February 2019      
    הקשר HaKesher  
                                                 "The Connection"      

   Come be a part of our growing Reform synagogue. All are welcome!

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TBT Board Members
Board Officers:

   Sheila Luber  
   Ann Rosenfield 
   Mary Jane Eisenberg
   Lester Dober

 Past President:
   Jeanne Freeman
   Paul Jacobs

   Kerrie Zurovsky

TBT Commitee Chairs
 Adult Education
   Mel Siegel
 Bikkur Holim
   Suzanne Schlosberg
   Evie Lerner
   Linda Brant
 Calendar Keeper
   Kathy Schindel 
 Chevra Kadisha
   Ralph Uri
 Communications & PR
   Kathy Schindel

   Sheila Luber

   Mark Schindel
   Chuck Shattuck

 Membership & 
 Member Engagement
    Jeanne Freeman
   Julie Geveshausen
   Eileen Katz
   Jan Freeman Bauer
   Alex Charney Cohen
 Religious Education
   Sara Jo Slate
 Social Action
   Lynne Connelley 
   Mark Schindel
 Youth Group
    Jillian Frankl
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February Calendar of Events 
School Activities

Sunday School 10:00 am: - 2/10, 2/24
Hebrew School 4:00 pm: - 2/5, 2/12, 2/19, 2/26

Other Events and Activities

   February 8 -   7:00 pm -  Erev Shabbat
   February 10 - 7:00 pm -  Adult Education
   February 12 - 1:00 pm -  Board Meeting
   February 16 -10:00 am - Torah Service
   February 16 -  7:00 pm - Havdallah with a Maven
   February 20 -  7:30  am - Back Door Cafe
    February 22 -   6:00 pm - Shabbat at Home
Torah Study
Weekly-Friday 10:00 am at Evie's: 2/1, 2/8, 2/15, 2/22
Monthly-Saturday 10:00 am at FPC Adult Center: 2/16


   April 20 - Passover Seder for Members and their Guests
   May 3-5 - Weekend of Learning and Growth    
   with Scholar in Residence, Rabbi Samuel Joseph, PhD

For more details about any TBT events, see our complete schedule of Services, School activities, and Events online:

Leadership News
                   Message From  Co-Presidents  
Sheila Luber and Ann Rosenfield

On January 13, Rabbi Johanna, Kerrie Zurovsky, Rabbi Jay and Dr. Ron Schutz, president of Shalom Bayit, welcomed children, teachers and parents back from break. Recently TBT engaged Bend Patrol Services to provide a security guard at our Community Religious School and Mike, a former Reserve Deputy Sheriff and a guard at the Bend Downtown Library, took his post at the school. He will become a familiar face through the end of the school year. Shalom Bayit is helping to cover the costs incurred and implementing some additional measures to further secure the building.
To secure the First Presbyterian Church while we gather there, all entry doors will be locked once events begin. If you arrive and the door is locked, text the cell number posted and someone will open the door for you. If the event is in Heritage Hall, go around the church to the door and ring the buzzer or text the cell number posted. For direct access to events downstairs in the Well-Being Room or Fellowship Hall, park in the lower level lot and enter through the rear door. Spaces are limited and if none are available, drive to the main level and go to the front door.

As for security of the digital kind...other than headshots of TBT's Rabbi and presidents, it's been three years since member photos have appeared on our website. In today's climate of growing antisemitism and our heightened need for privacy, we will continue to omit photographs of members from our website
As a safer space for sharing photos and comments, visit our private, members-only Facebook group to see what's happening and to find common interests with other TBT members and families. Please do your part to keep the page free from controversy and help make it a fun online resource that is useful and informative. To preserve the privacy of those who enter, our Facebook group is only open to and viewed by current (and past) TBT members. In other words, only other TBT-approved Facebook group members can see your posts.

