January 2020     
    הקשר HaKesher  
                                                 "The Connection"      

   Come be a part of our growing Reform synagogue. All are welcome!

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TBT Board Members
   Sheila Luber  
   Ann Rosenfield 
   Terry Hoogstede
   Mark Schindel
     Lester Dober
     Paul Jacobs
    Kerrie Zurovsky
TBT Committee Chairs
Budget & Finance
   Chuck Shattuck

     Terry Reynolds
    Michael Rosenfield

Program Oversight
    Kathy Schindel

TBT Team Leaders
Adult Learning
    Mel Siegel

Bikur Cholim
     Suzanne Schlosberg
    Evie Lerner
    Linda Brandt

Calendar Keeper
    Kathy Schindel

Chevra Kadisha
    Ralph Uri

Communications & PR
    Kathy Schindel
    Shiela Luber

    Sheila Luber


    Julie Geveshausen

    Eileen Katz

    Jan Freeman-Bauer

Religious Education
    Sara Jo Slate


Social Action
    Lynne Connelley

Venue Logistics
    Mark Schindel

    Jeanne Freeman
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Temple Beth Tikvah is pleased to welcome our newest members:
Robert & Natalie Huberman
Cere & Scott Fingerhut 
and children Ziva & Mia
January Calendar of Events 
 Events and Activities
   January 14 - 1:00 pm - Board Meeting
   January 15 - 7:30 am - Back Door Cafe
   January 17 - 7:00 pm - Erev Shabbat Service
   January 18 - 7:00 pm - Havdallah
   January 31 - 5:30 pm - Special Shabbat Welcoming                                            New Members
Torah Study-Philosotea
 Thursdays 4:00 pm - January 16, 23 & 30


  March 19 - 7:30 pm - Tower Theater Gypsy-Rock              Klezmer Band

For more details about any TBT events, see our complete schedule of Services, School activities, and Events online:

Leadership News
                   Message From  Co-Presidents  
Sheila Luber and Ann Rosenfield

Celebrating the secular New Year provides us with an opportunity to pause and reflect, reboot and refresh who we are and what we do as individuals and as a community. Let's give grace and space for each other's words and ideas. Communicate with compassion and openness to help dampen the background noise in our politically-charged world. Say "I'm sorry" and offer forgiveness. Acknowledge what we have in common and respect our differences so that we may learn and grow in our knowledge, behaviors and relationships.

Listening is a bridge to understanding, a magical ingredient for creating productive, meaningful change. So with eyes and ears open, your Board is beginning a "listening" campaign to understand what members want from their membership in TBT. We will start this month and complete the process by June 2020 during which we will gather your insights and inputs in one-on-one meetings and small focus groups. Our goal is to start creating a long-term vision to better serve our temple members and the Central Oregon Jewish community. We will begin by collecting your candid feedback on which to build a strategic plan for our temple's growth and positioning over the next five years and beyond.

As we enter the second decade of TBT's existence, we are happy to have opened a dialogue with Congregation Shalom Bayit (CSB). Over the past year and a half, we've had numerous meetings with our sister shul's president, Dr. Ron Schutz, and recently vice president Alice Huskey. Rabbi Johanna has also joined in along with CSB's Rabbi Yossi Feintuch. It is a joy to see our rabbi express renewed energy and enthusiasm with the arrival of a new rabbinical colleague.  Collaboration is in the air and we are finding ways to work together to serve our collective Jewish community while expanding our respective congregations.

In this spirit of connection and mutual benefit, Congregation Shalom Bayit is inviting members of TBT to attend a special luncheon they are hosting to welcome their new clergy leader, Rabbi Yossi Feintuch, to Central Oregon. Go to the "TBT Happenings" in your Monday morning digital inbox for details and to RSVP by January 7, 2020.

