Harraseeket Yacht Club Newsletter
Spring 2011

HYC Burgee

Welcome to another season at Harraseeket Yacht Club!  The floats are in, activities are planned, the Youth Sailing Program is filling up and the days are getting warmer - a sure sign for what we hope will be an enjoyable summer season on the coast of Maine.
The Board has been busy over the winter on plans for the 2011 season and many, many members have rolled up their sleeves to help with a number of chores from repairing electrical work, filling sink holes, filing permits to repair the bulkhead, repairing floats...and on and on!  The volunteer spirit is alive and well at our club.
HYC was founded over 60 years ago as an all volunteer club with the objective to support the sport of boating, especially for the youth of the area.  We have been fortunate to have energetic and passionate members over the decades committed to our sailing program.  We again are in need of a leader for this very crucial program to our club.  Please step-up this year.  You will receive alot of support from experienced members and find the job very rewarding.
HYC Commodore 
In This Issue:
Welcome New HYC Members
HYC Youth Sailing Program
Kayak & Laser Boat Storage
Potluck Suppers @ HYC
Nautical Yard Sale
The Survey Says...
Welcome New Members !!
HYC BurgeeWe are pleased to welcome many new members to HYC following several years on the waiting list!  Please be sure to introduce yourself to them, invite them to social events or encourage them to get involved with a volunteer activity.  It's great to see so many new faces.
      • Amanda Berry & Ben Willauer
      • Janice Midram & Alan Loeschner
      • Phebe & Guy Quattrucci
      • Tom Tobey & Peg Willauer-Tobey

HYC Youth Sailing Program News


Openings for the first session of the Sailing Program are now limited to a few slots in the Mates and Skippers group and a few in the 420 Race program. If you have been procrastinating now is the time. Session two does have openings.


The Sailing Program is at the very roots of what we do and who we are at HYC. The development of sailing skills in our youth ensures the long term viability of the club. We have an excellent staff this year led by FrankYSP Photo Pizzo, who will help our young sailors to develop to the highest standards. Of course, non-member friends are always welcome in our program so if your kids have a buddy who wants to have some fun on the water this summer, be sure to let them know.


And there are certainly youth from our community who would love the opportunity to learn to sail but whose economic circumstances do not allow then to participate. Should you wish to sponsor a local youth, they would be most grateful.  Please let me know.


Sailing teaches independence, responsibility and team work. There is no other sport like it and our youth are better off for their participation in the HYC program. 


Bentley Collins

Rear Commodore & Sailing Program Chair

Kayak & Laser Storage for 2011

Members who want handy access to the water with their Laser or kayaks can now rent one of the 420 racks for the season.  The rental fee is only $50 for eight weeks (during the sailing program).  If you are interested, please mail a check to HYC, PO Box 82, South Freeport 04078 to reserve your spot!  We only have 12 spaces to rent so please plan ahead if you are interested.   Any kayaks or Lasers not placed on a paid rack will be removed from the HYC premises in an effort to keep the grounds neat and orderly.  Thanks!


HYC Board of Directors

Friday Potluck Suppers @ HYC

Picnic Clip Art


Join friends at the club on three Friday evenings this summer for a potluck dinner on the porch.  This is a low-key opportunity to gather in a beautiful location, share friendships, make new friends and just socialize without a program or formal party.  All members and people on the waiting list are invited.  So if you have sponsored someone for membership or have an older friend or family associate member, please bring them to the club. 


As a potluck this means bring only the food and drinks you plan to eat.  You don't have to make a dish to share...even if you pick up your favorite take-out on Fridays, bring it down and eat with us at the club.


The potluck dinner dates are June 17th, July 15th & August 26th at 5:30pm.  For questions please contact: entertainment.hyc@gmail.com

Nautical Yard Sale - June 11th 8-12noon
Do you have boating related gear, supplies and clothing that you don't need any longer?  If so, please bring a table and join fellow members at a Nautical Yard Sale on Saturday June 11th.  Proceeds will be split 20% to HYC and 80% to the seller.  Funds are being raised to install a clear wind dodger on the SE corner of the deck to trap warmth and protect people from rain.  More details will be made availabe on the website and rolled out on Saturday's Opening Party.  If you are interested in selling or helping out in other ways please contact Dick Merrick or Nancy Salmon.
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Upcoming Events

Opening Party - May 14th 6pm


Wednesday Race Series Tune Up - June 1st 6pm

Nautical Yard Sale - June 11th  8am - 12 noon


Potluck Supper @ HYC - June 17  5:30pm


Vist the HYC Calendar for more events.

The Survey Says...

Value of HYC Membership:

66% = Just Right

27% = Would still be a member if dues were raised 


In favor of raising membership limit to 275:

59% = Yes

33% = No


Are you satisfied with the level of communication?

98% - Yes


Would you be in favor of a web-cam at HYC?

56% = Yes

39% = No


Perferred method of communication:

78% = E-mail Blasts


Does the club maintain the HYC assets satisfactorily?

100% = Yes


Are the club rules enforced effectively?

Dock Usage = No

Overnight Dock Use = No

Parking by Members Only = No

Life Jackets worn by children under 13 = No


Do you support borrowing money to acquire boats?

78% = yes

20% = No


Captial Investment Priorities:

All the following received about the same weighted average response of important or neutral:

  • Showers
  • Expanded Kitchen
  • Concrete Launch area

Method of Funding for Major Improvements:

49% = Capital Drive

15% = Special Assess.

27% = Bank Financing

36% = A combination


Popular Club Events:

73% = Winter Party

73% = Opening Party

61% = Float In

68% = Annual Clambake

35% = Wednesday Races

30% = Punch Bowl

23% = HYC Regatta

14% = HYC Youth Regatta


Members who fill volunteer Commitment

70% = Yes

30% = Exempt


HYC Youth Sailing Program:

The results were varied, but mostly positive with some constructive feedback regarding the program's size.


Would you consider donating to a Non-Profit (501c3) if it was estabished for the HYC youth sailing program?

26% = Yes

36% = No

47% = Maybe


In light of the new Sailing Director paid position would you consider volunteering as Sailing Program Chair?

4% = Yes

74% = No

18% = Maybe