Our private, members-only Facebook group is managed by Kerrie Zurovsky and Jana Zvibleman, with a little help from Kathy Schindel and Sheila Luber. To join our Facebook group, search on Facebook for the Temple Beth Tikvah Members Only Group (not page) and click "request to join." If you prefer an invitation to join sent to you via Facebook, let Kerrie know at    kerriefayez@icloud.com

Enough about security; how about a Save the Date! Be sure to reserve May 3-5 on your calendar for a weekend of growth and learning with visiting Scholar in Residence, Rabbi Samuel Joseph, PhD, from Hebrew Union College. His special interest is how Jewish institutions and organizations, from schools to synagogues to national groups, can be most excellent as they seek to fulfill their mission and vision. Rabbi Joseph will lead our congregation through an entertaining and educational program and also provide leadership training for our board. He is a cherished friend of Rabbi Johanna's and we are honored to have him join us on May 3-5, 2019.

Sheila and Ann

Divrei Tikvah  RJohannaHeadShot
From Rabbi Johanna Hershenson

Dear TBT Friends, We need to talk. Really talk. I don't know about you, but I am finding that several of my core values have come into conflict since the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh.
An incident that occurred just this past Friday evening at our Shabbat Tish perfectly illustrates my mixed feelings. First of all, what a lovely evening we had! Children singing and laughing and playing. Adults meeting and mingling and getting to know each other in an informal and inviting venue. Shabbat candles and wine and challah...brisket...
Some time into our meal, the doorbell on Heritage Hall rings. A member greets a couple who asks to speak with the clergy member present. I come to the door. The young, disheveled man says he occasionally comes to the church to charge his phone, clean himself up in the restroom, and catch his breath. He has a relationship with the pastor. I explain that there are no church events happening, that we are a synagogue using space. I ask the young man and his female companion if they are hungry. He is not. She is. I invite them to fill a plate, eat, and be on their way. They are hesitant and ask for more assurance. A committee chair who also is a member of our ad hoc working group on security meets the couple at the door and escorts them in. The man goes into the hallway to plug his phone into an outlet. His female companion is shy and clearly hungry. She gets a plate of food and is escorted to two empty seats at a table of TBT members. The young man joins her. He pulls out a cross on a necklace from beneath his layers of sweaters. A couple members notice and feel some anxiety that passes.
At this point, for our members sitting at that table, a friendly evening getting to know other TBT members evolved into the practice of the mitzvot of welcoming the stranger and feeding the hungry. While these mitzvot are absolutely important to us and foundational values for our social action goals, it was Shabbat and the Tish was an informal, friendly ritual celebration with comfortable company. Our goal was to nourish ourselves and our relationships inside our TBT family. The introduction of unplanned guests changed the energy of our gathering, at least for the individuals seated at the table. For this, I feel very sorry. I did not keep my desire to welcome the stranger and feed the hungry in check with my desire to facilitate safety, warmth, and intimacy among our members with one another.
But wait, there's more...
Another member who happens to be a law enforcement professional notices the young man's anxious behaviors and engages him in conversation. The young man resists being questioned and asks if the member is a cop. The member states his work with law enforcement. The young man's demeanor shifts. He does not want any trouble and he confesses a series of felonies including armed robbery and that he is awaiting trial for a current armed robbery indictment. Once the female companion finishes her meal, the young man collects his phone and they leave the church building.
Not only have the Jewish values of welcoming the stranger and feeding the hungry compromised the comfort and intimacy of a gathering inviting our members to let down their guard and share a little of themselves with one another, our practice of these values has now compromised our safety. The young man appears to have been unarmed and appears to have had the intentions he stated: to charge his phone, give his companion something to eat, and catch his breath. But what if that was not the case? What if our member with law enforcement expertise and experience was not there or chose not to step forward and engage himself? What if we had security at the event and that security professional was the first one injured or killed if an unexpected individual presented with the intention to harm us?
Since the murderous rampage in Pittsburgh, we at Temple Beth Tikvah have convened a working group to develop security policy, training, and procedures. The initial work of the group was shouldered by our co-president, Sheila Luber, and parent liaison, Kerrie Zurovsky. They responded to parents' calls for having security in place for Sunday school mornings. Dan Fishkin has agreed to chair the working group. Dan has engaged in trainings and volunteered a great deal of time in Search and Rescue and other emergency preparedness programs under the auspices of state and county emergency responders. Other members on the committee include Alex Charney Cohen who brings experience from the National Guard in emergency preparedness, Adam Heyman who is a retired law enforcement officer from Albuquerque and currently an investigator for the Deschutes County District Attorney's office, and Kory Friedman who operates a private alarm and security firm.
The working group has spent the past two months researching, inquiring with local law enforcement, and preparing assessments of the two venues in which we spend our time: First Presbyterian and Shalom Bayit (Sunday and Hebrew school). They are planning to present recommendations to TBT's board at the February meeting and upon acceptance of those recommendations implement education for the congregation and training for a cadre of volunteers willing to assume leadership roles in security practices.
Some members in our congregation will feel like we are not doing enough and other members will feel like we are too reactive. Most of us will likely fall in the gray areas in between. I invite us all to observe our core values as we take responsibility for keeping ourselves safe and welcoming, inclusive and attuned to our own needs as a spiritually expressive community. What values come into conflict? What are the criteria for setting boundaries that keep the peace and safety we deserve when we come to Temple events? I imagine this discussion will continue in different venues and forms as we begin learning together and taking the steps we need to take as responsible citizens and hosts.
Your thoughts matter. As opportunities emerge for education and volunteering, I hope many of us step forward. I do believe that participating in our efforts to provide a secure environment for our congregation will also strengthen our confidence and sense of personal safety in the world. I believe those who feel more secure are more likely to be generous in welcoming the stranger and feeding the hungry. Work in one set of core values leads to a more empowered practice of other core values. This is, for us, a moment of growth and maturation.
  ~~ Rabbi Hershenson's office hours are by appointment. If you would like to set up an appointment, please contact her by email at: johannahershenson@gmail.com, or by phone at 541-213-9880.

