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    הקשר HaKesher  
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   Come be a part of our growing Reform synagogue. All are welcome!

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TBT Board Members
   Sheila Luber  
   Ann Rosenfield 
   Terry Hoogstede
   Mark Schindel
     Lester Dober
     Paul Jacobs
    Kerrie Zurovsky
TBT Committee Chairs
Budget & Finance
   Chuck Shattuck

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    Michael Rosenfield

Program Oversight
    Kathy Schindel

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Adult Learning
    Mel Siegel

Bikur Cholim
     Suzanne Schlosberg
    Evie Lerner
    Linda Brandt

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    Kathy Schindel

Chevra Kadisha
    Ralph Uri

Communications & PR
    Kathy Schindel
    Shiela Luber

    Sheila Luber


    Julie Geveshausen

    Eileen Katz

    Jan Freeman-Bauer

Religious Education
    Sara Jo Slate

    Lee Shapiro-London

Social Action
    Lynne Connelley

Venue Logistics
    Mark Schindel

    Jeanne Freeman
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Temple Beth Tikvah is pleased to welcome our newest members:

                     Ben and Adrienne Phillips 

                    Jeffrey and Ginger German
August Calendar of Events 

School Activities

Schools are out for the Summer

Other Events and Activities

   August 9 -   7:00 pm - Erev Shabbat Service
   August 13 - 1:00 pm - Board Meeting
   August 16 - 8 am - 12 noon, or 1 pm - 5 pm- Habitat                         for Humanity Build
   August 17 -10:00 am -Bat Mitzvah of Sarah Feldman
   August 21 -  7:30 am -Back Door Cafe
   August 23 -  5:00 pm -Shabbat Event
   August 24 -  7:00 pm -Havdallah with a Purpose
Afternoon Philosotea:
Weekly-Thursday 4:00 pm : 8/1, 8/8, 8/15, 8/22, 9/5


   September 29 - Erev Rosh Hashanah
   September 30 - Rosh Hashanah
   October 8       - Erev Yom Kippur
   October 9       - Yom Kippur

For more details about any TBT events, see our complete schedule of Services, School activities, and Events online:

Leadership News
                   Message From  Co-Presidents  
Sheila Luber and Ann Rosenfield

Our annual Shabbat in Shevlin Park is always fun and this year's event resulted in an especially large turnout. Maybe it's the beautiful setting, the delicious food or simply the warm embrace of many good people sharing hugs and lots of laughter. Our thanks for the sweet service go to Rabbi Johanna, Julie, Jo, and Kathi Copans-Essinger, a new member with a lovely voice. Once again, Jo delighted us "playing" her saw. Kudos to Lee Shapiro-London, our new Ritual team leader for doing a superb job organizing our celebration with help from Jan Freeman-Bauer. It was wonderful to visit with old friends while meeting new and prospective TBT members.

The Safety & Security Committee has developed an Emergency Operations and Disaster Mitigation Plan addressing the potential hazards and risks we face living in Central Oregon, including medical emergencies, intruders, fires and earthquakes. Thanks to Dan Fishkin for creating this comprehensive working document, a road map ready for us to fill in the details required to mitigate and respond to threats. Now we need interested board members and congregants to help develop the implementation plan, research and secure resources, and document the action items for each risk/hazard. At our Havdallah with a Maven on July 20, Dan and Rabbi Johanna explained the rationale behind the matrix of hazards/risks plus the approach and requirements for the next phase. Though it will take time to fully implement the process, it is well worth the effort to have an effective plan for the long term. If you are interested in participating, please contact Rabbi Johanna.

As part of our safety plan, we have arranged to hold a CPR class for TBT members. The cost is $66 per person for training in Adult and Infant CPR and AED, taught by the Cascade Training Center. The class is scheduled for Saturday, September 14, from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm in the Wellbeing Room at the First Presbyterian Church. Save the date and please let us know if you'd like to attend; a minimum of eight participants is required so early feedback is helpful.