Sheila and Ann

Divrei Tikvah  RJohannaHeadShot
From Rabbi Johanna Hershenson

Happy New Year, 2020!
Calendar milestones, such as bringing in a new year, invite nostalgic memories of the past and idealistic hopes for the future.
I, myself, am satisfied having finished my Masters in Counseling program and I am finding my way to put my freshly honed skills to work. Mark has made incredible progress on our home on the ranch. Zoe graduated college and Abi is excelling in her second year in and out of the classroom. 2019 was a solid year for us.
The truth is that I am greatly concerned about 2020. It is an election year and I imagine it will be chock full of nastiness, divisiveness, and fear.
Discussing politics feels dangerous in congregational life. We, as a congregation, are a sum of many parts. Some of us are Republicans. Others, Democrats. And, statistically I imagine we have independents among us as well. We don't want to offend or hurt one another. I appreciate our congregational ethos of caring about one another and I honestly believe we have a responsibility to be a safe place for all our members.
At the same time, I am feeling that if we cannot figure out how to discuss matters in life and in the world that concern us in congregational space, we are implicitly making our congregation irrelevant to our deepest concerns. For many in our congregation, concerns about climate, safety and security, and a functioning democracy keep us up at night. Temple Beth Tikvah should be a safe place for us to share our concerns and increase our understanding of one another. If we cannot accomplish this task in Temple Beth Tikvah, what hope can there be for accomplishing it in society at large?
My resolution for 2020 is to listen carefully and respond kindly and authentically. It seems to me that each of us has to seek understanding of matters outside our own points of view if we want our congregation and our society to evolve rather than devolve. Our conversations should be thoughtful, honest and respectful. I believe the "whole" of our congregation (and our country) is greater than the sum of its parts.
I believe that dynamic tension among the parts keeps us honest and within the bounds of what is best for the whole. Gandhi taught us to be the change we want to see in the world. The Talmud teaches us that we don't have to solve all the problems but neither do we have a right to ignore them.
Wishing you a Happy New Year!

~~ Rabbi Hershenson's office hours are by appointment. If you would like to set up an appointment, please contact her by email at: johannahershenson@gmail.com, or by phone at 541-213-9880.

TBT Highlights
Afternoon Philosotea

Join Rabbi Hershenson at her Blissful Heart Wellness Community office (45 NW Greeley Avenue, Harmony Room) on Thursdays at 4:00 pm for afternoon tea and ongoing exploration of Jewish Thought and Thinkers.

Jewish Living: Guide to Contemporary Reform Practice by Rabbi Mark Washofsky
January 16, 23 & 30

Shabbat Tish

January 31
5:30 pm
Save the date... an invitation is coming soon to your inbox for a fabulous Shabbat Tish member mixer on Friday, January 31, 2020. 

Rabbi Johanna is planning a lively service with new temple members and their families participating. A potluck dinner will follow featuring the comfort foods you love most. We'll make sure that there's plenty of time to mix and mingle so we can all get to know each other better. 

It's going to be a fun evening and we hope you (and your family) can attend our Shabbat Member Mixer.
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Mac Meinig Bar Mitzvah
Johanna Hershenson

During the Shabbat following Thanksgiving, Temple Beth Tikvah member, Mac Meinig, celebrated becoming a Bar Mitzvah on top of Masada in Israel.  Mazal tov to Mac and his family!
Mac's simcha reminds us that in Temple Beth Tikvah there are many ways to celebrate life cycle milestones. We offer one way of doing things...and we support our members who have different needs and ideas.

In addition to studying Hebrew in Central Oregon's Jewish Community Religious School, Mac studied independently with Rabbi Yitzchok Feldman, of Chabad. Despite having celebrated becoming a Bar Mitzvah, Mac continues to attend Hebrew class with his sister and Rabbi Johanna. We recognize Mac for his dedication to continued studies!
Save the Date! 

Mostly Kosher , a gypsy-rock klezmer band, will perform at the
Tower Theatre on March 19, 2020. A portion of the ticket sales, if purchased through Terry Reynolds, will benefit TBT. Reserved seats are $40 or $30, which includes the $3.00 Tower Theatre service fee. 

To purchase tickets or for more information, contact Terry,  tlrsboard@yahoo.com

To check out Mostly Kosher, follow this link,  https://www.mostlykosher.com.
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Board and Committee News
TBT Board Notes
Next Board Meeting:  January 14,  1:00 to  3:00 p.m. 
Location:  Stonebriar Apartments Clubhouse, 21255 E. Highway 20, Bend.

Your TBT Board meets monthly and members are invited to attend. Dates and times of Board meetings are on the TBT calendar at:  https://bethtikvahbend.org/events/

If you would like to read minutes of previous board meetings, you can request a copy from Board Secretary, Terry Hoogstede  tahoogstede@bendcable.com .
Ritual Team News
chanukiah and dreidle
Thank you to all our TBT friends and guests who helped make our Shabbat/Chanukah dinner party a huge success! There were about 90 of us singing, eating delicious food and enjoying each other's company.
We appreciate all your help, before, during and after.
A shout out to:
  • Jan Freeman Bauer for her organizational expertise, keeping the production of this event on track and everyone in sync
  • Rose Jackman for creating the invitations with the help of Jeanne Freeman
  • Our setup group: Rabbi Johanna, Zoe Hershenson, Vivian Freeman and Jan Freeman-Bauer. 
  • Rabbi Johanna for a fun family-friendly service and setting up activities 
  • Julie, Jo, Eileen and Kathi for sharing their musical talents 
  • Terry Reynolds for organizing the welcome table
  • Paul Spencer, Mark Hershenson and Lawrence Schecter for putting the love into making hundreds of delicious latkes
  • Another special thank you to Paul Spencer who not only headed up the latke cooks, but donated all the latke ingredients. THANK YOU Paul! Delicious.
  • A special shout out to Evie Learner. Thank you for digging in! Whenever, wherever there is a need, there is Evie: Setting up, cleaning up, serving latkes and managing the buffet line; Thank you Evie
A special thank you to all who stayed on to help with cleanup.
Happy New Year everyone!

