Vol 6, Issue 3, June 17 2022
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In this week's edition: June is PRIDE Month, Labour Force Information May 2022, Labour Market Snapshot May 2022, Local Labour Market Plan 2021-2022, WPH Wins The 2022 Lynne Livingstone Award, HYW New Interview w/ MSU President, Who's Hiring In Hamilton, Job Developers Network Updates, Happening in the Community (Hamilton Welcomes Ukrainians & Newcomers, YMCA: Reaching For Power 2022 Conference, HWDSB Summer Programs 2022, FREE YMCA Bridge To Work Program, Suicide Prevention: Running For Rachel, Skills For Change: FREE Pre-Apprenticeship Programs, Landscape Ontario: GROW Program, Funded Professionals Information Session) News: "How To Conquer Your Nerves When Interviewing" and "Skills Development In A Changing World Of Work"

June is PRIDE Month!
Happy Pride Month from the WPH Team! 🌈 #loveislove #happypridemonth
Labour Force May 2022
Review Hamilton's Labour Force Information for May 2022

A slight drop in the unemployment rate, as well as a slight raise in the employment rate, and participation rate
May 2022 Labour Market Snapshot
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Labour Force Characteristics, Hamilton 2022
Labour Force Characteristics, Ontario 2022
Top 5 Growing Industries, Ontario 2022
Top 5 Declining Industries, Ontario 2022
The Local Labour Market Plan 2021-2022
Workforce Planning Hamilton has created a report to provide an update on the state of the local labour market in 2021 and reflect on preliminary insights for 2022. Hamilton’s labour market has faced an unprecedented impact in the last two years due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. As the pandemic ensued, a complex and changing narrative followed, making it difficult to describe and predict the outcome.

*The report is available in English and French Language.
The award is presented by the staff of the Adult Basic Education Association in memory of Lynne Livingstone, who was a friend and dedicated supporter of the ABEA. The award is given to those who exemplify the dedication, support and caring nature of Lynne Livingstone.
WPH Wins The 2022 Lynne Livingstone Memorial Award
“I am happy to accept the Lynne Livingstone Memorial Award presented by the Adult Basic Education Association. Lynne Livingstone was a hard working, caring and dedicated friend to ABEA and I am so grateful to run an organization that exemplifies the same characteristics. WPH and ABEA continue to support each other through various initiatives within the city and through hard work and dedication we hope to continue to thrive alongside each other. Thank you.” 

- Khadija Hamidu
(Executive Director of Workforce Planning Hamilton)

HYW New Interview with MSU President
Hamilton Youth Workforce brings you another fantastic interview with Youth Advocacy leaders in Hamilton. We would like to welcome our next guest:
Simranjeet Singh (MSU President)

Simranjeet will be speaking about Youth Employment, Mental Health, Success/Barriers, and much more!

Check out our past interviews on our Website or Youtube Channel!
Who's Hiring In Hamilton?

Colombian Refugees Association is currently seeking a Social Media Community Manager.

VON is currently seeking a Personal Support Worker (PSW, DSW, HSW, HCA)

City of Hamilton is currently seeking a Food Safety Supervisor.
Job Developers Network Updates (JD Network)
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The Career Foundation is hiring a Job Developer.
The Career Foundation is hiring an Employment Advisor.
Happening in the community!
Hamilton Welcomes Ukranians & Newcomers
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YMCA: Reaching for Power 2022 Conference
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HWDSB Summer Programs 2022
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FREE YMCA Bridge To Work Program
Suicide Prevention: Running for Rachel
Running for Rachael plays a vital role in supporting the city-wide work of suicide prevention in Hamilton by bringing the community together to promote hope, help and healing through crisis support information, training, education and support groups. 

Running For Rachael is a community 5K Run/Walk taking place on Sunday, Sept. 25th, 2022 at CF Lime Ridge
Skills For Change: FREE Pre-Apprenticeship Programs
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Landscape Ontario: GROW Program
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Funded Health Professionals Information Session
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How To Conquer Your Nerves When Interviewing
Interviewing for a job is anxiety-inducing and stressful for even the most confident people. To add another layer of difficulties, searching for a job in this new uncertain environment may be more challenging than it was compared to the last twelve plus months. Only a short while ago the job market and economy looked solid.
Slowly, then all of sudden, we’re forced to confront runaway inflation and other macro geopolitical events that will have a deleterious impact on the job market. Sectors such as tech are downsizing, putting in place hiring freezes and even resorting to rescinding offers. There have been around 17,000 job cuts in the tech space alone. It’s likely that the layoffs will impact other sectors soon.

Skills Development In A Changing World Of Work

Job polarization, digital transitions and labour shortages are all putting pressure on Canada’s skills development systems to meet new and evolving needs. Working adults are changing jobs more times throughout their lives: multiple career transitions are becoming the rule, rather than the exception. In late 2021, 43% of working Canadians reported that they were likely to look for a new job in the next year.
If we don’t do more to help individuals to prepare for these transitions through access to career guidance and lifelong learning opportunities, Canadian workers – and, by extension, our economy – are at risk of being left behind.

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