Recently we met with Dr Ron Schutz, the president of Shalom Bayit. He informed us that Rabbi Jay and Judy Shupack are finishing their time with the congregation and that their board has hired Rabbi Yossi Fentuch. Rabbi Yossi trained at the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, graduating a few years ahead of Rabbi Johanna and they knew each other. They have reconnected and look forward to collaborating. Shalom Bayit is affiliated with Reconstructing Judaism. Rabbi Yossi will preside over their High Holidays services though he officially starts his tenure January 2020.

Divrei Tikvah  RJohannaHeadShot
From Rabbi Johanna Hershenson

The dog days of summer have arrived in Central Oregon. Late July and early August in Bend mean Munch and Music in Drake Park, hotter temperatures, and increasing awareness that the start of the school year and the High Holy Days are just around the corner.
As Temple Beth Tikvah has upgraded our High Holy Day prayerbooks from the Gates of Repentance (published in 1978) to Mishkan HaNefesh (published in 2016), I have already begun preparing for our Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services. Embracing a new prayerbook requires getting familiar with its language, flow, and a few changes that speak to how Reform Judaism has evolved over the past forty years.
Mishkan HaNefesh follows the same format as Mishkan Tefillah, our Shabbat prayerbook. On the right hand pages we find Hebrew and traditional translations of our prayers and on the left hand pages, more interpretive and contemporary variations on the themes. The margins contain notes on the order of the service and where we are in that order. The footnotes provide citations and brief commentaries.
The biggest change is that on Rosh Hashanah, the part of the service around sounding the shofar has been separated into its three parts and integrated throughout the middle portion of the service. I hope that this editorial decision will translate into experiencing the sounding of the shofar as a bigger part of the service.
Another lovely innovation is including the lighting of yahrzeit candles throughout the Yizkor service during Yom Kippur Day. Each candle we will light represents a phase of the grief process we experience over time when mourning our loved ones who have died.
Preparing for the High Holy Days also brings up matters of safety and security. The truth is that we gather in our largest numbers during the High Holy Days and Passover. Given two incidents of active shooters entering synagogues in the United States since last Rosh Hashanah, we can no longer afford the luxury of naïveté with regard to our safety and security.
Temple Beth Tikvah has formed a Safety and Security team to begin taking a comprehensive look at how we gather and how we can take responsibility for ourselves. Temple Beth Tikvah members Dan Fishkin (Search and Rescue), Alex Charney Cohen (National Guard Cascadia preparedness), Kory Friedman (Syscor Security Services), and Adam Heyman (Bend District Attorney's office) initiated our discussions and research shortly after the active shooter incident at Tree of Life Synagogue. We developed a protocol for events at First Presbyterian Church including greeters and locking the main entry doors while leaving a contact phone number for late-comers.
Our Sunday school families also met and discussed security concerns. We have collaborated with Shalom Bayit to provide an armed guard on Sunday mornings in response to their requests.
While we have engaged an armed guard for Sunday school and for our High Holy Day services, we ourselves have to take more responsibility for our congregational wellbeing. Best practices around emergency preparedness suggest engaging in risk analyses that measure probability, degree of vulnerability, and possible magnitude of harm various events might incur. Our Safety and Security team has determined that while the magnitude of harm of an active shooter would be extremely high, the probability that it will happen is less likely than other threats.
Our comprehensive Emergency Operations and Mitigation Plan, compiled by Dan Fishkin utilizing resources from Deschutes County and the federal government, calls on us to consider threats with greater likelihood of occurring such as medical emergencies, wildfire or structural fire, and winter storms in addition to violent intruders. It will take time and effort among a corps of volunteers willing to engage in training and practice to realize our plan.
It is my hope that a number of our members will step forward to help our congregation demonstrate best practices with regard to safety and security. We will need individuals to become "emergency leaders" specializing in areas such as medical emergencies, natural disaster preparedness, and uninvited guests and/or violent intruders.
We will need to develop protocol and practice around one area of risk at a time. Our board has taken the first step in arranging a CPR/AED training session in September, understanding that the likelihood of a medical emergency increases as our numbers increase.
If you are interested and willing to commit some time and energy to our Safety and Security team, please let me know. I hope that over the next month or so, we will have a corps of volunteers identified so that we can move our process forward. It seems to me that participating in our own safety planning and preparation not only increases our confidence, but also puts us in a position to model good citizenship for our children and in the greater community.
~~ Rabbi Hershenson's office hours are by appointment. If you would like to set up an appointment, please contact her by email at:, or by phone at 541-213-9880.