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TBT Highlights
Adult Education
Mel Siegel
Anti-Semitism in the Extreme

Sunday, February 10 @ 7:00 pm
Adult Center at FPC

Rabbi Hershenson will lead the discussion, "Anti-Semitism in the Extreme: Hits from the Right and the Left". 

Bring a nosh and/or beverage to share. For questions, please contact Mel Siegel,  mws@cmu.edu .
Havdallah with a Maven
Mel Siegel
Then and Now: Approaches to Landscape Photography

Saturday, February 16 at 7:00 pm
Adult Center at FPC

Our own Alyson Belcher will present contemporary landscape photography and the historical foundations from which it evolved. She will  connect the history of photography with contemporary photography through a discussion of photographers' techniques and intentions. Please bring a nosh and/or beverage to share. For questions, please contact Mel Siegel, mws@cmu.edu

Shabbat at Home
Alex Charney-Cohen

shabbat items image
Friday, February 22 @ 6:00 pm

Welcome Shabbat with blessings over candles, challah, and wine, a potluck dinner, and lively discussion.The evening's topic will be  "Personal Safety in the Torah". There will be prompts provided by Rabbi Hershenson to help guide the discussions. You will be assigned a home and the host will contact you regarding what you can contribute to the meal. 

I hope you will seriously consider participating. It is easily one of our best and most popular events, allowing more time than usual to make new friends, spend time with old friends, eat a great meal and have some interesting discussions.

RSVP to Marilyn Shattuck, mpshattuck@gmail.com, no later than February 15.

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Board and Committee News
TBT Board Notes
Next Board Meeting:  February 12  1:00 to  3:00 p.m. 
Location:  Stonebriar Apartments Clubhouse, 21255 E. Highway 20, Bend.

Your TBT Board meets monthly and members are invited to attend. Dates and times of Board meetings are on the TBT calendar at:  https://bethtikvahbend.org/events/

If you would like to read minutes of previous board meetings, you can request a copy from Board Secretary, Mary Jane Eisenberg  maryjanee112@yahoo.com.
Social Action Updatetikkun olam earth
Lynne Connelley

Thank you to members who continue to donate diapers for Mt Star Family Relief Nurseries!

When you are shopping, please consider purchasing a package of diapers, size 3,4 or 5. Contact Lynne Connelley to arrange pick up or drop off of the diapers at lynne@mybendproperty.com or 541-408-6720.
Membership News
Jeanne Freeman 

Thank you to everyone who joined in for our Shabbat Tish dinner and for all the delicious foods that you shared. It was wonderful to see so many recent and longtime members getting to know each other. 

