Music as Prayer
Vivian Lazar, Director
There is a Hassidic story about a simple shepherd boy who did not know how to pray. All he knew was how to play his wooden flute. On Rosh HaShanah he followed the many Jews walking to the synagogue. As he watched the people around him deep in prayer, he too felt the desire to pray but not knowing how to read the letters in the prayer book or say the prayers,  he sat in silence.  His desire to pray grew stronger and stronger until he took out his flute and began to play a beautiful melody to the Holy One Blessed Be He. The music of the flute filled the synagogue as the members of the synagogue looked on in surprise and then in anger. Who dared to play a flute on such a holy day?  The Rebbe said nothing, keeping his eyes closed until the service was over. Then the Rebbe turned to his Hassidim and told them that it was only because of the purity of the shepherd boy's flute that their prayers had ascended to heaven.
Music is far more than entertainment.  Music can heighten our emotional responses and evoke memories, both happy and sad.  But when we sing meaningful lyrics, especially if they are sacred texts, we can also pray through our music.  Haven't all of us in HaZamir had that experience? Whether singing our Prayer for Peace in the State of Israel or Eili, Eili, the depth of our request to the Divine is deepened through the music we sing.
We wish our entire HaZamir family; current singers, alumni, parents, conductors, coordinators and friends of HaZamir, a Melodious New Year filled with meaningful song and prayer.
Shana Tova!

HaZamir Chamber Choir 
at the
24th Annual North American Jewish Choral Festival 
 HaZamir Chamber Choir Singers 
Opening Night of North American Jewish Choral Festival

Left to Right, back row: Sam Rosner, HaZamir Westchester; Phillip Fisherman,  HaZamir New Brunswick; Sam Stern, HaZamir New Brunswick; Ziv Kraus, HaZamir Westchester; Matan Mann, HaZamir Bergen County; Nate Bear, HaZamir Long Island; Max DuBoff, HaZamir South Jersey; Jack Lindberg, HaZamir North Jersey; Zach Silver, HaZamir Phildelphia; Zach Stecker, HaZamir Manhattan; Effie Landau, HaZamir Manhattan
Left to Right, front row: Emily Levinstone, HaZamir Dallas; Marissa London, HaZamir North Jersey; Sara Tolchinsky, HaZamir Westchester; Mira Davis, HaZamir North Jersey; Julie Koenigsberg, HaZamir Manhattan; Kayla Bashe, HaZamir New Brunswick; Jen Sax,  HaZamir New Brunswick; Rachel Kaufman, HaZamir Providence; Sandy Gooen, HaZamir North Jersey; Madeline Lemberg, HaZamir Pittsburgh; Emma Coltoff, HaZamir Philadelphia; Emma Maier, HaZamir Los Angeles
Jack Lindberg, HaZamir North Jersey; Zach Stecker, HaZamir Manhattan; Kayla Bashe (back),  HaZamir New Brunswick; Rachel Kaufman, HaZamir Providence; 
Emma Maier, HaZamir Los Angeles; Emily Levinstone, HaZamir Dallas 

Riding the Bus Back to New York City
Left: Emma Maier, HaZamir Los Angeles; Effie Landau, HaZamir Manhattan; Emma Coltoff, HaZamir Philadelphia 
Young NAJCF Participants 
Immerse Themselves in a Week of Choral Music and Friendship
Right: Nate Bear, HaZamir Long Island; Emily Levinstone, HaZamir Dallas; Madeline Lemberg,  HaZamir Pittsburgh 
A Look Back at HaZamir Spring 2013 Concerts
Annual Gathering of Remembrance
Temple Emanu-El, NYC  
April 7, 2013
Temple Israel Great Neck  
May 5, 2013
Left: Matan Mann, HaZamir Bergen County; Cara Kupferman, HaZamir Rockland
Zach Stecker, International Teen Leader Co-chair Introduces 5 Local HaZamir Chapters to an Audience at his Father's Synagogue  
Cantors Assembly Convention
Honoring Matthew Lazar and HaZamir in Concert
May 19, 2013
Sam Rosner, HaZamir Westchester and Cantor Jacob Ben Zion Mendelson
Sing Janowski's Sim Shalom
Cantor Moshe Bear and his son, Nate Bear, HaZamir Long Island,
Sing Lewandowski's Mah Tovu 
Matthew Lazar Receives Cantors Assembly Award on Stage at Jazz at Lincoln Center
Presenting the award, Exec. Director Hazzan Stephen Stein and Outgoing CA President, Hazzan Jack Chomsky, Conductor, Hazamir Columbus 
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Cantor Marcy (conductor, HaZamir Rockland) and Paul Kadin on the marriage of their son, Michael, to Samantha Porter


 Avi Stein (alumnus, HaZamir Manhattan) on his marriage to Dana Stecker


Katie Steiner (alumna, HaZamir Manhattan) on her engagement to Jesse Breitbart




We Extend Our Sincere 

Condolences to:


Erica Schon (conductor, HaZamir Baltimore) on the passing of her father


Ilana Shear (alumna, HaZamir Bergen County) and Annice Benamy on the passing of David Benamy


HaZa-Thank You!

 To Our Summer Interns


Rachel Kaufman



Talia Lefkowitz


Aaron Noriega

to the HaZamir Family!

HaZamir Welcomes New Chapters,
HaZamir Boston 
HaZamir Minneapolis
 HaZamir Beit She'an

and a
to our new Conductors:
Cantor Michael McCloskey
HaZamir Boston
Cantor Moshe Bear
  HaZamir Long Island
Cantor Audrey Abrams
HaZamir Minneapolis

And For the First Time, We Welcome an Alumna of HaZamir as a HaZamir Conductor
 Avital Stolar
  HaZamir Houston
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HaZamir Long Island

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HaZamir Manhattan

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