TBT Highlights
Afternoon Philosotea
Jewish Thought and Thinkers
Thursdays 4:00 pm

Join Rabbi Hershenson for afternoon tea and ongoing exploration of Jewish Thoughts and Thinkers

The schedule is as follows:

Judaism's Great Debates

August 1 - Hillel and Shammai
August 8 - Vilna Gaon and Baal Shem Tov 
August 15 - Spinoza and the Rabbis of Amsterdam 
August 22 - Geiger, Hirsch, and Frankl 
September 5 - Herzl and Wise

Teshuvah: Rabbinic insights on the inner work of the High Holy Days
September 12 and 19

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Havdallah with a Purpose
The Giving Plate
Saturday, August 24 7:00 pm

Lynne Connelley
We are very excited to introduce  The Giving Plate  to TBT at our August 24 Havdalah with a Purpose.   

This local non-profit's mission is "Feeding the hungry today with compassion and hospitality." It is the largest food bank in Central Oregon.

Giving Plate was started in 2010 by a family who lost their home in the Recession but wanted to help others. Setting a goal of feeding just 500 families, today they serve over 6,000 families and distribute over half a million pounds of food PER YEAR!  

Come see how they do it with organization, grace, faith, dignity and love. Their Kids Korner is set up for children who get to shop for themselves taking on average 8 pounds of food home with them. This concept is possibly the only one in the country. Did you know that in Central Oregon 1 in 4 children are experiencing food insecurity? The national average is 13%. 

Our Havdalah With a Purpose will be held at the Giving Plate's headquarters off Division Street in Scandia Plaza at 1245 SE 3rd Street, Suite C7

Ann Rosenfield, Sheila Luber, Lynne Connelley, and Rabbi Johanna and Zoe Hershenson were treated by the executive director to a tour. See pictures on the TBT Facebook.  

Habitat for Humanity
Lynne Connelley

Our next build is August 16, so please call Bob Pollack to join Jewish Builders of Bend at 310-622-5386 to volunteer for morning or afternoon crew. NO BUILDING EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED.

Building for Habitat achieves the long-term benefit of helping families put affordable roofs over their head (two of the builds in this SW Bend neighborhood are for veterans) and gives immediate satisfaction of learning a job and the instant gratification of being able to see your work.  
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Board and Committee News
TBT Board Notes
Next Board Meeting:  August 13  1:00 to  3:00 p.m. 
Location:  Stonebriar Apartments Clubhouse, 21255 E. Highway 20, Bend.

Your TBT Board meets monthly and members are invited to attend. Dates and times of Board meetings are on the TBT calendar at:

If you would like to read minutes of previous board meetings, you can request a copy from Board Secretary, Terry Hoogstede .
Ritual Team News
Lee Shapiro-London
colorful star
First, let me thank everybody who helped make the annual picnic a rollicking success...Mark, Jan, Jeanne, Michael - and anybody I've forgotten. Plus all the great food people brought!  I'm already planning and looking forward to next year! And no mention of food would be complete without thanks to Jan and everybody who helps set up and break down, and contribute to the Onegs.
Next, it's a busy month! Not just an Erev Shabbat, but a Bat Mitzvah, and a Pop-Up Shabbat! (Look for details in TBT Happenings soon!!). Join us as the Rabbi weaves Tisha B'av into our service, exploring the theme of when something ends, it is actually the beginning of the next thing; be it the destruction of Jerusalem ushering in the Rabbinical Era of our people, or how in life many things end, but lead to beginnings whose path we can walk.
Few rituals in Judaism are more important than a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. On August 17th Sarah, daughter of Maricela and Michael Feldman will be called to Torah. The family has graciously invited TBT to be there to celebrate and support. Details are in the "TBT Happenings." I hope to see you there! 
Until next month, have a great summer!