Social Action Updatetikkun olam earth
Lynne Connelley

Again, thank you to all 19 of our Santas this year.  See the following from the Assistance League's newsletter describing the program and thanking TBT for our help:
As part of our Senior Caring program, Assistance League of Bend provides holiday gifts to seniors in need. Residents from 11 assisted living facilities in Bend, LaPine and Redmond provide us with "wish lists." Our volunteers shop for these personalized items and deliver them gift wrapped in mid-December. Many of the requested items are as simple as pillows, bedding, crossword puzzle books, electric shavers and diabetic shoes.

This December we shopped for 263 seniors. The oldest senior is 104 years old, with a median age of 88. Our member volunteers were joined by the Temple Beth Tivkah congregation of Bend and the Falls Community of Eagle Crest in Redmond in providing gifts for our seniors.

Habitat for Humanity

We can use more volunteers for our Habitat for Humanity Builds in 2020. It is a worthwhile and rewarding experience.  If you are interested, please contact me at lynne@lynneconnelley.com

February Newsletter Deadline:  January 24th 

This newsletter is emailed to both members and non-members each month.  If you have something you want to include in the newsletter, please e-mail it to Eileen Katz:  eileentam@aol.com by the 24th of each month for the following month's publication.  As always, you will continue to receive "e-minders" before important events take place.

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Community News
Shalom Bayit Welcomes New Rabbi

12:00 to 2:00
McMenamins Old St. Francis School,
700 NW Bond St, Bend

Sunday, January 12 join Congregation Shalom Bayit for brunch and welcoming their new Rabbi, Yossi Feintuch. RSVP to Kathy Schindel at schindelke@aol.com by January 7.

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Taizé Service
Next Taizé: Thursday, January 2

The Taizé Choir of Central Oregon invites you to an evening of non-denominational Taizé music, meditation and silence. 

Taizé services are held the first Thursday of each month, October through May, 7:00 p.m. at Trinity Episcopal Church (St. Helens Hall), 231 NW Idaho, Bend. 

The theme for this month's service is 
'Praying for World Peace.'

For more information call 541-815-5574 or email  taizebend@gmail.com.
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TBT Tributes
Temple Beth Tikvah gratefully acknowledges the following contributions:
  • Larry Barker in Memory of Celia May Barker
  • Chuck & Marilyn Shattuck in Memory of Richard Pick
  • Susie Richman in Memory of Max E Richman
  • Rudy Gold in Memory of Minnie Gold
  • Daniel Litman in Memory of Elaine Litman


Donations listed above were made to the Temple's general fund unless otherwise specified.

You may honor the lives and achievements of friends and relatives via a tribute with a donation to TBT. You can do this online by clicking here, or by sending a check and the name and address of the person being honored to TBT at P.O. Box 7472, Bend, OR, 97708.

Donations may be designated to a specific fund, including:

   - General Fund
   - Youth Education Fund
   - Music Fund    
   - TBT's Goodwill Fund
   - Social Action/Tzedakah Fund
   - or the Corrie Grudin Memorial Fund

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About Temple Beth Tikvah

For Jewish families, retirees and singles at every level of faith in Central Oregon, Temple Beth Tikvah provides a comforting embrace for the soul of your DNA. We are a dynamic Reform Jewish congregation with friendly, giving, active people drawn to Bend and Central Oregon because of the active lifestyle we find here.
We come together in different ways, inspired and informed by our common thread of Jewishness. Whether you were born Jewish, love someone who is Jewish or choose to be Jewish. Practice Judaism a little, a lot or not at all. TBT can serve as the heart of your vibrant, connected life.
We can be your primary source of friendship, purpose, spiritual and intellectual pursuit. Or a side note adding flavor and dimension how and when you want. Whichever you choose, TBT offers an inclusive, communal foundation on which to build your relationships, experiences and practice. From social activities to social action, worship to study, participation to leadership. It's your choice, in this community of yours.  

Please contact us at 541-388-8826 or info@bethtikvahbend.org for more information.
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