We had a celebratory welcome of Shabbat with interesting and odd musical instruments, fun with toilet paper (!), and a getting-to-know-you version of speed dating. Our members are such interesting people! Thanks to Rabbi Johanna for keeping us involved and entertained from youngest to oldest. And special thanks to Sheila Luber and Kathy Schindel for their brisket-cooking and, as always, their help with organizing, setup and cleanup for the event.  
Shabbat Onegs
Jan Freeman-Bauer

Several  of our members hosted or co-hosted our wonderful onegs these past few months. Thank you to Jeanne Freeman and Burt Litman, Evie Learner, George and Linda Brant, Susie Richman and Jan and Larry Bauer.
Please think about hosting an oneg in honor of your family member. Just reach out to me and I can fill you in. Email me at  janetlynnfreemanbauer@gmail.com

Some of you may hear from me regarding our Shabbat oneg on February 8.

Getting to Know Committee Chairs

You may not know, but Jan Freeman-Bauer has been overseeing our table service the last couple of years. She inventories our hall closet supplies, purchases and restocks. It is helpful when she knows who is leading our various events. That way she can work with you on your supply needs. These supplies are available for all our TBT events. You can contact Jan at janetlynnfreemanbauer@gmail.com

March Newsletter Deadline:  February 24th 

This newsletter is emailed to both members and non-members each month.  If you have something you want to include in the newsletter, please e-mail it to Eileen Katz:  eileentam@aol.com by the 24th of each month for the following month's publication.  As always, you will continue to receive "e-minders" before important events take place.

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Community News
Taizé Service

The Taize Choir of Central  Oregon invites you to participate in an hour of meditative non-denominational Taize music and silence at our monthly ecumenical service, 7pm, Thursday, February 7, at Trinity Episcopal Church (St. Helens Hall), 231 NW Idaho, Bend.  The theme for this service is 'Praying for the Poor'. For more information call 541-815-5574 or email taizebend@gmail.com .

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TBT Tributes
Temple Beth Tikvah gratefully acknowledges the following contributions:
  • Beverly and Jeff Adler in memory of Marian Shultz
  • Jan Freeman Bauer In honor of Larry and Jan's 35th Anniversary
  • Terry and Andreas Hoogstede in memory of Josephine Hoogstede
  • Marijane Krohn In memory of Ella Wideman
  • Chuck and Marilyn Shattuck in memory of Sandra Shattuck and Helen Shattuck
  • Roberta Spiro in memory of Sid Spiro.

Donations listed above were made to the Temple's general fund unless otherwise specified.

You may honor the lives and achievements of friends and relatives via a tribute with a donation to TBT. You can do this online by clicking here, or by sending a check and the name and address of the person being honored to TBT at P.O. Box 7472, Bend, OR, 97708.

Donations may be designated to a specific fund, including:
   - the Youth Education Fund,   
   - the Music Fund - including Adopt-a-Musician, 
   - the Rabbi Compensation Fund, 
   - the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund, 
   - the Social Action/Tzedakah Fund, 
   - the Corrie Grudin Memorial Fund,
   - or to the General Fund.

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About Temple Beth Tikvah

For Jewish families, retirees and singles at every level of faith in Central Oregon, Temple Beth Tikvah provides a comforting embrace for the soul of your DNA. We are a dynamic Reform Jewish congregation with friendly, giving, active people drawn to Bend and Central Oregon because of the active lifestyle we find here.
We come together in different ways, inspired and informed by our common thread of Jewishness. Whether you were born Jewish, love someone who is Jewish or choose to be Jewish. Practice Judaism a little, a lot or not at all. TBT can serve as the heart of your vibrant, connected life.
We can be your primary source of friendship, purpose, spiritual and intellectual pursuit. Or a side note adding flavor and dimension how and when you want. Whichever you choose, TBT offers an inclusive, communal foundation on which to build your relationships, experiences and practice. From social activities to social action, worship to study, participation to leadership. It's your choice, in this community of yours.  

Please contact us at 541-388-8826 or info@bethtikvahbend.org for more information.
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