Social Action Updatetikkun olam earth
Lynne Connelley

On July 12 we again had an enthusiastic turnout of TBT volunteers building two homes for Habitat For Humanity in SW Bend.  Huge thanks to Bob Pollack who continues to organize our teams.  Volunteers included:  Lynne & Ed Connelley, Mel Siegel, Ralph Uri, Ginger Weeden-German, Johanna and Zoe Hershenson and Char Dimond who all learned how to lay a floating wood laminate floor.  Very fun and rewarding! 

Our work has value!  In 2018 our 66 hours had a value to Habitat of $1900, and so far in 2019 our 60 hours total $1800 for Habitat.  They build year-round, so let's increase our donation for 2019 to at least $2000 and several homes for families.  

Oneg Report
Jan Freeman-Bauer

Just wanted to do a shoutout and big thank you to Jeff and Ginger German who sponsored and hosted the June Oneg and to Judy and Gary Liberson for their generous donation to sponsor a future Oneg. I feel so fortunate for these folks in addition to all those who bring items from time to time. We all appreciate you and enjoy socializing after our services while enjoying your yummy treats. Thank you to all
Just a reminder to email Jan Freeman-Bauer ( )if you want to sponsor (you fund and I do the shopping) or you sponsor and host (you shop and set up) a future Oneg. Yet another option is to donate $ for an Oneg. (Just send a check to our treasure Mark Schindel stating the purpose of your donation.) 
I hope you join me with the joy I feel when I attend these Friday evening services and Onegs.


September Newsletter Deadline: August 25

This newsletter is emailed to both members and non-members each month.  If you have something you want to include in the newsletter, please e-mail it to Eileen Katz: by the 24th of each month for the following month's publication.  As always, you will continue to receive "e-minders" before important events take place.

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TBT Tributes
Temple Beth Tikvah gratefully acknowledges the following contributions:


  • Jan Freeman-Bauer and Larry Bauer in Memory of Lewis H. Freeman and Ruth Brenner Freeman
  • Tully Ellsberg in Memory of Thomas Ellsberg & Nadine Hartley
  • Rudy Gold In Memory of Harry Gold
  • Stephen & Eileen Katz In Memory of Alice Kollman
  • Gary & Judy Liberson Donation for Shabbat Oneg

Donations listed above were made to the Temple's general fund unless otherwise specified.

You may honor the lives and achievements of friends and relatives via a tribute with a donation to TBT. You can do this online by clicking here, or by sending a check and the name and address of the person being honored to TBT at P.O. Box 7472, Bend, OR, 97708.

Donations may be designated to a specific fund, including:

   - General Fund
   - Youth Education Fund
   - Music Fund    
   - Goodwill Fund
   - Social Action/Tzedakah Fund
   - or the Corrie Grudin Memorial Fund

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About Temple Beth Tikvah

For Jewish families, retirees and singles at every level of faith in Central Oregon, Temple Beth Tikvah provides a comforting embrace for the soul of your DNA. We are a dynamic Reform Jewish congregation with friendly, giving, active people drawn to Bend and Central Oregon because of the active lifestyle we find here.
We come together in different ways, inspired and informed by our common thread of Jewishness. Whether you were born Jewish, love someone who is Jewish or choose to be Jewish. Practice Judaism a little, a lot or not at all. TBT can serve as the heart of your vibrant, connected life.
We can be your primary source of friendship, purpose, spiritual and intellectual pursuit. Or a side note adding flavor and dimension how and when you want. Whichever you choose, TBT offers an inclusive, communal foundation on which to build your relationships, experiences and practice. From social activities to social action, worship to study, participation to leadership. It's your choice, in this community of yours.  

Please contact us at 541-388-8826 or for more information.
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