March 2021
iConnect Training is a major presenter at this year's HVAC Excellence Conference. We are hosting multiple sessions and invite you to join us at this virtual event.

30 winners will choose from these amazing prizes!
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TU-100 classroom posters
You can participate in our iConnect Training contest from
Monday, March 15 through Saturday, March 27.
After that, you can play the contest for fun and learning, but the cut-off for prize-winners will be midnight on March 27th, so don’t delay!
  1. First step, register for the HVAC Excellence Trade Show, known as the National HVAC Educators and Trainers Conference.
  2. Then, watch as many of our 8 iConnect Training’s videos as you want, starting March 15th. You can watch any video on it’s Open Date or later.
  3. After you have watched any one of our videos, and you are ready to take the 3-question timed quiz about that specific video, go to the web page to register and take your quiz.
1.) The Coolest Teaching Opportunities You’ve Ever Seen with Mini-Split
Heat Pumps (Eugene Silberstein)
Presentation Video Opens March 15
Learn from an industry icon in the HVAC education world, Eugene Silberstein, and Nick Goode from the factory, presenting new teaching opportunities available to instructors. Focusing on iConnect Training’s new TU-601 Multi-Head Mini-Split Heat Pump Training Unit, learn a variety of possible lessons, including an introduction to Mini-Split Heat Pumps, observation of the vapor-compression cycle using extended-view sight glasses, special focus on the reversing valve with analog gauges at all ports, demonstrating airflow effects controlled by a louver, and basic electrical troubleshooting though electrical fault simulation. Having all major components out in the open, in an exploded view, is a major benefit in the classroom for students and instructors alike.
2.) Chatting Devices – BAS Networking 101 - Part 1 (Jon Vietti)
Presentation Video Opens March 15
In this session, we will join a lifetime industry expert in Direct Digital Controls. Jon Vietti is the creator of iConnect Training’s BAS product line and he will give “non-IT-experts” a basic understanding of how HVAC and Building Automation controllers talk to each other and talk to humans. Commonly used IT terms will be explained, as well as network types and protocols. We will also look at applications, their differences, and we will touch on the pros and cons of each type. Hands-on exercises will help participants better visualize the most popular communication protocols. Learn how this great content can be used to help your students understand fundamental Internet Technologies in HVAC, giving them a great foundation for the future.

3.) Chatting Devices – BAS Networking 101 - Part 2 (Jon Vietti)
Presentation Video Opens March 16
(topics continued from above) 
4.) Good Things Come in Small Packages: Portable Training with EEV
(Joey Henderson)
Presentation Video Opens March 18
Check out the lessons possible with this full refrigeration cycle table-top trainer, presented by industry expert and HVAC Instructor at Midlands Technical College, Joey Henderson, with factory expert Nick Goode.
This portable trainer can be used to demonstrate lessons from basic to advanced refrigeration cycle concepts; and six sample lessons are shown:
1. Component locations and what their function is.
2. How refrigerant is used to transfer heat.
3. How airflow effects heat transfer across the coil.
4. How Refrigerant pressures are affected by airflow.
5. Understanding of Subcooling and Superheat.
6. Function and demonstration of the EEV (Electronic Expansion Valve)
5.) Shocking! Ideas to improve your Residential Wiring Lesson Plans!
(Joey Henderson & Nick Goode)
Presentation Video Opens March 19
In this session, we will look at the TUE-200 Residential Wiring Demonstrator, where students can gain an understanding of residential electrical circuits. Presented by industry expert and HVAC Instructor at Midlands Technical College, Joey Henderson, with factory expert Nick Goode.

We’ll take a look at the 6 sample lessons that could be taught with the TUE-200:
1. How the electrical circuit panel distributes L1 and L2 power 
2. How to recognize high voltage single pole and double-pole power with a multimeter.  
3. How to follow electricity out of the panel to each outlet or load
4. Measuring voltages at each of the outlets using a meter
5. 3-way and single switches, and how students can re-wire them
6. Different types of conduit: hard, corrugated & Romex wire, and 
wire gauge sizes, and how much current they can handle.
6.) Using “The Right Stuff” in Commercial Refrigeration (Mike Holoman)
Presentation Video Opens March 22
Learn from Mike Holoman, from his career at NASA, to now a highly-qualified instructor with System Tech Services, along with Nick Goode from the factory. They will show you teaching opportunities with the iConnect Training TU-106. This deluxe dual-application Commercial Refrigeration Trainer is ideal to teach operation of multi-evaporator systems running on a single compressor, as well as dual temperature applications for both low and medium temp refrigeration systems.  The electric resistant heat defrost cycle in conjunction with defrost timer operation and other features give great class-room “ah ha moments.”
With all major components on full display, students have the ability to see, and touch, every component which is a great tool helping students become fully engaged.
7.) A Building in A Box!
The Future for Teaching Building Automation Systems (Matt Dobson)
Presentation Video Opens March 25
BAS review:
In this cutting-edge session, we will join Matt Dobson, master electrician, and expert in building automation and controls. He will walk us through a specifically designed training simulator for the building automation and direct digital controls industry. Whether you’re an HVAC technician, instructor, IT specialist, security expert, installer, or programmer – you can benefit from this PT-181. This unit could be considered a “building in a box,” allowing the user to simulate functions found throughout most facilities. You’ll learn about the different lessons included in the curriculum from understanding Building Management Systems, troubleshooting, programming fundamentals, and expectations. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn about one of the industries more advanced training simulators! This is the perfect 2nd year training for advancing HVAC students.
8.) Making the Best Even Better with the
TU-406C  (Joey Henderson)
Presentation Opens March 26
In this session, we explore newly updated features of the popular TU-406C Residential Heat Pump Training Unit and included iManifold kit with industry expert and HVAC Instructor at Midlands Technical College, Joey Henderson.  
Joey walks Nick Goode from the factory through 6 lessons that can be taught using this unit and the iManifold. They explore the complete heat pump system and custom duct work, and updated features now including an EZ Trap, drain pan, and float switch. We identify the major components present on the trainer, explore the ways to observe air flow using the TU-406C.  
We also show the troubleshooting features and ways to apply with your students.
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