
Graduate Students Poster Competition

Deadline is July 30, 2021

The HUPO Early Career Researcher (ECR) initiative is delighted to announce that once again this year it will hold its Poster Competition at HUPO Reconnect 2021 (November 15-19) thanks to the support of its sponsor: Molecular Omics. This year, for the first time, the competition will be open to all graduate students (Master’s and Ph.D.) Eight presenters will be selected based on the excellence of their abstracts to give a short oral presentation on their poster at HUPO Reconnect 2021. A panel of judges will select the best presentations given at the conference, $300 (1st place) and $150 (2nd and 3rd place). Click here for more details about how to enter the competition.
Human Proteome Project (HPP)
Hybrid 23rd C-HPP Workshop in Busan (South Korea) POSTPONED

The Hybrid 23rd CHPP Workshop planned to take place in Busan, South Korea has been postponed. Instead, a session will be held bookending the HUPO/HPP Congress in November. Stay tuned for further updates.
At the Heart of Proteostasis: Harnessing Proteomics to Unravel Mechanisms of Cardiac Protein Quality Control

The maintenance of protein homeostasis (proteostasis) is fundamental to proteome stability and cell survival. From synthesis by the ribosome, to folding and maintenance by dozens of molecular chaperones, and finally degradation through the ubiquitin-proteasome system or autophagy, the life cycle of a protein is carefully regulated. Continue here...
B/D-HPP Webinar Recording
 PTM in Human Diseases

In 2021 a stellar cast of leading experts from around the world showcased cutting-edge approaches for investigating protein post-translational modifications in disease research. See what the experts had to say...
Early Career Researcher (ECR) Initiative
ECR Mentoring Sessions are back!

The ECR Mentoring Sessions are returning to HUPO Reconnect 2021! This year, three sessions will be taking place throughout the world congress. The first two will be How to start writing a manuscript, grant, or fellowship and Scientific Integrity. Following the results of a recent poll on Twitter, the third topic will be How to build a family while in academia. Stay tuned for details about our session mentors.
Welcoming New Members

The HUPO ECR Initiative is proud to welcome two new members in its organization: Maurine Fucito, a Ph.D. student at University G. D’Annunzio of Chieti-Pescara in Italy and Christian Moritz, a postdoctoral researcher at Universities of Lyon in France. Click here to read more of these promising young researchers.
Humans of HUPO
New Humans of HUPO Highlights

Do you know a fantastic HUPO member that deserves to be featured in our new monthly Humans of HUPO highlight? We are accepting nominations for the upcoming year to highlight current HUPO members for their research, accomplishments, and involvement in HUPO and the global proteomics community. We seek nominations of a diverse group of researchers representing different career stages, disciplines, geographical locations, sex and gender, as well as ethnicities to profile for the monthly highlight. To nominate a member, please send contact information and a couple of sentences outlining why the individual should be highlighted to
Members Invited to Submit Content
Call for HUPO Member News, Announcements and Updates

The HUPO Website and Social Media Committee wants to hear from our HUPO members! Please send any news, updates or announcements that you would like for us to post on the official HUPO Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and WeChat accounts. This can include new publications, announcement of awards or grants, dates of upcoming conferences or workshops, job postings, etc. Please limit the content to 280 characters or less (to comply with Twitter limits), and send a ready to go announcement (including any website links) to Ben Garcia ( 
Job Board
Visiting Research Specialist (Lab Technician) - Chicago, IL
Close Date

The Drew Lab is accepting applications for a highly motivated and ambitious Visiting Research Specialist (Lab Tech) interested in studying macromolecular assemblies. The research in the Drew Lab has several ongoing projects focused on the identification, characterization, and modulation of assembly activity. Most projects aim to understand general principles of assemblies, but we also aim to better understand the role assemblies play in specific diseases such as ciliopathies. We do this using high throughput proteomics, machine learning, and molecular modeling. Read the full posting here...
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